Saturday, February 01, 2020

OPJH Gladiators Robotic team League Championship! 3rd Place Overall!

Yesterday, #OPJH Gladiator #RoboticsTeam competed in the County Robotics League Championship, finishing 3rd overall and 2nd Place in the Alliance Round. #OPJHGladiators won the Promotion Video Challenge and Inspire Award, which earned them a spot at the State Competition. Fun group of kids, hard working! #TheWildcatWay #kidscoding #STEM

Sponsors including the Morgan family!
AA and Angel:
Ben and Justin:
Owen was "volunteered" to do the Macarena on stage:
Everyone doing the Macarena:
Gladiator Robot, some malfunctioning today, I think the communications cable, plus lots of lights!
At the end, awards:
Coach Hair:
Inspire and promote video awards plus 2nd place in the Alliance round.
Serious pose!
Fun team, great group of kids!

OPJH Robotics League Championship

The final competition was Saturday, 02/01/20 at OPJH. The format is like what they will encounter if they make it to "States".
Here's the information we received from her Coach, Glenn Hair:
From: "Hair, Glenn", Date: January 26, 2020 at 2:23:41 PM
Good afternoon parents!
I would like to take a few minutes to catch everyone up as to the status of the team as well as provide some insight as to what the next few weeks could look like.
To start, the team has been very busy and very productive.  After the last event, it was clear that they had settled on a robust and capable robot design.  However, some big changes have occurred since the last event as well.  Coding continues to progress, and the team will be fielding a more capable autonomous routine for the championships.  New, faster motors were added to the lifting mechanism to decrease cycle times stacking blocks.  A few additional structural components were also added to aid in this as well.  The robot should also be sporting some sponsors, custom wheels, and a big upgrade to lighting.  In short, you won’t be able to miss the Gladiators robot on the field!
Our branding team have busy pressing out buttons that they have created as well as putting the finishing touches on a full wiring schematic of the robot.  They have also been working on a scouting routine to allow for easier alliance selections.   Members of the assembly team have been working very hard on a full 3D rendering of their robot in Autodesk Inventor.  Most importantly, the notebook sub team are in the final edits of the team’s Engineering Notebook.  Be sure to ask your child if they have read it yet!
All of this is in preparation for next weekend’s League Championships.  So, I wanted to provide an outline of what the team is going to be doing leading up to Saturday and what things could look like if they advance to State competition.  I also wanted to provide you, as the parent, some things that you can do to help the team.   First, we will be meeting every morning this week.  The team needs the time and the practice.  We will set up for Saturday’s event on Friday afternoon.  I will be calling the team out of their 6th period class to assist with the setup.  We need to erect 3 full fields and our pit.  This event utilizes the cafeteria and the media center so there is a great deal of work to do.   I am planning on the team staying after school for a bit on Friday as well.  I would like to plan for a 6pm pickup, but it could be earlier if everything is done.  The goal is to be fully setup for the event before we leave.  I can have students call or text if it looks like we will finish early.
On Saturday, I would like the team there at 7:00 am.  They will have a big day in front of them, so please make sure they get plenty of rest Friday night and eat a hearty breakfast on Saturday morning.  On Saturday the team will have their interview and robot inspection.  The inspection they have done before so it should not be too ruffling, but the interview will be new to most of the team.  For the past few months I have been encouraging all team members to research the FTC interview process and to learn their robot – regardless of sub team.  The team will have 5 minutes to present themselves and their robot and then will be opened to questions from the judges.  Most of the awards in FTC are centered around this interview.   It is imperative that all students are prepared to speak, both inside and outside of the interview room.  Even after the interview judges could approach students and pose robotics and team related questions.  I have informed the team that they will be under scrutiny by the judges from the time they walk in that morning until after the awards ceremony.   This same mindset will hold true if the team advances to the Florida State Championship.
About the State competition, it is scheduled for February 28th and 29th at the Prime Osborn Convention center.
Competition over! A separate post has photos that Ford took. Now that we know the OPJH team is going to States for their Inspire Award, we will see what the schedule is as it does not involve the robot competition.

Last Week of January 2020

Monday morning, I sneaked a photo of AA and her Daddy leaving for Robotics team practice (every day before school). Everyone still grinning from AA's 73 LOW SCORE yesterday!! 

Meatless Monday and getting ready for work tomorrow.
Ford and I went to Home Depot and made an appointment for a free design on 02/03/20 at 9:30 for our "home office" wall in our living room. Also bought the Beatles print we have coveted for over a month! Delivery is scheduled for 02/05/20.
Tuesday: Donna cleaned our home and Ford made slow cooker pot roast. Golf lesson was very short due to weather and her coughing.
AA coughing, she has been coughing for a week, may need to see her doctor, but every time we have done this in the past (usually in the Fall), she just has post-nasal drip and needs allergy and cold medicine for a while. I called my Mom to tell her I was flying to Maine on Feb. 7th, her birthday, we will finally get new phones while in Maine.
Thursday: I did not sleep over at Carolyn's as her roomie Sabrina is sick with the flu! Ford made our favorite spaghetti and meatball dinner. And bought AA a giant cookie with 73 on it to celebrate her low score ever!
Friday: Work week over! Salmon dinner for AA, celebrate with her favorite dinner (she placed 2nd last week, but great score!). AA still coughing so has been missing her Boost exercise class, and has been practicing putting inside, another cold and windy week.
Saturday: OPJH Robotics final competition! Ford made chili for tomorrow's Super Bowl game and we ran a few errands. Another cold and damp day!

Sunday, January 26, 2020

NFJG Eagle Harbor Tournament - Elite Girls 13 - 18

The Harbor Challenge, being played in our "back yard" included 11 Elite Girls and 21 Rising Girls. AA was paired with Isabel Matos at 11:21. The weather was moderate for winter, supposed to be cloudy but turned sunny! Coach Bryan and Ms. Penny came out to watch the EH players.
From Facebook: Yesterday, Alyzabeth competed in another #NFJG Tournament, Elite Girls (13 - 18) and placed second with her BEST score ever - 73! One over Par. #AlyzabethMorganGolf #girlsgolf #juniorgolf #BestScoreEver Excellent round! Thank you to the NFJG staff, caught Lynne and Kevin together and Director Jack talking golf with the younger boys - they were mesmerized by Jack! Congratulations to many Fleming Island winners and to their Coach Bryan M. Kipnis #EagleHarborGolf #ScreamingEagles. Overall tournament scores: E. Kondal placed first, EH's Tyler Mawhinney, 2nd and EH's AA tied for 3rd place entire tournament overall score!
Last hole: Ford taking a photo:

Walking back to Clubhouse:
Scoreboard, waiting on two tees times to finish.
Scoring Table:
AA's hard work is paying off, from extra practicing to exercising at Boost classes, and brainy too - All A's the first two quarters of 7th grade! Kevin Glynn, PGA Professional making the awards:
The winners: Matos (3rd) Morgan (2nd) Kondal FIRST place:
Outside at Eagle Harbor:
Lynne Kirkpatrick and Kevin Glynn, both rules officials:
Computer Scores:

Director Jack talking to the younger boys: 
From Director Jack's Newsletter/highlights: Kondal would take the Gold Medal this week, but Fleming Islands Alyzabeth Morgan is also making her move to the top of the Girls rankings. Morgan would once again play some very special golf taking the Silver Medal for her fine performance with a one over par 73.  Four birdies on the day would keep her four strokes ahead of senior Isabel Matos who shot a nice pair of 7’s (77) earning her the Bronze Medal. 

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Week of January 20th - 26th

My last post ended with the MLK Jr. Holiday Monday.
Tuesday: AA has much homework and tests this week. She scored a 105 on her Spanish test and continues to get 90's in her other classes ( a 91 this week in 9th Grade Algebra). She is amazing! With golf and robotics, she has very little time for fun.
Wednesday, we were to meet Hugh, Maureen, Kathy and Penny at the Holiday Inn for drinks and dinner, but I was miserable all day with what I thought was a cold, so we didn't go. By Thursday morning I felt fine with no cold symptoms. I was surprised, I guess a shot of NyQuil killed the germs!
Thursday, Ford and AA made it to Boost while I had my monthly haircut and color with Steve.
Friday: I did not work (worked Mon-Thurs this week), with Ginger at the groomers and the truck in the shop at Suburban, Ford and I headed to Metro Diner for lunch using our discount card we earned when buying gift cards for Christmas gifts. After getting the car washed, picking up Ginger and the truck, time to get AA from school. She changed at home, ate half a sandwich and headed to the golf course. After trying to unpack another box in the garage, I joined Ford at the Talon's deck and enjoyed a glass of wine while AA was with Coach Bryan. 

Back at home, preparing dinner of tacos while AA was on her hover board.
And BRAG alert - AA earned all A's the first two grading periods at OPJH - so proud of her hard work!
Friday: Homemade tacos for dinner, with black beans and lime jasmine rice.
Saturday: AA played 18 holes at Eagle Harbor as a practice round for Sunday's Elite Girls NFJG Tournament with Tyler Mawhinney and Luke Balaskiewicz. After Tyler left for his basketball game, they were joined by several people including these guys, Calvin and Alphonso:
Then off to the River House with my deviled eggs for our appetizer. It was an off Saturday with everyone busy (Erin in town, Penny at US Kids Golf)) so we enjoyed a quiet visit with Trish. And I did make homemade dumplings for won-ton soup. Getting my Chinese cooking on!
Cooking the dumplings and preparing the soup broth.
Ginger and I walked several times today, went to the Vet to have her ears checked (now have instructions on removing hair from her ears and ear drops for the next two weeks), went to Moccasin Park for a walk and twice near our neighborhood.
Tomorrow, Sunday, another great NFJG Tournament coming up!

Monday, January 20, 2020

Another Week of January 2020 - Thru the 20th

Still can't believe it is 2020! Another week flew by! Monday the 13th, I can't remember what we did; we did make it to Boost that evening. I need to take a picture of our "white board" before wiping it clean for the next week. Can't remember what we did without the schedule on the white board!
Thursday, the 16th, I slept over at Carolyn's home, we ate take out Thai food and enjoyed a glass of wine called Middle Sister, given to her by her older sister Kathy. A good visit as usual!

Ford received an email from his cousin from Alaska and this family photo.
Occasionally I take photos of Ginger, this time relaxing on the screen back porch, weather was nice, not like the freezing weather coming next week!
I tried taking a few family photos since we didn't at Christmas time. Here's the best we did:
I cropped this one, not too bad.
Outside, it was too dark, early evening:
And just to thank my Mom again for the gift of a lifetime membership to the Mayflower society. I paid my annual dues for 30 years! Thanks Mom!
Sunday, the 19th, Alyzabeth and I went to see Little Women at the Fleming Island Theater. It was a good movie, jumped around starting with the later years in the book then back to the earlier years. At times, I had to look at what they were wearing to determine what age the sisters were. A bit confusing but by the middle of the movie, I was used to it. It is not in chronological order.
I took this photo at the movie's very beginning, youngest sister Amy grown up with Aunt (Meryl Streep). The movie began near the end of the book.
January 20th MLK Day - AA didn't have school, so while I worked, she and Ford played golf with Ms. Penny, then they checked out the seasoned french fries at Talon's. Always good as long as they don't run out!
Chinese (Lunar) New Year begins next week, so I put out a few items to get ready.