Wednesday, August 16, 2017

NFJG End of Season Banquet! 081617

From Facebook Post: #NFJG 2016-2017 Season has ended with a Foundation Girls PLAYER of the YEAR Award! AA earned it playing in many tournaments from the red tees, against girls age 13 and under (plus a few boys too). She won the Fall, Spring and Summer Season Awards, the POY Award and the newly created Jack Nicklaus Award (for Foundation Girls). So proud darling child of ours! Good job young daughter! You work daily at playing the game and you have no idea where it will take you but you are who you are, a wonderful child - "because you play the game of golf"! Love you and congratulations! Thank you to Jack and the NFJG Staff, plus our cheering squad tonight, daughter Leaa Morgan Cruce, son Justin, our Eagle Harbor friends and Coach Kathy Grant Nyman! #AlyzabethMorganGolf
Bill Hughes began the program with a moving talk about "because you play the game of golf". Many examples of how golf demands honesty, character, respect, etc. 

Lynne Kirkpatrick (NFJG Staff, Tee It Up Coordinator, proponent of growing the game).
All trophy recipients:
Players Course Clubhouse:

Foundation Boys with last tournament championship trophy or POY trophy:
Glad we invited Justin and Leaa; wasn't able to visit much once the program began:
Foundation Girls Player of the Year:

Director Jack Aschenbach:
NFJG Staff with speaker Emily Tillo. Emily congratulated and spoke to AA, her speech was very telling about how to get from learning the game to a college team (Boston). She said many times that "the club is in my hand" and "there is always the next shot".
Leaving the Sawgrass Players Clubhouse (TPC) with Coach Kathy; Kathy met up with many old friends and met a few new ones, she knew the speaker Emily back when she was involved with NFJG.
Before the banquet, in the bar, we met Ken Branholm (FL/GA Windows/NFJG Sponsor) and his niece Heather visiting from Alaska! Also, loved the door prizes, AA opened her envelop (randomly selected by her) to find three prizes - a dozen golf balls that she actually uses plus a $150 wedge club, and a Titlist Hat! Great prizes!
Jack Nicklaus Award - First year awarding:
Trophy from the August 1st Tournament:
AA and I exchanged writings during the banquet. Words like "Goals", I love you, and I'm hungry!! 
Next year will be very different as NFJG is combining the Foundation Boys and Girls together. Hopefully if more girls join, they will create an intermediate group for 12 - 14 year olds, as right now there is only the Foundation 9-Holes (red tees) or 18-Holes (white tees). Something in between like 18-Holes from red/green tees would be good. Thank you to NFJG!
The following week, Kathy Nyman posted her version of "... because I play golf..". 
Kathy wrote: "Because I Play Golf...... 
I strive to do better (always) 
I became an entrepreneur 
I have a great career in golf 
I follow the rules 
I did not say yes to the wrong people 
I found my husband who loves golf too 
I got a college education 
I am surrounded by good people 
I have an excuse to visit really awesome places to play golf 
I have patience 
I am always working on controlling my emotions 
I learned I can bounce back from bad breaks 
I am creative 
I know my learning style 
I know how to concentrate 
I know how to take aim and seek my target 
I learned to never quit before the miracle happens..... Thank you to Bill Hughes for an awesomely inspiring talk at the NFJG Awards Banquet at TPC last Wednesday. You lift people up in an amazing way."

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

First Day of Fifth Grade! OPE School

AA is now officially in 5th grade with teacher Mrs. White. Here's to another year of learning and making friends, preparing for the future and being more responsible. She's growing up!
It was still dawn this morning, a bit dark outside:

I tried to lighten up these photos, the sun was shining, but near the school fence is many oak trees so a bit shady. She was pointing at her Daddy trying to take some pictures with the iPad....
Walking in to her portable, straight ahead, then to the left.
Inside her classroom, we were a little early but so were many families. She is sitting at a group with Owen, CJ and Otis. Connor is in her class too! They have periods where they change to either Mrs. Ruath's (ES), Mrs. Geeser, Mrs. Youngblood or Mrs. White (AA's homeroom). 
Fifth Grade Roster:
Meet the teacher on Monday (the 14th), Mrs. White (Jane is not in her class):
Owen and Jane:
Hope her first day goes well!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

"Back to School" Haircut! Weekend Stuff!

Friday was AA's back to school hair cut appointment. She needed her hair trimmed and Ford was due for a cut too. Before:

Master stylist, Steve Hayes:
I made a collage in PowerPoint:
Friday evening, I took AA and friend Jane W. to the Wonder Woman movie; I had thought it was gone from the theaters but not true. We gave it a 9 out of 10. Very good characters, plot and action packed! Loud music! We enjoyed seeing the actor Professor Lupin (Harry Potter) play the terrible God of War! We enjoyed it!
Saturday and Sunday were quiet. Saturday was grocery shopping and dinner with Cathy and Werner at Woodpecker Backyard BBQ (4930 FL-16A, St. Augustine, FL 32092 St. Johns). We caught up on family news and hope to see them when they return from Missouri.
The River Bend Golf Course has a new special where youth may play for free (with an adult) after 1:00 p.m. on weekends so Ford took her there on Sunday after church. It has been a long time since they have played there. And it has MANY memories of her lessons there with the late GREAT Coach Doug Cody. As usual, the course was not in good shape but will be a good way for Ford to play nine holes too.
We jumped in the pool but the afternoon thunderstorm drove us back home. Ford is baking salmon for dinner, another weekend coming to a close.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

08-12-2008 Referral Day

We remember this day with so much expectation, excitement and love!Another year to celebrate our youngest child.
From Facebook9-Year Referral-Anniversary! We are so amazed as a year is finished and a new one begins. We have been blessed with this child. Every year, we celebrate our August-September 2008 family history...on 08/08/2008, we knew CCAI had received the referral packets from China on Friday (opening day of the 2008 China hosted summer Olympics); then having to wait until Monday for the translation, then deciding to go in person rather than taking the information over the phone. Finally, a three year wait, which seemed like forever back then was over. It was such a special day, on August 12th, driving to CCAI Orlando (getting a flat tire on the way, more excitement than we needed!!), seeing Nan Min Hua's picture, handed to us by Kat LaMons, celebrating with tears of joy; the long wait was OVER! Then the family party hosted by DD Leaa and Jesse, everyone celebrating with us; Leaa and Jesse's special song sung to us - I Will by Paul McCartney. So many memories in one day! Then 30 days later (09/11/2008) we were in China, and Forever Family Day on 09/16/08! AA is now almost 11 years old (we celebrated her second birthday while in China). Now she is beginning fifth grade this coming week! Our family adventure continues....

Dawn Minney happy referral day. those were such fun times following blogs and getting so excited as we shared in each others most precious times. AA's little so sweet. Ford Alyson Cobb Morgan We were addicted to China adoption blogs too! We are forever bonded with our bloggy friends!
Georgia Stanaitis Foerstner Ford Alyson Cobb Morgan me too. For a year and a half I looked at that blog about 20 times per day, hoping the wait time would start to decrease. Instead it kept getting longer until one day, time swung back around and it was referral day. As with everything in life, fate decided the right time and matched us with our soul mates.
Kathy Fitzgerald Eason What wonderful memories. Happy Referral Day
David Cürewitz Congratulations then and now!
Pam Davis I remember seeing that sweet little face in that picture like it was yesterday💕. Remember watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics together, having take out Chinese food and celebrating the wonderful news with y'all that your wait would soon be o...See More
Ford Alyson Cobb Morgan Good memories! Let's meet up for some good GCS Chinese/Asian food!
Brian-Melinda Decker Such wonderful memories❤️
Trish Diggins Awwwwwwww seems like yesterday
Susan Reitano Rizzo I'll never forget this picture. So adorable. Such sweet 👀. Happy Times for sure.
Christina Nuzzo I remember that photo stopped me in my tracks 9 years ago and I followed every minute of your journey to AA! ❤️❤️❤️
Patti Caton Happy Referral day❤️❤️❤️! Love you all!
Joan Romano I always remember your picture. Her eyes....
Daleea Barrett How happy! I remember that pic. She takes my breath away. 💕
Danny Foye I'm adopted and had great parents. AA and you are blessed.
Fliss Patrick LaRosa I remember this photo - it was like yesterday and agree with Dawn about the blogs lol they were the fun times running to check out people's referrals
Mia Abner Morge Happy referral day!  ❤️
Rhett Morgan Congrats to you and yours.
Kat LaMons I still remember that precious picture! SO honored to have played a small role in such a joyful day!
Diane Kline Reddick Such wonderful memories!! Beautiful, talented girl😊
Sharon Register So happy for all of you!
Leisa Ashline Your a sweet family 💖
Kim Hat I remember! Such a lovely child and still growing up lovely
Doris Gutenkunst Happy Referral Day!
Kathy Crisman I remember the day and I remember how adorable I thought she was when you posted her picture. It's going by way too fast.
Kris Jackson Will never forget seeing those amazing eyes and that beautiful face. Happy Anniversary!
Amy Lehman Roenfanz Celebrating never gets old! Enjoy all the blessings! Ford Alyson Cobb Morgan Yes, we are all blessed; you are part of our forever story too!
Debby Colman Martinko I remember this picture and that time! ❤️
Laurie McDonald She had one of the most lovely referral photos I have EVER seen. <3 p="">Laureen Delaney-Burke I remember being in awe at how stunningly beautiful she was (and, of course, still is.)
Dawn Evans-Phillippi Congratulations!! 👧🏻❤️🎊
Linda Weaver She was beautiful then and more beautiful today.A blessing for all concerned.
Rose Feeney Panaccione Such a precious little face! ❤️🌹
Patty Johnson Everyone needs someone and it was God's plan that HE gave her to You! What a beautiful family!
Liz Foster Love hearing and seeing this adorable girl come into your family! (We were in China on tour at the same time you went to bring her home. The para olympics were just finishing.)
Janet Marcil Boucher I remember this photo and your referral news! Beautiful girl and family! Happy referral anniversary!
Carol Walsh You make a lovely family:)

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Grammie's Cedar Chest

Grammie's cedar chest is now in Florida in AA's bedroom. Since we drove to Maine, we were able to bring back something big, a nice family piece that my Mom said AA could have. I had told her that we were looking for something to put at the foot of AA's bed.
It looks good and will be functional as well. Ginger settled by the air conditioning vent while I took the picture of the chest.

Ginger in her relaxed mode!
Sweet Ginger is a year and one month old (13 months)!

Thursday, August 03, 2017

Family Fun with Cruce's and the Bad News

Wednesday, 08/02/17, we were awakened by our your neighbors as most vehicles that were parked in driveway or at the pool parking lot, were broken into. And, AA started her period while we were finally getting dressed and ready to head to Leaa's for some beach and boat time. So off to the drug store first!
The thugs didn't take much from our vehicles, not much except some bills and our very expensive prescription sunglasses (Ford's Nike's and AA's Ray Bans). That was a loss! Truck and car damage:

Only riffled through the
We arrived later than planned and with the cloudy weather, we visited at their home, so no beach for Melissa! Visit at Leaa and Jesse's:
With Alivia (going into 6th Grade), AA and Dylan.
Mel's Grand-Niece Dylan:
Very impromptu, we stopped at the Gas Station restaurant, as we were driving downtown St. Augustine to show Melissa the town on our way home. Decided to let her experience a fun, neat restaurant that Leaa introduced us to.
Great food including the Fried Green Tomatoes!
Blasting home to let out puppy, had to make a quick back-to-school shoe shopping stop. Scored two pair of Nike's. AA never thought she would like butterflies!