Saturday, September 14, 2019

Saturday - Last Weekend of the St. Augustine Carousel!

We decided to make a quick trip to St. Augustine on Saturday, to ride the famous carousel (placed in the park in 1994) - J & S Carousel at Davenport Park. Ford was going to drive, but was feeling a bit off, so stayed at home.
From the website:
The J & S Carousel is a full-size antique carousel located in Davenport Park in St. Augustine. Kids love riding the painted horses (and one camel) as they go up and down while the carousel turns and the calliope music plays. Originally called the C.W. Parker Carousel and built in 1927, the carousel was later purchased by a Ringling Brothers circus performer for $25,000. The carousel then went from a barn in Mystique, Michigan, to a children's zoo in Fort Wayne, Indiana. In 1992, the carousel was restored by James Soules and Carl Theel, and it was brought to Davenport Park here in St. Augustine in 1994. Sunday (09/15/19) is the last day for people to ride the historic carousel in St. Augustine. The owner of the carousel died last week, and his wife plans to move the landmark to Florida's west coast to honor his wishes. Soules, 74, had planned to reopen it Sept. 6 but he died about 11:30 p.m. the night before, according to his wife, Peggy. Her husband had been sick for the last year-and-a-half, she said, but had faithfully attended to maintenance of the carousel just as he had for all the years before. Soules’ last wish was that his beloved carousel be returned to the couple’s hometown of Port Charlotte, on Florida’s Gulf Coast, where much of their family — and now, Peggy — lives.

We asked Owen to take the long ride over to the park, then, we did expect a long wait - it was one hour! The kids did play at the park for about 30 minutes, then waited in line with me until we finally were first in line.
All smiles when the paparazzi yells to pose!
Checking out each horses'tails:
Chatting during the ride.
Time to get off!
Lunch time! We were so lucky to get the last parking spot at the carousel park and then get a table at Burrito Works, on St. George Street. traffic was CROWDED!
Tacos and Owen had a chicken and rice burrito. Yum!
Great quick trip for the kids! At home, AA played seven holes of golf, then we drove to the River House, we brought the FI Meat Market's smoked tuna dip. Always a good choice! A bit windy, having "NE winds all weekend. Still warm in the high 80's!

Sunday, September 08, 2019

Early September and Birthdays!

We tried to get together with Justin for his birthday but it turned out that he had work (on call while his boss was out of town) and had two make-up events for Kilee's drama/theater rehearsals for Frozen. We still met up on Sunday, at Sarbez!  115 Anastasia Blvd, St. for Cara's birthday with Carl and Marsha. Cathy and Werner, heading off for a long trip up the East Coast, and not back until the end of September, added gifts for Leaa and AA.
It was an interesting place, only served novelty grilled cheese sandwiches (and hot dogs). They had many old arcade type games, but due to the recent threat of Dorian, they had not put them all back. It was a fun visit, the kids had room to move around. If we go back, need to try the Sarbez Melt (I ate the Caprese, it was good).
Marsha passed out gifts to all, homemade sugar foot scrub and homemade cereal of "Crackling Oat Bran". Great stuff! Leaa made cupcakes!

Group Photos, not sure how it became an äll girls"picture - Not much natural light:
Pearl playing with the birthday balloons:
Next up is AA's 13th birthday!

Saturday, September 07, 2019

Early September! Advance T-Shirt, Penny's Trip plus OPJ Robotics!

AA wears her Daddy's old XL T-shirts for nightshirts. She seems to like the over-sized, baggy cotton shirts, really who doesn't? While we were cleaning out our MB closet one day waiting on Hurricane Dorian, we bagged up many clothes to give away. AA took several t-shirts, this one was Advance 2006!

She still tries to hide from me when I want to take a picture!
Saturday, September 7th, AA had a Robotics OPJH challenge Reveal session with all Clay County Junior Highs.
Owen K. from OPE is on team with AA:
Over the same weekend, we went and enjoyed our usual River House Saturday early-evening happy hour, this time without Penny. She was in Pennsylvania attending an event honoring the 150 years since the 1869 Miners Disaster occurred. She spoke her ancestor's name and placed a flower on a wreath for all 110 victims. From Penny's email: The plaque that was dedicated to the 110 miners who died in the Avondale Mining Disaster in 1869. My great-great-grandfather John Harris was one of the miners. His name is in the upper right hand corner. The second picture is me putting daffodils (the national flower of Wales) on his grave. He is one of 13 of my family members buried in Washburn Street Welsh Cemetery in Scranton. The first picture is the wreath with 110 carnations placed at the opening of the Avondale Mine. It was a memorable and emotional trip.

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Hurricane Dorian is Here! Finally... And thankfully very weak!

Wednesday: We have been monitoring Hurricane Dorian's rise from tropical storm to Category 5 and then down to a Category 2 when it passed by Jacksonville. After having breakfast, checking the weather channel a million times.... We cleaned out our MB closet, was a little lazy then after realizing the storm was a bust, we went to Metro Diner for lunch! 
After, AA and I walked around Hole 10 and 11. I'm back to work in the morning, AA has another day off from school.

Hopefully no more hurricanes this year!

Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Pre-Hurricane Dorian - Labor Day at the River House and Tuesday - No School!

Pre-Hurricane Labor Day Hotdog picnic at the River House at Orange Park. Visit with friends (Kathy, Maureen and Hugh) and family (Carolyn and Joy), delicious homemade side dishes, great way to relax on this holiday. We think Hurricane Dorian will arrive by Halloween! Dorian has stalled for two days, destroying Bermuda. Now moving at 1 mph!

Tuesday, I went to work and Joy left for Missouri. The storm is to be near us by Wednesday morning and move past us by Wednesday evening.
Ford and AA went to the Bailey house for a visit. Ian is due to go beck to the hospital on Friday (09/06/19).
From Facebook: Pre-Hurricane Dorian, Tuesday (no school day) visit with the Bailey family. Ian is in between treatments, holding up through his battle. Fun visit, this time playing HeadBandz!
Ford and AA brought a few gifts and Klondike bars - Owen eating one after they left and Ian reading his new magazines:
Wednesday no school so we all stayed home!

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Nana Joy is here!

Joy arrived a day earlier than planned due to the unknown certainty of Hurricane Dorian's path.
Friday we had dinner at home, Saturday we were going to Pearl's 2nd birthday party but AA came back from golfing with a scratchy throat and runny nose. So we declined and hoped all would be fine for seeing family on Sunday at the Mellow Mushroom.
Sunday: We did go to St. Augustine, decided AA's ills was only allergies. St. Augustine preparing for the storm:

Dylan singing with Daddy and Wes Register:
Nana with Alivia, AA and Dylan:
Group photos:
Nice that we could all get together, sorry that we missed Cara and Travis and the Cruce family.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

NFJG Banquet and Golfing!

AA earned three awards. She won the Rising Girls Fall Season, the Player of the Year for Rising Girls (13 - 18) and she also won the Harry Vardon Award for lowest average score. Amazing! She didn't play many tournaments during the Spring and Summer, choosing to work on shorter distances. The banquet was very special as usual, Jack does an amazing job, with his speeches and awards and door prizes. The food buffet is well organized and great food, geared more for youth tastes but still delicious. We invited Penny and Bryan, both attending the golfing before and the banquet. They are so appreciated!

Group photo below is Jack giving directions about the seven holes they were allowed to play at the Champions course. I arrived after work and was able to see her play the 16th and 17th (went in the water! - she was the very last person allowed to play, it was the 6:00 p.m. stopping point and she hurried as everyone was walking away and said her grip slipped, was rushed. Hopefully she will have many more chances to play here!)
Started on 18th Hole (Shotgun start); went to the 10th, 13th - 17th. 
She made par on the 18th Hole which is long, she was the only girl in her group to make par - Good job!
17th Hole:
Love seeing the course with NO ONE on it - unlike the TPC PGA Event!! Many trophies for most birdies, Tour Winners (last time, now named the Korn Ferry Tour) and the Jack Nicklaus Award (she has won in past).
Banquet photos: Ms. Penny chatting with AA:
Apryl Parker's Mom Vanessa was at the banquet with her other daughter, to accept all awards. Apryl was already at college, on a golf scholarship at Eckerd's. She also was awarded two $2,000 scholarships from the NFJG Foundation.
Coach Bryan Kipnis (also Apryl's Coach) and Mentor Ms. Penny Reynen:
NFJG Tour Director Jack Aschenbach:
Awards List: