Sunday, March 18, 2007

We're Not Alone!

Will you still need me?
Will you still feed me?
When I'm sixty-four?

Our new "soul" adoption parents to be are Don & Be. You can visit their blog at the link on the right titled "Pregnancy by Adoption".

We have been corresponding for some time and met in Sanford, Florida on the 17th.

They are LID 03/24/06. AND they are our "age" (that age where everyone thinks we are crazy for adopting....... like, where were you 20 years ago and where will you be 20 years from now???). We think parenting...

This meeting was a true blessing for us. For a couple of reasons. We share a view of christian love not shaped by the politicians pandering for your vote but rather a love guided by your personal relationship with God in your daily life. We do not run from nor deny our christian beliefs nor do we stuff it down the throats of others. You walk your own walk.

Another reason we loved being with this couple is because we are the exact age. Alyson and Be are the very same age as are Don and Ford. The Exact! With Be and Don we were able to openly exchange our parenting fears and our exaggerated expectations without the second guessing. We didn't have to contend with the innuendos. The subtle smiles and the faintly masked shaking of the head. Today we got to be excited parents-to-be. Regrettably, we don't get to live that feeling all that often with others.

So Be and Don - Thank you for an absolute wonderful afternoon. One shared with wine, food and what we know to be the beginnings of a life long friendship. Your daughter will be a blessing in your life as you will be in hers. Together, our families will share that joy and blessing in the years to come.
fm & ac


redmaryjanes said...

I think that it will be a real blessing for you to have a family that you can share the adoption journey with. I'm very happy for you. If you want to trade quilt squares, my email. is

C.J. said...

That's an extra special connection to have. It looks like you shared the afternoon in a very quaint place. Wonderful bonus :0)

Lee-Anne said...

Nothing better than having close friends to share your adoption experience/children with. How amazing to find another couple in exactly the same situation as yourselves! Its sad that people can't just be happy for you, that you are extending your family, through adoption, regardless of age or any other social issue.
Ford and Alyson - I think you are fantastic, and will be FABULOUS parents, as I'm sure Be and Don will be.

Don and Be said...

Thank you for a most memorable afternoon, Ford & Aly. You are right on target with the 'inuendo' thing and we were jazzed by your genuine encouraging spirits regarding our adoption of Joanna. In a few short hours, you both enriched our lives.
God Bless You & Love,
Don & Be

..... and thank you for lunch as well .....

Catherine said...

Isn't it wonderful to share this process with others that you have so much in common with? I'm so happy and excited for you. It's great to have friends to share our excitement, fears and desires with. I'm happy you have one another.

God is good!

Elisa, Jarrod & Thomas said...

Fantatsic thet you met up with fellow adopters and had so much in common. It's great to have other adopting friends.

Wendy said...

Isn't it such a blessing to find a friendship like that? What you have is definitely special!

Dawn, Brian & Guinness said...

It's so wonderful that you were able to connect with Don and Be! The 4 of you have so many things in common too! Think of all of the fun playdates your daughters will have in the future together.

What a lonely place the world was, before the creation of the "blogosphere"!! :)