Friday, July 25, 2014

"Is She Having Fun?"

When it comes to Alyzabeth playing golf it's a question often asked of us or "Does she enjoy playing?"
In the beginning I would beam and excitedly share AA's golfing achievements. I still do at times. However, that glow has begun to fade. Enough so that I am giving serious thought to closing the window into this part of our family life.

Let's cut to the chase. What is really being asked is if Alyzabeth plays because she wants to or plays because we make her. Does she enjoy playing or have we decided she's going to play regardless. We've met "those parents" whose behavior raise the question and we know some lump my wife and I into that group as well. The parent pushing the kid. The parent living out their life through their kid. 

Today we have friends whose children play and compete musically. Drums, Piano, Violin, Dance, Voice, etc. We have friends whose children play and compete in Soccer. T-Ball. Baseball. Football. Basketball. Karate. Gymnastics. Swimming. Cheer-leading. etc. We have friends whose children are learning to speak and write Chinese. All of these parents shuttle the kids to Practices. Recitals. Games. Performances. Are the kids having fun? Do they enjoy it? If the kid says yes - are you going to believe them or in your mind is it really just all about the parent?

When golf began for Alyzabeth, her coach stressed the importance of keeping the game fun (she was four years old and that seemed appropriate for that age and attention span). Not a  lesson went by but what he talked about that. When golf began for Alyzabeth, her coach stressed the importance of practicing what she just learned. Not a single lesson went by but what we talked about that.
How long AA plays golf is anyone's guess. She is young. Burnout is always a risk as is her interest in something entirely new and different.
Maybe she will take up piano complete with the required practices and eager parents basking in the proud glory of recitals. I always wanted to play piano but... Will she have fun? Will she enjoy it?


Thursday, July 24, 2014

U.S. Kids - Magnolia Point Golf - Sunday 07/20/14

We were back in Jacksonville on Sunday, 07/20/14 at Magnolia Point (Green Cove Springs).
Another hot summer day and we were drinking water and Gatorade to keep hydrated. We had two rain delays and was able to finish the nine-hole round. The round had the sun, wind, clouds and rain, thunder and lightening; stops and starts. AA was behind by two strokes at one point, but rallied to win by one stroke. Little Hannah gets better each time. The course is in Green Cove Springs, beautiful and close by, so a very short drive for us!
Monday, we are off to another NFJG Tournament, then we will have a short break until the U.S. Kids Worlds.
Hannah and her Caddie Grand-Daddy:

Approaching the ninth hole:
At the scoring table, the cute "7 and under girls".
Award time, they all listen with Director Matt speaks (especially his little daughter Hannah):
The six and under boys:
We enjoy the U. S. Kids Tournaments; this summer playing two local tours plus the NFJG is a bit of a stretch and tiring for one seven year old!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Orlando - U.S. Kids Tournament at Celebration Course

Another first place for AA! Enjoyed meeting this new family, they are a golfing family, Izzy has been playing since she was four.
Love the Celebration Course, but the greens were wild; very challenging as no level spots on seven of them!

Ninth Hole - The end!
Mr. Doug presenting the awards:
Last tournament is the Orlando Championship in three weeks!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Golfing, Golfing and More Golfing!

After arriving home from Maine, we drove to Orlando for two tournaments: Saturday's at Orange Tree (Private) and Sunday's was at Lake Buena Vista (a Disney Golf Course).
This is at Orange Tree Golf Course:

All Florida summer days are VERY HOT!
Sammy one by one stroke; AA awarded second place:
Sunday's U.S. Kids Orlando Tournament (07/13/14):
 First Place - Only Girl in the 7-Under Group:
AA with the 8 - 9 Year Old Girls Group:
The two-day (07/14/14) North Florida Junior Golf Tournament was held at the Slammer and Squire - World Golf Village. AA's drives were a little weak; we were all a bit tired!

AA enjoyed playing with the Foundation Boys on Monday, then the Girls on Tuesday. Being the only Foundation Girl, she was awarded the first place trophy!
Now off to a Saturday (07/19/14) Orlando Local U.S. Kids Tournament, a Jacksonville Sunday Tournament, then a one-day NFJG Tournament on Monday! Busy!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Maine Vacation - Part 3

We enjoyed fresh Maine strawberries - yummy shortcake!
The sunrise was always beautiful and earlier than in Florida.

I was taking a photo from my Mom's truck after leaving Auntie Jean's home, of some waterfalls (well, a dam), and caught my reflection.
Our next to the last dinner was with Andrew and Britney, Hilary, sister Mel and Mom!
More fun in the lake!
My Mom always plants annuals around the house (I think with Terri and Mel's help):
Last dinner was steak!
And a campfire with Aunti-M (and her famous S'mores)!
Have to wait until next summer to have this much fun at the lake!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Maine Vacation - Part 2

Many photos from our July 5th Family gathering! Good to see the Stephenson's, Kuhn's, Soule's, Lewis', Whyte's, Stone's and more!
Slashed by Jason Soule:

The dock pictures:
Chicago Twins in the lake:
What were we all watching?
The Whyte;s stopped in by boat:
More group photos:

 Fun with Aunti-M!

 Auntie Jean with Great-Grand-Daughter:
 At the Gray Wildlife Farm with Mom:

 A rainbow after a summer shower:
 Our favorite Country Store and Market:
Will need to do a Part 3!