Saturday, October 21, 2017

Week of October 16th - Saturday the 21st

Monday was another hot day, we are expecting cooler weather for a couple of days beginning tomorrow! We picked up AA from her Robotics Team, went home and she did her homework, usually math and reading every night. Listening to music on the way home:

Cool AA!
We walked to the River House and sat on the porch with Hugh, Maureen and friend Kathy. They were a bit tired as Arnie R. has been staying with them. He is staying (in hotel) with a daughter for a week while she visits from England. Ford made his brown beans for our homemade dinner. Tuesday, Ford and AA played golf and I made a new chicken soup (with boneless thighs). Too much trouble cleaning the thighs and too much thyme in the recipe. Not so great, but we ate it! AA had extra work as she is missing a class tomorrow to play with Ms. Penny at Amelia National.
Wednesday, was her 18 hole round with Ms. Penny, a practice round for her Sunday NFJG Tournament, opening the season, and first 18 hole with the Foundation Elite. Wednesday, I mainly caught up on my WPOA secretarial duties and walked the dog. For a supposedly cool day, it was very warm! In the evening, I went to the church class without my sweet family. 
Thursday: River House, enjoyed hanging with Scott Anderson. Very breezy, loving a bit cooler weather - the high was still 81 degrees! I tried to get AA to jump in the pool before our baths but she didn't go for it!
AA is growing up too fast!! How did this happen - a size 5 (will start wearing in a couple of months)! Slow down!! #dawgs #juniorgolf
Friday morning we attended the OPE School Academic Award Ceremony. Photo of AA sitting at her table with Mrs. Rauth (homeroom teacher Mrs. White):
All A's Honor Roll:
Perfect Attendance first quarter 5th grade:
Free burger dinner for honor roll:
With her perfect attendance and all A honor roll. The three 5th graders who were awarded the Principal's Award last Friday were recognized at this ceremony too.
And we took a photo of her 2017 hand print in the cafeteria/gym (her third one!): 
From 5th grade - October 13, 2017
From Kindergarten 2012:
From 3rd Grade 2015:
After school was a golf practice round at EH then PGA Junior Team practice. Meatloaf and mashed potatoes for dinner!!
Saturday: We ran errands, treated AA to her favorite Mexican lunch - Tijuana Flats, then played nine holes at EH. A quiet evening of reading on the screen porch. Finally the air conditioner is only running half the time!
And to be positive in this horrible climate of USA politics, here's what each of us must do, take action: “There must be tens of thousands of starfish on this beach. I’m afraid you won’t really be able to make much of a difference.” The boy bent down, picked up yet another starfish and threw it as far as he could into the ocean. Then he turned, smiled and said, “It made a difference to that one!”
"Nobody can help everybody, but everybody can help somebody."

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Weekend Activities 10/14/17

Saturday the 14th, was to be a busy day. Leaa was hosting her afternoon pumpkin painting party, AA had an afternoon PGA Junior Match and we bought tickets as a BIG gift for AA to go to the Harry Potter/Jacksonville Symphony evening concert. So AA played in her golf match and we made it to the concert; unfortunately, missed Leaa's event. Jane W. was to go with AA, but she ended up sick on Saturday morning, so Noah came with us.
It is also Melissa's birthday, so a few extra photos.

AA and Ginger wishing Auntie-M a happy birthday:
Melissa in Maine with granddaughter Chloe:
Melissa waded in the lake to remove the last boat anchor, looks beautiful!
The Eagle Harbor PGA Elite team match against Palencia was a big WIN! AA and Ford left right after she played her 6 holes, winning both flags (one per three holes). Thanks to Tyler's Mom Kerri for sending me the two pictures.
The EH Team photo (without the only girl):
AA's birthday gift was tickets to the Harry Potter 1st movie in Concert with the Jacksonville Symphony:
So glad that Noah W. was available at the last minute (and his parents brought him to us and picked him up at 11:35 PM!!). We took food to tailgate as AA and Ford had not eaten since they just came from the EH golf course/PGA match. It began to rain enough that we went to our seats earlier than planned.
We wore our rain coats in as were were not sure how much weather came in under the cover/roof of the amphitheater. Seats were pretty good; tall people sitting in front were no problem for us due to the slope, but the kids had to watch between the people in front of them. For a concert, the front row in a balcony section would be good too. Since we were watching a movie on the screen above the stage, closer was better.
The stage movie screen was BRIGHT, couldn't get a good photo of the graphics. The symphony was amazing, the music was just as dramatic as in the movie; however, it was a bit long for the youngsters and their attention did drag a little after intermission then picked up nearing the end. Long evening for us!
Here's the actual screen we saw, you can barely see the stage; had to darken photo to show what we saw while waiting for the concert to begin. There was a short movie shown at 7:30 p.m. about the music composer, told how the movie sound track was created. {The music of the Harry Potter film series was recorded and released in conjunction with the post-production and releases of each of the eight corresponding films. The scores were composed by John Williams, Patrick Doyle, Nicholas Hooper, and Alexandre Desplat.}
Since staying up to midnight is a rarity, we watched the end of a Harry Potter movie on TV at home - it was a Harry Potter Movie weekend on TV! Off to bed at 12:30 a.m.! {then, AA had a bad nose bleed; these occur occasionally and she is very good about dealing with what life has handed her}. AA relaxing at home after midnight:
Sunday (15th) morning, we were all a little droopy. AA sang at the 9:25 service for Celebration service (456 JAM choir - her 2nd time); photo from my iPhone:
We ate lunch at the church and actually sat with a lady who had been to the harry Potter concert the night before; she was a big fan of the symphony, not so much of the harry Potter movie series.
Then PGA Golf Team practice while Ford and I chatted with Joe M. We got AA to her Sunday church 456 Club and JAM practice on time. That wrapped up our weekend!

Friday, October 13, 2017

October 10th - Friday the 13th!

Another week has flown by! AA had an "Enrichment" science paper due on Wednesday. She completed it in plenty of time, so on her school day off, typed in all three tasks (one was describe an ice cube and all the physical properties it goes through until vapor in the personal tense).

Tuesday and Wednesday were the usual, with golfing and church time. Thursday, after Robotics, we invited Jane W. over to swim for an hour. They both had homework to do too. The pool water temperature was 86 degrees!! 
While I strolled around the WPOA common property (before the October 10th Board meeting), saw that the lemon tree has some turning yellow! Love our free lemons!
Since we have been going through boxes of "stuff", came across the framed "Rock of Ages, Cleft to Me" from the Aunties and a photo (poor quality, stuck to another photo) showing it in the background. I had to "google" it as I had forgotten it was a hymn written in 1776!
Now on my dining table:
Friday the 13th!! Fun with Carolyn, we had pumpkin doughnuts at Cinottis, then a walk on Neptune Beach, quite windy but beautiful. The ocean water was warm. Really nice walk. Then lunched at Hawkers, two appetizers and two noodle bowls and we were stuffed! Big thank you to Carolyn, since she treated me all day! Love!
We collected a few shells and a piece of a HUGE sand dollar (not in photo).
Friday was special as AA received the OPE principal's award! From Facebook: Came home and found out AA earned/was awarded the OPE Principal's Award! Highest achievement - Excellent Academies, Behavior and Conduct! From 2012, 2015 now third time, 2017, 5th grade!
Happy girl! She faked me out, saying she cut her finger, which I ran her over to the sink to rinse it off, ha! It was the red paint from where all winners get to put their red hand-print on the wall at school! She had a good laugh!!
Friday evening, made a new pasta recipe: meatless, onion, summer squash, garlic, cherry tomatoes, ricotta and romano cheese, yummy (which was a late dinner as AA has PGA Jr. Team practice)!
Happy Weekend!

Monday, October 09, 2017

October Continues Plus School News

The end of the grading period was Friday, October 6th, so we know what AA's grades are. Last year she earned straight A's all year long. A HUGE achievement. This year she has all A's and one B (an 89). The B is from Social Studies, which is dumbfounding us! The day after Labor Day, she took two tests and scored a "D" on both. We do not know why and she has no explanation. The good news is that she brought that score up to a 90 by last week. Then this week she had two tests which each had 8 questions. Well, if you miss one question you are down to a B (88 score). So she got B's on the tests. We are fine with what she does and a blip here or there is something that happens. She is an excellent student so no long term worries. {Update: There was another grade added by the teacher, so now AA does have an A in this class. We are happy to know she got a 100 on her last test.}
She was excited about learning how to "shade" in Art class. Here's her attempt at home to show us. We think she did very well.

After school on Friday, AA plaued nine holes with Ms. Penny at the Fleming Island Golf course, as EH was busy with the AJGA Tournament, then by 5 p.m., she was off to her EH PGA Team practice.
Saturday, AA played in the Eagle Harbor PGA Junior Golf Team at the King and Bear (away match); EH won 8.5 flags to 3.5. 
Match 4: Dylan Frein, Alyzabeth Morgan, Gehrig Van De Water.
Did I say that AA is the only girl on the Elite team?
October 8th, was a busy Sunday with church, then I took AA to Owen's birthday party (includes the OPE Squad - Tyler/Dylan C., Owen K., Abbey C., Jane W. and Connor W.), while Daddy Ford and Justin finished cleaning out our storage unit - so happy that is empty!! 
Then off to the Eagle Harbor golf course, they hosted a three day AJGA Tournament. The kids were invited to the Billy Horschel Clinic, plus Ms. Penny volunteered to be an official/shuttle for all three days. After the golf clinic, AA went to OPUMC for the 456 Club and JAM choir practice. A FULL day!
From Facebook: fm - The Billy Horschel Junior Championship concluded today. This 3 day AJGA tournament held at Alyzabeth’s Eagle Harbor home course was loaded with junior golfers representing the best of the best. More than half having already committed to major Division 1 programs. 
Alyzabeth’s Sunday PGA Jr. practice was a workshop put on by Horschel and his coach, the #1 ranked Todd Anderson now performing his pro tour magic at TPC Sawgrass.
The tournament itself was amazing. The skill set of the junior golfers was truly mesmerizing. A special shoutout to Ms. Penny who served as our personal course valet. Awesome. Thank you.
October 9th, Monday, was a no school day, but Mrs. Rauth held a Robotics Team workshop where she invited an irrigation expert to speak on water usage, including golf course water management. This year the teams must choose a water related project. After Robotics, at noon, Ford and AA went back to EH to watch the end of the AJGA tournament and visit with Ms. Penny. We then had a nice time at the River House and homemade spaghetti dinner (AA played Minecraft on-line with Noah W. while eating dinner!).
Facebook: More work done today restoring the River House lower deck. Beautiful weather (a bit hot today, but the ac is on inside). Love the river view, never tired of our afternoons together, with two of my favorite people! ❤️ #RiverHouse #StJohnsRiver #OrangePark
This photo was on Facebook, so good of my niece, Heather, thought I would save it here!
Back to school tomorrow - Tuesday!