Sunday, December 10, 2017

NFJG Plantation Bay/Prestwick at Ormond Beach - And it is COLD!!

Outside temperatures this morning were in the 30's!! AA's tee time was 9:22 a.m. then moved 30 minutes due to the golf course manager postponing the start. 
I did not go, so the word came back from Ford and AA was that they did not freeze even though it was very cold in the shade; it did warm a little while in the sun. Better than yesterday's team tournament, where it was cloudy, windy, damp and no sun!
Alyzabeth did pretty good, placed second, just one stroke behind the winner (a boy, 6th grade).
She had several double bogeys that made the difference on the front nine, then a penalty stroke on the last hole to get relief. So very close to the big win! The course was hilly and very long walking between holes. Ford said it was the longest course he has walked. Also, both boys families (and the boys) chatted the entire time; again, getting to know different families, it is unusual to have the player and Caddie chat constantly!
Kevin Glynn announcing the awards.

Scores, she placed between the Elliott brothers:
The top three!
From Jack's Newsletter - Story by: Mike Charrie
While players are still likely thinking about all the twists and turns, and tricky situations at our last event at Hidden Hills, we continue the torture tour at the equally, if not even slightly tougher Prestwick Course at Plantation Bay in Ormond Beach. Rolling fairways, water everywhere, and many blind shots (sometimes even twice a hole), and speedy greens made this course a challenge and any all competitors. For sure the players had their work cut out for them once again this week. The course is not long, only 6500 from the tips, but the course rating was 71.7 and a slope of 144! Go to show you a course does not have to be long to be tough. Added to the tough course condition was the temperature which drop over the last few days didn't lend any favoritism to playing either. However, the players and spectators were much more prepared this time versus last week. Everyone came bundled up with their beanies and gloves, and some spectators even had blankets! 
Foundation Elite: The Elliott brothers had a strong showing in this division with Lucas Elliott (83) taking first place, and Mateo Elliott (87) finishing in third, while Alyzabeth Morgan (84) snuck in between the duo for a second place finish. Lucas Elliott now has two wins and a second place to his name and Mateo Elliott has a second and two third place finishes, in only three events for each! Morgan narrowly missed capturing her fourth win of the young season in this event, and has five top five finishes
Usually, golfing a over by now, depending on the tournaments available, but with her PGA Team in the city finals, more golfing later this week on Saturday!

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Eagle Harbor PGA Junior Golf Team - Win!! Against Hidden Hills

The Eagle Harbor Elite/East Team scored another big win, winning the city semi-final match against Hidden Hills (the same team they played in the past championship). 
From Facebook: Congratulations to Eagle Harbor PGA Junior Team and Coach Bryan M. Kipnis! Another win and now onto the Jacksonville "City" Championship 2017 match. Thank you to the parents who came out in the COLD weather (40 degrees, wind and wet golf course from two days of rain!!) AND were the Parent-Match-Hole Monitors: Joe, Jason and Mike! They kept the game moving and honest; we appreciate the extra effort to work with the kids, treat them like professionals, show kindness and impartiality! Love the "funny" team photo! #pgajuniorgolf #juniorpga #EagleHarborGolf #AlyzabethMorganGolf #girlgolfers
Final hole for AA and Tyler, shaking hands at the end (began on Hole 3; ended on Hole 1 - didn't play the last hole as EH had won the final flag in two holes). AA (5th grade) and Tyler (4th grade) played a group of three, all 14 or 15 years old. 

Photo copied from Chase's Dad - Jason Ricks. Emmet and Chase were paired together:
AA and Tyler M. always a winning team together:
Team photo; first one is funny, the team trying to get in their places:
Score: 9.5 flags to Hidden Hills 2.5:
Coach Bryan talking to the group after the win:
Next week will be the championship final match!

Friday, December 08, 2017

Another December Week - Every Week is Special!

We truly love our life. We have everything we could ever want to provide a loving and good home for AA. And another week has passed by so quickly, AA is developing into a young lady in many ways. AA has Robotics, golf lesson with Coach Bryan on Tuesday (along with the PGA Jr. Team practice), Wednesday she played with Ms. Penny and had a 192 yard drive! Amazingly long for her! Bryan has her doing daily exercises (the swing through and leg raises) so while her body is growing, she is getting stronger.
We went to the River House on Monday the 4th, I did not work, had changed my schedule to 4 - 10's. It was a BEAUTIFUL day, nice temperature, no wind, low humidity, just perfect! AA did her homework and we enjoyed some adult time.

The weather turned very cold on Thursday - Saturday. With rain and the dampness that comes with our winters, it was COLD today! Work is busy and will be a chaotic time once both units are shut down. We did get to the River House again on Friday and enjoyed relaxing with bartender Ginger G. We called sister Mia, snow in Atlanta! Glad all is well with her family and her work.
This is a picture of SJRPP on Friday, 12/08/17 - a rainy day. Very unusual to not see the stack, the weather is hanging very low. Facebook: Rain and fog today, both units are running. Can't see a faint outline of the stack. Can't imagine what this will look like a year from now. #SJRPP
We are so proud of AA and her golfing with the "boys". We know from a few of the boys parents that they look to AA for positive reinforcement to their sons. This weekend, AA has the city championship playoffs with Hidden Hills (at EH) and then on Sunday, a NFJG Tournament at Ormond Beach. Busy weekend with final Christmas decorations, shopping and catching up on home chores!

Sunday, December 03, 2017

NFJG Hidden Hills - Winner! 12/03/17

Elite Foundation Winner - 18 holes at Hidden Hills from the red tees. She played very well, it is a difficult course. With darkness shortening the round, two Par 5's on the final nine holes, were played as shorter holes (about Par 3), so there are maybe four strokes "missing". Her group began play on the back nine holes (#10 - 18). With her 9th hole played (Hole #18) she double bogeyed and then another bogey near the end of the round, Hole #8 (the 17th hole she played), she still scored well with an 80!
Here is the WINNER! She looks a bit tired and we know was very hungry! Monday night dinner will be "Winner, Winner, Salmon Dinner"!

AA, Ryan H. and Chase R.
A few more photos: the scores shown on my computer screen, her medal for first place and her holding her medal on Monday morning before school. 
First Place!! At Hidden Hills!
Her Monday morning smile:
From Jack's Newsletter:
Foundation Elite: Girl power was the name of the game in this division with Alyzabeth Morgan (80) taking the crown over second place Ryan Houck (84), and third place Chase Ricks (90). Starting their rounds on the tougher back nine, the players were definitely tested early. However, they fought hard through it and all three bested their first nine scores on their second nine by a respective two, four, and a super impressive twelve strokes!

Last Week of November Plus First December Weekend

Working full time is keeping me on my toes again, time management is everything! The week was pretty typical with AA's regular routine. She played a round of golf with Ms. Penny and went to her two Robotic Team meetings, two PGA Jr. Team practices, plus two golf lessons with Coach Bryan. Somehow she gets her homework done and to bed at 8:30.
Saturday was full with AA's Robotic's team workshop in the morning (until noon), then lunch and buying our Christmas tree. We put a few light strings on and then it was time to head to the Eagle Harbor Christmas tree lighting parade.
Selecting our Christmas tree:

AA rode in Marshall Collins' Jeep with Coach Bryan, his two kids, Addison and Nate, plus Ryan H. They all got a balloon ($5) made as a sword with a noise maker in it. We headed home and ate a light supper.
Sunday I stayed home to catch up on lots of little items, wile AA and Ford braved the Hidden Hills NFJG Tournament. The weather was to be mild, but the cool fog never lifted so they did not see the sun or its warming effects! While back in OP, I did get some afternoon sun! I am also a bit more tired than I would like to feel from working but started the morning with energy - I cooked two packages of bacon at 6:00 a.m. and then made homemade lemonade from a dozen lemons we had picked the prior week. I finished hanging the outside icicle lights, the inside tree lights, walking the dog, addressing Christmas cards, dishes, laundry, etc! Dinner was easy as the BLT's came together quickly once I knew they were on their way home from Hidden Hills (separate post on her big WIN!!). The apple crisp was a bit over cooked and the topping had too much flour (or I didn't cut in the butter enough). It was still a homemade dessert, which we will eat every time! Then the usual BATH time before bed. I am off tomorrow, Monday, working 4-10's for a few weeks. Those ten hour days are long, plus the LONG commute.
Apple Crisp, remaining apples from Maine are GONE!
From the Grinch:
Plastic ornaments from Nana Lizzie Redmond's Christmas Tree, and a knit stocking from E-E (with original tag!):
AA is now taking golf lessons with Coach Bryan. Coach Kathy has been busy, out of town alot, so will take advantage of Bryan being close at Eagle Harbor; he's always been her PGA Jr. Team Coach and we were thankful for his help with AA last year when Ford had his open heart surgery. Bryan has AA doing a new swing exercise, with the "Swing Through". She is building strength so that her drives will be consistently longer.
Our Christmas cactus's are blooming, always a reminder of Maine (plants are from an original plant cared for by Nana Lizzie Redmond, then our Grandmother E-E Cobb and by sister Melissa who keeps several plants alive in Maine.
Getting ready for Christmas - love the reason for the season!

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Eagle Harbor PGA Team Jr WIN!

A quick backtrack to Saturday: Ford took AA for some golfing, she hadn't played in four days. I roasted a 16 lb turkey, made mashed potatoes, homemade gravy and green bean casserole, plus Ford's special canned cranberry sauce. It was delicious - we ate way too much food over the past three days! Then we (with Joy) walked to the River House for a short time to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather, cool but dry.
Sunday 11/26/17: The Eagle Harbor Elite (East) Team won their first playoff match against Timuquana Country Club. It was a shut-out at 12 flags to none. Happy our kids (all boys with one girl, AA!) played so well. Coach Bryan said a few of the matches were close, so we were all surprised by winning all flags (four teams fielded have a chance to each win the three flags per match, one flag is earned with best 2 of 3 holes, otherwise they split). 
Our Sunday began with walking to church; then Nana Joy and I walked most of the nine holes, then we went home and had leftover turkey and sides for dinner - then baths!
Coach Bryan's introduction of players:

AA was paired with Tyler M. for all nine holes, plus it was his birthday today! Hole #4 - Par 3:
Tyler's Dad, Joe was the match monitor, he did a great job being patient, coaching and helping the other team through many decisions. Waiting on the three Timuquana players:
Group waiting for the last team to come in from the course:
Final score:
Now to see when the semi-final match will be played.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Black Friday - Day After Thanksgiving with Justin and Kilee

Justin and Kilee came to see Nana Joy and for Poppy's Fried Fish dinner, along with Cathy, Werner and cousin Carolyn.
The food was good, homemade cole slaw and tartar sauce (made by Joy), fish and hush puppies, plus canned baked beans. We had my homemade apple pie and leftover banana pudding with vanilla ice cream. Carolyn brought a homemade pecan cheesecake pie which was delicious! She also brought a store-bought pie in case her homemade wasn't very tasty - but her's was so good! She also brought champagne and cranberry juice for our annual "poinsettia" drinks, but we were WAY TOO FULL to drink after dinner! And Cathy and Werner brought us a nice red wine, very thankful for these sweet gifts. Just need to have some time to drink when we are not STUFFED with food!
Ginger got lots of attention!

Carolyn arrived just as we began dinner, so missed her in this photo:
We did a repeat of 2016's day after Thanksgiving with Kilee and Alyzabeth with Ginger. Ginger was only 5 months old and now she's 17 months old! She's very shaggy as she needs to go to the groomers! I made a collage and will post a few of the individual pictures.
Ginger loved the attention:
AA decided to try taking photos just as Kilee was sneaking up the stairs behind us. The girls had some fun together, no acting stand-offish or reserved, good seeing them relax and be silly together. Kilee is in 8th grade, so she did well to hang out with us and be cool. She also performed a dance for us to the song "Let it snow". She's a good dancer and hopes to continue with it through to college.
No black Friday shopping, just a wonderful day with family!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thanksgiving Dinner at the Wilhelmy's!

Happy Thanksgiving! Ford made dinner yeast rolls (Parker House style) and a large pan of banana pudding for the turkey day dinner. There was a smaller crowd than normal, maybe about 25 adults and kids, so with the rain, it was a full house inside their spacious home. The kids and later some of the "manly" adults, braved the chilly wet backyard for some football. Even though the kids got wet, they didn't seem to mind the rain. Nicole has plenty of play toys, so most were content to explore inside.
From Facebook: Loved seeing Mila's face while everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to her (and Nicole included Ford in the birthday wishes ❤️). Mila then would not blow out her candles, so Ford and Avery did the honors! AND I never saw a child open her birthday presents so fast - but her Mom Nicole Hollaway Wilhelmy was even more impressive writing down the gift and givers names even faster!!

I think this was a double dare to NOT blow out the candles!
Deciding what to do as Mila was NOT going to blow out the candles:
I think it was actually Avery who blew out the candles just as Ford was going to help:
Mila opening gifts:
Cathy tried to get them together for a family photo:
Little Remy was so nervous around the crowd, Nicole put him in his "thunder" jacket to calm him, and Cathy spent some time reassuring him:
From Facebook: Happy Thanksgiving! Resting after a delicious turkey day meal at Nicole Hollaway Wilhelmy and Jordan's home. Nana Joy and Aunt Pat enjoying an after dinner chat.
Nicole and Jordan always make it a relaxing day, even with the kids running around and they were baking many sides and pies too. Thank you to them for hosting and getting this family together!

Golf link (nothing to do with Thanksgiving!: Found this video of AA's swing, from Anne Cain's YouTube, Feb. 2016, will post the link here for reference.