Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Tuesday - Practice Round at Cimarrone

Ford and AA left school a little early to play a practice round with Ms. Penny at Cimarrone. They said the pace was slow, such a nice day, the course was crowded. Ms. Penny is always very positive, nice to play with her, no stress for AA. Occasionally, we try to get in a practice before the NFJG tournament, unfortunately, they made it only to Hole 10.

Video of her drive:

Monday, November 12, 2018

Happy Birthday to Ford!!

Happy #67 to Hubby!! It was a quiet day, didn't plan anything as Ford didn't want to celebrate". AA and I gave him many little gifts, mostly useful items he has needed, from slippers, to fishing poles, Armor-all vinyl cleaner, to sun-visor, razors, grill cleaner, etc....... We lit a candle for him on three "bundtini's" we had frozen in the freezer (leftover from when we took a dozen to the River House). He had 119 happy birthday wishes on Facebook!!

Coach Bryan asked if AA could play nine holes (#EagleHarborGolf), Coach was going to play all nine too, practice for a tournament he was in the next day. Tyler was there so they headed out on the course while Mom Kerri joined us for some catching up on the patio. After the nine holes, they practiced putting with Brock M.:

Coach Bryan trying to make AA laugh (at our request):
We then headed to the River House for our usual date with the O'Connell's and K. McDonald. We enjoyed our time, viewing the river, but left a little early as this was our "Sunday"night for baths and getting ready for the week ahead.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Eagle Harbor PGA Jr. vs. Timuquana Match

EH Screaming Eagles won! On to the playoffs!
AA was paired with Brock Miller in the Timuquana PGA Screaming Eagles junior match. We chatted with Brock's Mom Amy and all tried to stay warm! What a windy, cloudy, damp day; even though it was 68 degrees, the wind chill, almost rainy weather, along the wild river, we about froze!
I didn't take many photos, quite dark by the end of the match.
On the putting green, introducing each match and opponents:

Listening to the particular rules of play for this course:
AA and Brock, walking, pushing your cart:
I had a great view of AA with a nice smile on her face, and once she saw me with the camera, bye-bye smile!
Coach Bryan and Tyler M. joined our group on our last hole (Hole #1 - we began on Hole #2):
Last hole: AA and Brock won 6.5 to 2.5 points. Each hole counted as one point.
Score board:
Coach Bryan chatted after the match, trying to schedule extra practice time:
Playoffs begin soon!

First Week of November - Fall Back!

Another week has FLOWN by, with AA continuing her school work, golfing, after school clubs and the weather has finally cooled. Our area has been very dry during September and October with only two rain events, so the change has brought some showers so far in November.
Monday, we cooked hotdogs at the River House, always fun, some set-up but we enjoy that as our dinner, our small group of friends always bring a side dish of potato salad and BBQ beans. Wednesday, AA played nine holes at EH with Ms. Penny.
Thursday she missed robotics club and her math tutor as she went to her annual eye appointment. A good report with no change in her prescription, so the eye surgery she had almost three years ago was worth it, her eyes are stable, no changes!
Friday was to be glow golf (fun evening golf tournament) at Eagle Harbor, but was postponed due to not enough signing up. Saturday was AA attending a practice round at Paterson Elementary for Clay County robotic teams.

Helping Mrs. Rauth pick up and pack:
After that, AA and I went to the Clay Animal Shelter (Highway 16) to drop off the donated 304 pounds of dog food and dog treats. Thank you to so many families who donated money (we purchased Pup-peroni treats), families that came to AA's birthday pool party, the River House family gathering, many River House members and neighbors all contributed to the 300 pounds. Cousin Chris Clarke sent money and Terri/George ordered the pup-peroni treats and had shipped from Amazon! This was the first Saturday we could get there within its open hours. The acting director was there (with his daughter) and helped unload the car. He took a photo and asked if we minded him putting it on Facebook, public, we thought that was okay. Little did we know this morning, AA was on the local news! Photo from the Facebook page:
Photo Coach Bryan sent us from his TV Sunday morning, we had no idea the shelter sent it in as news from Clay County!:
We finished the afternoon by shopping for Ford's birthday, relaxing at our happy hour at the River House (made Katie's corn dip) and then home!

Sunday, November 04, 2018

NFJG Slammer and Squire Girls 13 - 18

Alyzabeth played well in this week's NFJG Slammer and Squire tournament, second half of the World Golf Village Challenge. At 5711 yards, it was fairly long for AA (Florida Girls High School play 5000 yards in comparison). This was the second two-day tournament; last week was at the King and Bear. She scored an 82-83. Not too bad! First place was 163, 2nd place 164 and AA was 3rd at 165.
I did not attend so no photos of the girls with AA. I did go for the awards ceremony and ate lunch with AA, Ford and Penny.

The two weekend tournaments combined, AA missed getting the free entry into the Palatka Junior Tournament by one stroke.
Penny talking with Kevin Glynn:
Director Jack's Newsletter:
Day 1:  In the Girls Division Annabelle Mozingo would be the first round leader with a score of 81. Mozingo would have a trio of birdies with a total of four on the day. Right behind Mozingo, one back would be Alyzabeth Morgan at 82.
Day 2: The Elite Tour Girls would be next up off the tee and it was anyone’s championship to claim. First round leader, (by one stroke) Annabelle Mozingo would play some pretty steady golf early to separate herself from the field, but would squander some strokes away on her inward half allowing the field to catch the lead. Both Beatrice Dietz and Alyzabeth Morgan just needed one or two closing pars on the relentless finishing holes to tie for the lead, but the tough 18th hole would be the deciding factor and Mozingo would hang on to nipped the challenges by a stroke or two respectively. Firing a one over par 37 on her closing nine Dietz would outshine Morgan by one stroke for the Runner-up Award. Apryl Parker would best her opening round of 90 by eight strokes and that would turn out to be a good payday as she would claim the title in the World Golf Village Challenge with scores of 82-82 to beat Morgan by a single shot. Parker also received a fully paid exemption into the Palatka – Junior Azalea. Next up is the “Cimarrone Open” on November 18th with a double tee start beginning at 11:00 pm.  

Saturday, November 03, 2018

Missing Family Events - Photos to Remember

This past week, Livi was in a school play called one hundred dresses on Thursday 11/01/18; Kilee went to her first homecoming dance in 9th grade on Saturday and Leaa and Jesse celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary at a neighborhood party also on Saturday evening.
AA had a two-day WEB.com golf tournament at the Slammer and Squire so we didn't travel to any evening functions. She had to leave the house at 7:30 a.m. on Saturday and 5:30 a.m. on Sunday! Because of that, she was able to attend a local school-mate's birthday party, Ian Bailey Saturday after her game (no photos taken - the kids played at his house, watched a movie).
Livi in her play (photos by Leaa):

Neighborhood/Family 15th Anniversary Party:
Livi baked a cake for her parents:
Kilee's Homecoming photos (by Kelly):
And a photo from Leaa's 20th High School reunion with Talisha:
A fun week for the family!

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween! Last OPE Costume Book Parade

This was AA's last year at elementary school so many "last times" coming this year. The school holds a book character parade on Halloween day then has early dismissal. AA was a gray wolf and even though she liked the costume, once a few kids asked her what she was, some said she looked more like a horse or aardvark! Need to add a sign to her costume in the future even though she was carrying a book that clearly showed the wolf (below: standing by one of the Collins' twins, he was dressed as Harry Potter I think).

These are in reverse order: the band reaching the final spot, the outdoor Eagle stage:
I did not attend, instead went to work. You can see the Edilyn/Garrett family to the right with 7th grader Courtney:
Next two photos are of the OPHS drum group, every year they lead the parade, a nice tradition.
After school, Noah Witt came home with AA. Ford took them to lunch at Talons, then onto the golf range to see how Noah liked hitting a few golf balls (driving range, then putting). They had ice cream, shopped at the Dollar Store to buy glow sticks and played video games at home.
AA went trick-or-treating with Connor Williams and family in the Orange Park Country Club neighborhood. They scored with really good candy, 90% was a chocolate type! Yum!
We went to the River House for a drink with our usual group. Very quiet for us as the Williams drove AA home about 9:00 p.m. School and work the next day!

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Halloween DIY Wolf Hoodie Costume - 6th Grade

I found this easy and quite good costume for AA and she actually liked it. She reads many books with animal characters and one has a wolf theme. She also selected the book White Fang (classic, 1905).
After we agreed to make the costume, I found out it was a pay/membership site, so coughed up the $9.99 to Lia Griffith to get the pattern. Plus the $10 hoodie from Walmart and a few felt squares. It was easy to make, so all good!
Photo from Lia's web site:

AA wanted green eyes:
All done! She just arrived home from her King and Bear golf tournament, I tried to take pictures outside, not so good, so went inside:
Inside the house to take a better photo, hiding her face:
She's tired!!
She will wear all gray clothes with the hoodie, so she is ready for the OPE storybook character school parade on the 31st. Last one as next year Junior High School doesn't do these cute things nor have as many early dismissal days! She's growing up!

NFJG King and Bear Two-Day Tournament

AA is playing in the Girls 13 - 18 age group. Sometimes there is enough girls to break into two groups, the "rising" and the elite". So far, these first two tournaments, they have been combined.
Day one, AA had a few mishaps including hitting some tree branches and not being able to find her ball! So that's two strokes and she double bogeyed the first hole! Overall, a good score for the 18 holes.
This tournament had an extra reward - a $500 scholarship - Description of Scholarship Challenge:
"This year’s event also has added value, as our players will vie for two future scholarship opportunities.  All boys and girls ages 13-18 will be giving a shot at a $500 NFJG TOUR Web.com Top Honor scholarship. One scholarship will be presented at the King and Bear Open and the other will be presented at the Hall of Fame Invitational. Specific details will be provided at registration and on the first tee. Good Luck!"

From Facebook: Guess what? AA qualified by being closest to the selected pin (five closest went onto the 18th Hole for a shootout). She won the shoot out! "She did it! Under pressure, last one to hit!" (quoted by Lynne K).
So Exciting! This is her first college scholarship!! Thank you to NFJG!! The participants giving AA some high fives!!

Scholarship winner - Group photo with NFJG Staff:
Winner of Rising Girls - she ended up being the only one! :)
 Overall, AA came in last of five girls (age 17, 16, 15, 14 and AA at 12). Her last two holes on Sunday put her behind! Considering she birdied the last hole on round one, very surprising what happened on Sunday. Oh well, it happens.
Her score Saturday:
Scores for Today's Round (view full scorecard): 

    Eagle      Birdie      Bogey      Dbl Bogey
Her Sunday score, the back nine was not as good:
Scores for Today's Round (view full scorecard): 

    Eagle      Birdie      Bogey      Dbl Bogey
She did receive a trophy for the Rising Girls group - she was the only one as three dropped out!!
Director Jack's Newsletter:
With preparations for High School State Championships the Girls would have a small field this week, but none the less the battle of seven would advance smartly.  Yulee’s Anika Richards would be the first round leader with a score of 80 and right behind her was sister Katelin Richards who managed a score of 84. Jacksonville’s Thanya Arusa would have a tough day during round one with a score of 88, but in round two would be the one applying the pressure early with birdies and steady play, while round one leader Anika Richards was stumbling, sister Katelin was also making a move. Three birdies on her back nine would prove to be the difference to capture the title with a nice finishing round of 76. Although a gallant charge by Arusa, Anika Richards would hang on to claim rights to the Runner-up Award. Scholarship recipient Alyzabeth Morgan would be crowned the Rising Tour Girls Champion.
Next up is the Slammer and Squire!

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Week of October 22 - 26th

AA continues to do well in school, more A's on her tests. She still has Robotics (Eaglebots), Math Club, Math tutor (Mr. Story), Golf lessons plus nightly homework. Ford continues to make many homemade dinners, a fresh tomato/pasta/bacon dish and his famous winner, winner salmon dinner this week.
Friday, friend Owen Kinder invited many OPE classmates over to play Monopoly and have some general fun running around!
From Mom Jana on Facebook: "So what do you do on the school’s skate night when you don’t really skate? Invite your buddies over for Zelda Monopoly, pool noodle fights, and indoor hide and seek."

While AA was at the Kinder's home, we headed to Whitey's Fish Camp for dinner and a drink, love the water view, and even with the cold front blowing in, we managed to sit outside! Fried fish and shrimp, yummy!
Saturday, AA played in the King and Bear two-day tournament and we went to the River House to watch the end of the Florida-Georgia college football game. Florida lost! I made a new recipe of White Chicken Chili, which was pretty good. Some preparations then into the slow cooker!
Another wonderful week (well, I didn't mention Ford banging his arm and bleeding - hate that he is on the blood pressure medicine; also I went to the doctor as I broke out into red spots all over! No idea what it was, so am on an antibiotic!)!