Sunday, September 16, 2018

Forever Family Day "Gotcha" 10th Anniversary!

Every year we try to go to P.F. Chang for our anniversary of "getting" Alyzabeth. She like this restaurant for special occasions.
It's very special for us parents, maybe no so for the child. It is the first time holding our daughter, the experience of birthing a baby and seeing your baby for the first time, we saw AA for the first time on this date in 2008. We took a few more items out of the "China" box, gifts we bought for her back in 2008. A porcelain set of chop sticks, earrings and a cloisonne bracelet.

I reposted this photo of AA and I kissing at the Club Continental pool, one of my favorites.
Love the chicken lettuce wraps!
Glad to have Carolyn with us!
Tradition is to take pictures outside at the horses.
Selfie attempt:
We don't seem to use our good camera so iPad or iPhone photos are what these are. In the bright sun here (97 degrees, 105 degree heat index today!), the phone camera is not as crisp. Plus we couldn't see where we were putting our fingers. Carolyn took a photo of us with all squinting. After dinner, we shopped at Victoria Secrets for bras and had AA measured. She now has her first VS bra, it is still a sports bra, but boy is she growing! 
We visited with Carolyn and was re-acquainted with Bella, Pete's dog. When Pete passed this past week, everyone knew he wanted Carolyn to have his dog. Hopefully, Ginger will decide to be friendly next time we take her to Carolyn's. Pete's memorial service is the 23rd. Very sudden death, he will be missed, was always a friend to Carolyn, helpful and good guy.

Friday, September 07, 2018

It's September! Labor Day

We are always so amazed as another school year begins, all the September birthdays, AA's party planning (that I have not done yet!) and zoom, another year has gone by!
Labor Day, AA and Daddy went golfing in the morning, cloudy day with scattered thunder showers.
We grilled hamburgers, made homemade cole-slaw and then took a dip in the pool while it was RAINNING!
AA completed one of the Kiwi Co. Tinker Crate kits that my Mom sent to her. She builds them pretty fast. This one had a planetarium and star gazing kit. We will see how it works tonight in the dark.

We may go to the River House Tuesday (closed on Labor Day), Wednesday AA has Math Club and then a golf lesson with Coach Bryan. Thursday is the Robotics-Eagle-bot Parents meeting then Mr. Story's Math tutor class and Friday is another golf lesson. Her "Elite" PGA Junior team practices don't start until September 14th.

Sunday, September 02, 2018

Labor Day Weekend - Sunday Family Brunch

The family decided to meet up for brunch on Sunday; Justin chose the Reef (4100 Coastal Hwy, Vilano Beach Saint Augustine, Florida) as they have all you can eat seafood including his favorite Alaskan King Crab legs.
No one was taking pictures, so I grabbed a few on my iPad. Cath, Werner, JK, Christa, Stuart, Jesse, Leaa, Livi, Dylan.
We all ate too much, it was very good. 
From Stuart's Facebook: Stuart McColm All you can brunch. Steak, snow crab legs, waffles, bacon, prime rib, biscuits and gravy, bottomless 🍾 shall I go on? Lol

Missing was Kilee and the Wilhemy's who were off celebrating their wedding anniversary in Mt. Dora. Dylan with her Poppy, playing a game......
Afterwards, was to be some beach time. We didn't go in, but watched the Cruce's jump in! We headed back to OP for AA to meet up with her golf Coach. Summer showers stopped that, so lazy evening for us! Good visit and good food!

Saturday, September 01, 2018

Catching up on our News and Fun!

I make the excuse about working full time, not keeping up the blog.... So true! We are having issues with the Pella window replacement, they are still not done! 
The WPOA homeowners had the Astor Street wall cleaned, repaired and painted:

Senator McCain died over the past weekend, so we lowered the flag at our neighborhood fountain and at the River House on Monday (Hugh took photo).
Tuesday/Wednesday: After school golfing. I can't remember what else we did!!!
Thursday: I changed my schedule so that I was off work. We had breakfast with Charlie and Donna Perry, caught up on their news and FUMCH. Afterwards, we went to the jewelry store to discuss options for my diamond ring, will go back on Saturday for final decision. AA and I went out to dinner on Thursday after her math with Mr. Story; went to V's Pizza and had wings, salad and pizza, while Ford attended a parents only OPE meeting.
Friday: We had the dead tree in our back yard cut down. After work, Ford cooked shrimp and grits (YUM!!) AA and I saw the movie Christopher Robin.
Through the upstairs window:
Done! We will put one of our manhole covers on it and use it as a plant stand and outside cocktail table!
Christopher Robin - this is a good summary of our opinion of the movie:
"Christopher Robin" is a more gentle and melancholic fable about recapturing the joys of childhood as an adult with the help of a wise and innocent bear. It's telling that in Marc Forster's comparatively somber but sweet movie, the standout of Milne's furry creatures — all of them rendered digitally as worn-out stuffed animals — is that old grump Eeyore (voiced by Brad Garrett), whose morose mutterings land nearly all the film's laughs.
We thought Eeyore was the best (ultimate "Debbie Downer"!), was in most of the scenes and added that funny edge to the movie. Sweet movie and definitely a "10" is you remember this is about Christopher as an adult.
Saturday: AA beat her Daddy at a game of BattleShip. We went back to Espling's to select what we wanted done to my diamond ring - shall I say $$$$!! We went to the RAM market, Moon River for salad and pizza lunch, then River House Happy Hour with Penny and Kathy (while Hugh and Maureen are in Ireland for their 22nd time!!).

Sunday, August 26, 2018

PGA Junior Screaming Eagles North Sectional State Match - Grand Cypress, Orlando

AA's Eagle Harbor team is in the PGA Jr. State match, Sunday, August 26th. After the Drive, Chip and Putt on Saturday, Ford and AA drove to Orlando. After a late practice, and a late dinner, all was well on Sunday morning at the start of the match.
AA is paired with Orlando's Shawn Coultoff. We spoke to Eric at the DCP and he told all of us to "Bring our A Game!". Challenge on! Practice photo:

AA's group tied with Orlando - 1.5 flags each. Overall, Orlando won and then went on to win the Sectional Championship. First match:
Award ceremony:
No one on the Eagle Harbor Team was happy - the consolation round, Ford said the kids all acted unenthusiastic and gave up, so last place it is!! (4th). No one was happy!
Lesson learned about making a regional/city All-Stars Team in order to compete on the State level. Eagle Harbor was the only team made up of kids from only ONE golf club. They did well, several matches were tied or close. Try again next year!

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Drive Chip and Putt 2018 (for April 2019)

AA made the top three at the Drive Chip Putt Local Qualifying and played in the Sub-regional, Saturday, August 25th. She did fairly well with her drives being the most improved. She missed a chip and made two hole in one on the putting. Next year, she will be in this same group 12-13 year old. In order to move up to the Regional, she needed to be in the top two spots. She placed 5th.
Putting practice:

Walking with her Daddy from the "Drive" to the "Chip" area:
Ms. Penny watching as AA chips:
AA with her 2nd place medal for the "Drive"!!
All 12-13 year old Girls who received an award.
Will keep entering each year until she is 14 (that will make her the oldest eligible 15 in April of the following year) - only three more tries to make it to Augusta!

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Miscellaneous Fun Stuff! New Windows Too!

Since we bought this house, there are about a dozen projects that need to be done to maintain the wood house. From needing new upstairs windows, fixing the fireplace chimney, to repairing outside rotten wood then painting entire exterior, need to replace wood back deck, taming the wild common landscaping surrounding our home, and the list goes on...
New Pella windows for upstairs - custom size of course $$$$$. It took 8 weeks for delivery and we are now into three days and two of the three windows are installed. AA's room is to be done on Monday, 08/27/18. Then we will need buy new blinds! It never ends!

Upstairs Master bedroom - two windows:
AA carrying her golf bag after a PGA Jr. Team practice at EH:
Occasionally I take photos of Ginger to send AA. I was off work on Tuesday, 08/21st, so walked Ginger:
Some pool fun with the new corn hole bean bag toss (bags filled with water) - purchased by Nancy Harrison:
Thursday, August 23rd, Ford picked up Noah after school for playtime. AA couldn't go to Noah's birthday party last Saturday (it was EH Elite Golf Team tryouts), so we gave him a gift and ice cream treat, then back to his Dad's (Mark) work place by 4:15 p.m. (AA had to go to Math tutor).

Mom sent a packed goody box to us; contained three Little Sebago Lake shirts, a journal for AA, a DVD for Ford, Happy Birthday streamers for AA, garden gloves and lots more! Thank you!
Another good week!!

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Sunday Shoe Shopping and More! Sunday 08/19/18

We took Alivia and Dylan shoe shopping with our AA, to the St. Augustine Outlet Stores - Vans and Nike. Everyone found a pair they liked, all within 45 minutes - fast shoppers!
Then to CaddyShack for lunch (Chicken Tenders, Fiesta Salad, Chicken Salad-Salad, Quesadillas; Ford had the Fish and Chips). All very good and too much food! Then we saw the movie America's Musical Journey narrated by Morgan Freeman and featuring singer/writer Aloe Blacc (and more food - Ice Cream Dots and Popcorn!). It was fast moving, a bit disjointed until you got the feel of the movie style. Lots of good music and weaving in the huge African influence through the history of America. Since it is only 50 minutes long, fast moving with fast music!

Success buying sneakers!
Then back to their St. Augustine home, quick visit with Leaa and Dylan singing a song, playing her ukulele! Nice outing with the Grands!

River Bend Golf Links is Closing - Closed!

We have known for several years that the widening of CR/Highway 16 towards St. Augustine would be widened with a new bridge built/added. The golf course sent out an email stating that this is the last weekend it will be open.
We posted on Facebook about AA's history at this golf course.
AA doesn't remember much from that time frame, she was 4.5 years old, and he died when she was 8.5 years old. He taught her all the basic golf rules, techniques and most importantly golf etiquette.

The only public golf course in Green Cove Springs is closing its doors tomorrow. Progress must take the land for a wider highway. AA began her golf "career" at #RiverBendGolf with Coach Doug Cody. We were blessed with our daughter AA and double blessed when Coach Doug arrived into our lives. He was kind and bonded with AA. He left us too soon, leaving a hole in our soul and AA's life. Here are a few pictures showing what a proud coach he was as AA won his first kids tournament/clinic at age 5 and then her first US Kids Local Championship age 6. #AlyzabethMorganGolf 
If you have time, go visit River Bend this weekend, say hi to Rhonda. The golf course was a community treasure.

So many good memories of AA's early years of golfing!

I loved this one best as AA is actually talking to Coach Doug!
And this is a perfect Daddy-Daughter moment; yes, AA is trying to carry the bag too!
fm - His work with Alyzabeth was and in many ways continues to be immeasurable to this day. What he gave me is still a progress in work. After each lesson Coach Doug would coach me on how to be a supportive parent with a kid in sports. He could be blunt. I wasn't her coach. He was. He liked to say with any luck I might be a half decent caddie but it was more important to be a top rate Dad. He would handle the coaching. :) Every day I see Doug in Alyzabeth... Miss you Doug..
We stopped by on Sunday, August 19th and briefly visited with Rhonda. She is the U.S. Kids Golf Local Director and is moving over to be an independent pro at Magnolia Point Golf Club.