Friday, November 16, 2007

No More Excuses

I want to thank everyone for my birthday wishes. Very much appreciated. Again, thank you.

I've always enjoyed going to birthday parties. Just never my own. It has nothing to do about getting older and I'm normally more than comfortable in making myself the center of attention, if only in my mind :) However, something about a birthday party, my own, makes me feel too self-centered. Though I admit that for my 50th we rented the upstairs of the Hard Rock Cafe in Key West with more friends and family driving and flying in than I deserved. Fun. Big time fun...

But I digress. I received way too many great gifts this year (wait until you see my new cap). And while it's not right to highlight just one, I do want to share with you the one from my son, daughter and son-in-law. All my life I have wanted to play guitar but I've always had an excuse to not learn. I was either too busy. Too slow witted. Or lazy. I took lessons once for about a month but without doing the homework in between lessons, guess what? You don't learn. Which brings me back to "the gift". Justin, Leaa and Jesse gave me a month of guitar lessons. I just had my first lesson yesterday. I loved it. Now it's up to me. To practice. To give it a real try. To make my instructor (Carl) proud of me. To accomplish one of those "things" I said I always wanted to do but never did. No more excuses.

Speaking of excuses, you'll have to excuse me now. I need some quiet time. To practice..... oops, I mean play. According to my music mentor. We don't practice. We PLAY music!
Thanks kids. I love you.


Doris & Dan said...

Good for you! I too have always wanted to learn how to play.

Keep smilin!

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Glad you are going to practice...LOL..
Can't wait to see the first video that you put on here...
Have fun

Melissa said...

Andrew was taking lessons awhile back & then broke his right wrist & kinda "plucks" & teaches himself & one Christmas I had bought him a decent guitar, maybe I'll join you & use his guitar so we could jam & sing sometime?
Love ya!

Catherine said...

What a great gift! Enjoy.

Ugh...the practising part. I was never very good at it either. I'm a piano teacher now and when I give my students the 'you should try to practice at least 5 days a week' speach I sit back from them because I figure they shouldn't be hit by the lightening bolt intended for me! A classic example of 'Do as I say, not as I do' but oh do I understand those weeks that they come in with less than desired practice times.

Have fun!! What fun it will be to play and sing to your precious daughter!!!

Janelle said...

the trick is to get just good enough that practice is fun. Callouses on your fingertips means you have arrived!

Don and Be said...

Waiting for your first CD, Ford!
You just may be releasing it before this wait is over!
Blessings, bro.