Monday, August 22, 2016

Ending Week (August 19 - 21) Activities!

AA had a good weekend. After Friday evening's practice round at EH, she headed to a birthday party for Noah W. on Saturday morning. A Harry Potter theme with most of the time in the swimming pool (in the Ravines, Middleburg); he's turning nine, so is one of the youngest and AA turns ten in just a few weeks! {she was eating so couldn't smile}
Lots of fun with the "boys" in the pool"
Butter Beer punch and Butter Beer cake!
Singing Happy Birthday!
Cutting the cake!
After the birthday party, AA went to the All Star PGA Jr. Golf Tournament. Two Eagle Harbor teams against each other - not good! Older team won even though AA and Tyler gave it their all!
The two together, first time playing together.
After the match at EH Talons: no one is happy on our team!!
Final score:
On Sunday, we drove to St. Augustine to give Jesse the title to the Sunbeam Scooter. Dylan is quite the surfer!
On our way home, talking about the last time Ford had a drink, decided to have a beer and nachos at A1A restaurant. He enjoyed it, but probably tired him out. It was good to get him out and be tired! Now to go home and rest!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Practicing with New U.S. Kids Golf Clubs 54" Tour Series

From Facebook:Practice round at EH with Tyler and Dad Joe (plus Chase and Emmett); they are taking care of AA while Daddy-Caddie is still healing at home. Lightning delay for 1.5 hours, then out whomping them for eight holes (got too DARK!!). Fun night with Mom Kerri on the patio while the kids play! ‪#‎AlyzabethMorganGolf‬

Waiting out the rain delay:
Heading out to the course at 6:45 p.m. with their surprised look that I have a camera in my hands!
Go away!!
Off to Hole #1:
Next up is the PGA Jr. All Star Tournament tomorrow, Saturday!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

North Florida Junior Golf "End of Season" Banquet

The North Florida Junior Golf Season came to an end at the Award Banquet, Wednesday, 08/17/2016. Jack lined up three speakers, Sawgrass Manager Bill Hughes, NFJG Board President Jim Houston and the local Sports Newscaster Brett Martineau.

#NFJG President:
Trophy Table:
Awards were given for season/series winners (Fall, Spring and Summer; also Player of the Year and for the final tournament event, the Championship (which we missed due to the U.S. Kids Golf "World's") and for the most birdies during the season:
Sponsors received appreciation gift:
Jack Aschenbach:
Appreciation for sports newscaster Brett Martineau, supporting Jacksonville/NE Florida junior golf for nine years:
Player of the Year - all age groups (Youngest players: Andrew Davis (Boys 10 - 12), AA, Phillip D.)
Series Winners (Fall, Spring or Summer):
Tylar Whiting won the Spring Series for the Foundation Girls division. AA won for the Fall and Summer.
Foundation Girls and Boys POY:
Troy Sheffield won the Spring series award:
He graduated from Palatka HS and has accepted a golf scholarship!
Jack and AA:
So glad for this man and his time and energy spent on junior golf; he always has good words for AA.
Since we missed the Championship, I found this photo of Tori's win - so excited for her! She moved up to the Girls 13 - 18 years old when she was still 11!! And she was an excellent golfer and competed admirably all year until she began to beat all the older girls. She is amazing with what she accomplished this year!! {and she is TALL, towers over me at age 12!!}
Photos taken once we were back home: AA won a new Titleist Golf Bag (it is a newer version of my golf bag!! Mine has more green on it and is about ten years old!).
It is nice to win these trophies/awards; as we know, these will fade and be packed away so it is the families, junior golfers and memories we meet and make along the way. What a fun journey, full of life's experiences, wisdom from playing this sport and ability to travel and enjoy a wider view of the world.
Proud of our daughter's hard work!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

FIRST Day of SCHOOL! (and new golf clubs)

Tuesday, August 16th is the first day of school for AA. A 4th grader! She had a new outfit to wear but we found out at "Meet the Teacher" that today is PE, so back to a more practical sport outfit.
It was a humid morning and the camera was inside in the air conditioning, so took a LONG time to become "un-foggy". The morning was still dark and the paper AA held was wilting. This is August in Florida! The second photo is un-retouched. I tried to brighten up the others. Happy School Day!

At OPE, waiting in line with school supplies for teacher Mrs. Rainer to open the door.
The afternoon before, AA's 54" U.S. Kids Golf Clubs arrived. She will not use the driver as her current one is better and a little longer. Now to get her putter shaft replaced with a longer one. The bag is much larger than her old one, she's growing up!!
Later today is her horse riding lesson, maybe some pool time and then a bath! Let the school year routine begin!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Weekend and Monday 08/15/2016!

Saturday we drove to St. Augustine to give our scooter to Jesse.  

 I think he liked it.
We again golfed late after Saturday's dinner which included some fun putting game with Tyler M.
Aunt Carolyn came for a visit on Sunday. We ate lunch, visited for a few hours, she and AA went on a river road bike ride. Carolyn took a picture of this at low tide, looks like a very lost street drainage manhole-type thing!
Ford took AA to the 4:50 movie Secret Life of Pets. AA and Ford both said this movie is not worth watching:
Monday morning we golfed eight holes at EH (slow, with four foursomes in front of us). Lunch then baths before "Meet the Teacher" at OPE.
Meet the teacher is always good, we find out which portable classroom is AA's homeroom and who her classmates will be. A few are from her 3rd grade class. At this school, four 3rd grade classes merge into three 4th grade classes; she has 22 students in her class.
Meet the Teacher!
Daily Schedule:
Ryder (AA has known since preschool at the OPUMC WonderWorks school) and Teacher Mrs. Rainer:
All 4th Grade names and assigned classroom:
Monkey bars at OPE:

After leaving OPE, we enjoyed a mini-Blizzard (mint-chocolate-chip!!), checked out some books from the library and picked up a few items for back to school. It is hot outside, so will enjoy the inside of our home! First day of school is Tuesday!