Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thanksgiving Dinner Preparations (Includes the Pool Table)

With over 20 guests expected for Thanksgiving Dinner, including our dear friends L&C, we asked them if we might borrow their ping pong table top to put on our pool table in order to transform it into a large dining table.

L&C used to do this each year on their pool table for large holiday dinners. They agreed and we were setting the date in which to fetch the huge and heavy top.

Low and behold, they went to retrieve it from their storage area and decided it would be way too much work to unearth it (another way of saying that after not using it for a few years, it had become an integral part of their working/storage area).

Enough said; so what did they do? They made us a new custom table top for our pool table in one weekend. The "genius" of the family (sorry CK!), bought the material, designed a three piece, light weight, locking top with supports and edging all in soft "bumper" material so no damage could possibly happen to the felt on the pool table. L even included shims to level the table top if needed. Can you believe this?

This is a huge gift that will be wonderful to use over and over again!! Merry Christmas to us!!

What a thoughtful and unbelievable gift!! Thank you all so much!!


Melissa said...

Can you have 3 more guets??? Would LOVE to be there w/you all!! What a faboulous gift!!! Take amny photos please, so that we may feel we are there w/you!
Happy Thanksgiving!!
All our love from Maine

Mom-of-5 said...

That's pretty slick !!
Great idea....

Debbie & Kirk said...

What a nice gift - hope they are getting turkey out of the

When I first started reading your post I was laughing because the last time we had a crowd over we used our air hockey table. Too funny!!!

(hoping for referral this month)