Monday, June 26, 2017

NFJG Monday - Jacksonville Golf Club

Monday, Alyzabeth played in the NFJG at Jacksonville GCC. I stayed home for a doggy training lesson and lunch with Tammy Hatfield.
AA did well earning 1st place and the equivalent of 3rd place in the Foundation Boys group. They enjoyed having Coach Kathy close by as caddie for McKelvey D. AA and her Daddy Caddie:

Score Board:
Foundation Boys - Chase, Matthew, Richard:
On line scoring:
We did several errands (like pick up Ford's prescription, get his glasses adjusted at the Eye Doctors, do some paper work at the Doggy Vet and our Real Estate Agent (for the condo), go to the library and buy a few groceries!). Then some wine at the River House - during a terrible thunder storm, and chatting with Arnie and Janet, Kathy, Hugh and Maureen - plus our exceptional bartender - Ginger. This week is going by FAST! Tomorrow, AA has a PGA Eagle Harbor Junior match, then Wednesday we clean house and pack for our trip!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sunday, June 25th - Cara's Baby Shower

We began our day a little slow but did walk to church 9:25 a.m. service - so glad we did, it was patriotic celebration day with patriotic/military music and all five military branches represented. Very moving.
We went to Cara Cruce Smith's baby shower (and for Travis!) at Marsha and Carl's home in Florahome. Lot of good food, pretty decorations and plenty of pool time for the kids. With Marsha's broken wrist in a cast, she managed wonderfully. Leaa made strawberry cupcakes that were delicious. Also, on Facebook, Cara's photo came up as a memory five years ago; we were all at her bridal shower! I took a few pictures inside, then went outside to the pool, where my camera lens promptly fogged up from being in the air conditioning - it was humid and hot!! Barrett and Ford:

Jordan trying to get Avery to look at the camera:
Leaa tie-dyed some onsies for Cara's baby girl to be named Pearl. 
Foggy lens with Nicole and Avery:
Ford playing lifeguard in the HEAT, watching the kids swim:
Lots of water fun with the blow-up pool floats, including a riding bull that AA mastered.
Stella and AA:
AA jumping on the bull:
Carter boxing with the bull:
Playing Marco Polo - Mila did great with the older kids:
Marsha painted two pictures for Pearl's baby room, a lamb and bus - both very cute!
Marsha has enough paintings to open her own gallery:
The expecting couple:
Justin and Kilee were there too, no photo this time of them. Good seeing the families!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Drive, Chip and Putt: Friday and Saturday!

Friday, we drove to Tallahassee - Killearn Golf and Country Club for the first level of competition "local" Drive, Chip and Putt. Ginger is staying with Carolyn and all is well with her so far!
We went to the course right before dinner for some practice, then ordered take out from Momo's - we ordered a pizza and two salads and there was enough food for 6 people!!

Friday practice:
After a fitful sleeping night for Ford and I, we headed to Killearn a little before 8:00 a.m. for AA's 9:25 time slot. AA's energy level didn't match our excitement, so her playing was off. She did place third, which was good enough to move to the sub-regional at the World Golf Village on August 26th; it is very tough to be in the top 2 (1st and 2nd place moves on) to move onto the Regional (at TPC - September 16th). The chipping and putting area/grid:
Setting up for her first drive; she placed all three balls in the exact same spot - earning three "7's". She's consistent!!
Finished her chipping, getting her score card back (one of her chips earned 1 point). Next is putting.
Waiting to putt:
The volunteer/man looked at me after AA putted and said, she's not going to be happy, is she? And I said, no, she will be disappointed. Not sure how he knew.
AA received a 2nd place ribbon for her Drive score, and 2nd place for her Chip score. In the past, she usually wins the putting.
The DCP Official did a fine job, had the kids thank their parents and the golf course volunteers.
AA is holding her 2nd place ribbons, her overall third place is a white ribbon.
We see the Potash family (Jing and Brian) periodically at golfing events. Their son, Bobby will be competing for the first time next year. Maggie and AA:

1Camryn Lux194550114
2Maggie Potash342641101
3Alyzabeth Morgan21363087
From the PGA/DCP Web site:
Expanding to 268 total sites, local qualifying will begin Saturday, May 6 at TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla. The breakdown and schedule of the 2018 Drive, Chip and Putt Championship qualifying is as follows:
Local (May/June/July/August):268 host sites throughout all 50 states
3 juniors advance in each age/gender category from every venue
Subregional (July/August):53 host sites throughout 33 states
2 juniors advance in each age/gender category from every venue
Regional (September/October):10 host sites in 10 regions
1 junior advances in each age/gender category from every venue
National Finals (April 1, 2018):80 total participants at Augusta National Golf Club
We stopped at Big Wood BBQ restaurant just south of I-10 in Live Oak. Pretty good food, filled us up! Once back in Jacksonville, I went to Carolyn's to pick up Ginger; after her mad energy subsided, she relaxed before we got in the car!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Tuesday, June 20th - Thursday the 22nd

Tuesday, AA was invited to play nine holes with High School Senior (graduated) Lauren. Love when she has the time to share! Then, AA had an Eagle Harbor PGA Jr. Team match against Timuquana (home match). Some rain again today and sprinkles (and mosquitoes) during the match. We are very damp and dreary most days now, not getting any drier. 
AA's match-mates, sisters, Angelica and Isabella Mendez:

EH won 11 flags to Timuquana's one. AA won her two flags (the six holes she played in).
We continue having dog training twice a week and now our trainer will be watching Ginger while we are on vacation. We are happy about this as Ginger will get lots of time with Monica, more training and exercise while we are gone. Hopefully a few bad habits will be gone too!
I had the monthly WPOA Board meeting at 6:00 p.m. So much stuff going on for a small neighborhood.
Wednesday: Ford had two Doctor's appointments, one for his hand/trigger finger, the other with his cardiologist to adjust his blood pressure medicine; all is good and no adjustment. We went to the library and then to the River House to listen to Shane Myers (Liam's dad). I made a new casserole  with chicken, rice and frozen vegetables; actually came out pretty good tasting.
Made a flour and butter roux, then slowly added in chicken broth and milk. Then added cooked chicken (and I roasted diced onion and garlic):
I made a little more of each ingredients as our dish in 2.5 quarts (or is that liters!).
AA finished all 4th Grade Math problems on Khan Academy - next is to begin the 5th grade section!
Thursday was our only day without set plans (until the truck needed to go for repairs!) so invited two families to come swim and have lunch; thankfully the Williams kids could come. AA, Connor and Courtney:
A fun jump into the pool (above) then the resulting tidal wave!!
Courtney reading for a few minutes:
Using dive toys:
 Playing "Monkey in the Middle" with a Frisbee:
 Playing Marco Polo:
AA went to her EH PGA Jr. Team practice where she won the team's putting competition; while I took Ginger to Carolyn's home for the next two nights. Friday (tomorrow) we drive to Tallahassee for DCP. Just got a call from Carolyn - Ginger already fell into the pool while Carolyn was adding water to it with the garden hose. Ginger stepped on the hose and rolled into the pool!! Hope they have fun together!