Friday, January 05, 2007

Dad's 76th Birthday

January 5, 1931 - December 21, 2006
Missing my Dad..... Remembering His 2006 Birthday.

My Dad, an only child, was born 76 years ago. He's not with us on this day but we had fun coming up with a list of 75 wishes for him on his birthday last year and some other sentiments........

75 Wishes for DAD in 2006

1. For a healthy year,
2. For many happy times,
3. To a good breakfast whenever out with Jr. Emmons,
4. To many good breakfasts with Mom,
5. To your truck to always start and run great,
6. To you to buy the truck Mom always wanted (what’s wrong with a back seat in a truck????)
7. For you always to have the energy to wash your truck,
8. For letting Andrew drive your truck,
9. For no vehicle accidents in the family,
10. To not having to replace lots of rotted wood on the houses,
11. To fewer snow storms than normal,
12. To a safe drive to Florida,
13. To a winning gambling junket in Massachusetts,
14. To spying a moose and having the camera ready,
15. To less expensive gasoline,
16. To less expensive prescription drugs,
17. For a NASCAR season full of our drivers winning,
18. For the yard to recover from all the snow & freezing weather,
19. For the grass not to grow too much,
20. For the riding lawn mower to crank on every time,
21.To fewer puddles along Cobb’s Drive,
22. For NDCC church dinners to be successful,
23. For dry basements throughout the year,
24. For no roof leaks,
25. For snow cleared roads on your errand trips,
26. For UMO to win the National Hockey championship,
27. For your college “book” fund to hold out,
28. No traffic jams on I-95 heading south,
29. For your hotel rooms be comfortable and reasonable,
30. For the best four seasons in Maine,
31. To enjoying Woodford’s Club one more year,
32. To winning every cribbage match,
33. To having lots of “24” hands in cribbage,
34. To never running out of mints,
35. To traveling to Ireland to see your “country”,
36. To quitting smoking,
37. To enjoying your “retirement” nap each day,
38. For the Morgan’s VCR recorder working this year,
39. For your generator starting when pressed into service,
40. For a Barnes & Noble to come to your area,
41.Your neighborhood to be one less unpleasant family,
42. For a fun trip to Boston,
43. For your creative side to start drawing again,
44. For Little Sebago Lake to remain “healthy”,
45. For you to have fun in the kitchen,
46. For more visits with grandchildren,
47. For the spring rains to water your blueberry bushes,
48. For a bumper crop of blueberries this summer,
49. For fun rides in the jeep,
50. To winning the Maine lottery,
51. For discovering the best breakfast diner ever,
52. For a moose standing in your yard,
53. To hear Loon’s calls each morning & evening,
54. For pine trees that don’t drip sap,
55. For pine tree needles that never fall,
56. Little Sebago Lake water temperature a constant 75 degrees,
57. The morning paper always early and always delivered,
58. A Whitey’s fish camp serving clam strips in Maine,
59. For coffee milk available in Florida,
60. To picking the winning horse at the Fryeburg Fair,
61.Elephant ears that get bigger with each bite,
62. No mosquitoes sitting on the deck at nights,
63. For Andrew and you playing games of cribbage,
64. For no power outages,
65. Gas under a dollar,
66. For free electric during the winter,
67. To a warm car in December, January & February,
68. Tickets to any NASCAR race,
69. Dale Jr. to join you and Jr. Emmons for breakfast,
70. Cats that don’t shed,
71. An always full bag of potato chips,
72. Summer tourist that don’t drive & hog the roads,
73. Neighbors you choose to have,
74. A continued long life with those that love you,
75. My Wish was answered – You’re my DAD!

To DAD - Happy Birthday - # 75!!!
January 05, 2006

E EVERYTHING you have built & fixed for us at each Florida home
D DAD, you are the BEST!
W WONDERFUL times with family at home & the lake,
A ARTIST that lives within you,
R RAISING three daughters the right way worked well,
D DIRECTOR of our childhood family movies,

W. WORK ethic, you set the example.

C COLD winters you provided heat & home, shoveled snow & ice skating rinks,
O OLD, you are not! You will soon have a new Granddaughter & Great-Grand’s to love & hug,
B BUILDER of garage shelves, docks, lights & chairs!
B BOAT driver each summer day, water skiing dreams came true!

Here's what I sent him for gifts..... Thanks to Ford who also helped when my brain gave out.....
E is for EATING 75 peanuts, your favorite snack…. (why do 75 peanuts look so few??),
D is for the 75 DIMES for the tollbooths in New Jersey (happy driving to Florida!!),
W is for 75 WOOD screws you will need to complete the Morgan’s project list,
A is for 75 ASPIRIN needed while completing the Morgan’s project list,
R is for 75 RAISINS, (healthier than the peanuts),
D is for 75 Dollars to spend at Home DEPOT,

W. is for 75 best WISHES for you in 2006.

C is for 75 COPPER pennies to check dates & roll (maybe put in the NDCC birthday bank????),
O is for the 75 ORANGE sections, right from our Green Cove Springs ORANGE tree (we are just guessing, we didn’t peel each one and count),
B is for the 75 BREAKFAST drinks to keep you supplied with your daily vitamins.
B is for 75 BALLOONS to celebrate your 75 BIRTHDAYS!!! (you are not expecting us to blow them up for you, are you????)

Happy Birthday!! Love, Alyson & Ford


Melissa said...

You two are INCREDIBLE & you made Dad proud!! He is missed, but truly know he is w/us & apart of us until we meet again!
Thank you for YOU!!!!!!!!!
All my Love,
MC In Maine.........temp today is suppose to hit 56!!!!!

Dawn, Brian & Guinness said...

What a heart-warming post! :)