Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Amelia Island Omni - Marsh Oak with Family - Bill and Joan

Another tournament completed, with a third place finish. AA did very below her average on the first four holes (boggeys!) and then scored par on the last five (5) holes.So the score was not her best, but as we all know, this is a very individual sport with much human inconsistencies!
A perfect weather day and AA's Uncle Bill and Aunt Joan joined in as spectators.
We had some rule "drama"; seems as the competition gets tougher, parents either learn the rules better in order to properly score and teach their children or there are those who know the rules and try to circumvent them when their child is having a little difficulty with one hole. Usually not pleasant as everyone is a rules marshal while playing; everyone has to be honest.
Our group usually discusses potential rule violations up front, talk about what to do next better, explain to them the rules. That's how the parents treated us when we first began and we were very ignorant of the rules and a bit naive! We extent that to those who are willing to learn. We don't report violations if the parents honestly didn't know how to play the ball or what the resulting consequences would be. So we continue to learn something new at each tournament.
Warming up:

Uncle Bill and Aunt Joan with goofy AA:
AA and Bryn trying to see the scores on Matt's phone (above) and the lovely young ladies in a group:
And here are the 7-Year old Boys being goofy:
Six and Under Boys (PD on left). A fun time for all!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Miscellaneous - The Past Week - April 2014

AA practices on her swing box (we had fun finding it and buying it) and has a "Bulls Eye" to aim for. Several times she "womps" the ball into the paper and destroys it. Helps to make golfing fun!

Ford made a casserole with chicken and rice (and lots of veggies and cheese too!). We love it when he does the cooking!
We practiced at the Amelia Island Oak Marsh course on Friday afternoon after school (can you tell we forgot her collared golf shirt!!) and played with a man (Mr. Terry) vacationing from New Jersey, it was fun and always interesting to talk to a friendly "stranger" on the course!
We get to see our old work place (St. Johns River Power Park) from the ninth fairway of this course; the cooling towers always stand out along the Jacksonville skyline:
End of nine holes!
We really enjoy this course and the little cafe that overlooks the ninth green. The food is good and we can relax before heading home.
AA goofing around with her Daddy Caddie:
Also, today is my birthday and sister Melissa and nephew Andrew and Britney sent me these flowering plant - very cute! Thank you!
Also, we are thinking of daughter L. as she had minor surgery today and hopefully will have a speedy recovery!
This past week was tough with the passing of AA's golf Coach Doug Cody, he is very much missed!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Remembering Coach Doug Cody - RIP 04/09/2014

From Doug's Facebook page: Sadly, Doug passed away on April 9th, 2014. A memorial service will be held at Hardage-Giddens Funeral Home (127 Blanding Blvd, Orange Park, FL), Saturday 04/12/14. The family is accepting flowers or in lieu of flowers, donations can me made in Doug's memory to Life Legal Defense. Rest in Peace, Doug.

From Ford's Facebook post on Doug's page:
fm: Dana. I hope you and your family will not mind my sharing. Our hearts are breaking. We are so very sorry for your loss. We extend our prayers for His peace today and the tomorrows.

When I wrote this post for our blog I did not include what Doug would later share... I do now.
Doug expressed to me that it was not chance that brought he and Alyzabeth together that first day. He said this with such conviction that he had to have noticed my perplexed expression. And then he shared his heart.
Doug told me that God had brought he and Alyzabeth together. That he very clearly felt God's hand take his own and place it on Alyzabeth's shoulder. Their time together was with a purpose. A purpose greater than golf but a purpose forged through their practice time together. Doug told me my daughter was special. Our gift from God. Nurture it. Protect it. Love it.
Just as he did. Just as God does. The only thing Doug failed to say was just how special he was as well...
We love you Coach.

Link to Ford's Blog post of April 19, 2012.
Coach asked AA to write out her goals; this is the sheet he gave her and her answers at age six:
We wrote about Coach Doug occasionally and took a few photos. Here's another post on our blog from early 2012.
Doug took this photo of Daddy Caddie walking away after a lesson (January 2012):
As you can tell, we loved this man. He spent alot of time each week with AA over three years. He cared about her, called us after every tournament to ask how she did and spoke to Ford about the next steps. Big plans for AA. We will follow Coach Doug's plan.
 Obituary:  CODY Douglas Roy Cody, age 72, passed away April 9, 2014. He was born in West Hollywood, California and had been a resident of Orange Park since 2010. Mr. Cody was a member of the PGA since 1996. Survivors include his wife, Dana Cody, son J. Cody, daughters L. Starr and T. Cody, step-son J. Townsend, brother R. Cody, sister A. Richardson, and 5 grandchildren. Memorial service will be held Saturday, April 12, 2014 at 3:00 PM in the Chapel of Hardage-Giddens Rivermead Funeral Home, 127 Blanding Blvd. Orange Park, FL 32073, (904)264-2481, with Pastor Eric Jaffe officiating.
Added after Doug's funeral: We all cried, so many kind words. Especially when the minister met AA before the service and mention right off how God brought AA and Doug together. So sweet. AA cried when he spoke of Doug's special love for her. So after several people spoke, all but two mentioned AA. Doug told everyone about her. It was the first time we saw AA show the true deep emotional feelings with tears. So hard to see your daughter cry. But we thought it was best to bring her; we don't regret that. In a way, we were encouraged to see her cry as she does not show her emotions. Coach Doug taught AA so many lessons about life, all relating to golfing but really about life. Thank you Coach.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Golfing Mondays!

Almost every Monday, I am off work so get to play "spectator" and slave to the golfing duo.
It was a beautiful day, a bit windy as the rain storm was heading in later that evening. AA makes great chips, this one close to the pin. She places herself with the opportunity to make a birdie most every hole. That's important; to two putt at the most. It is amazing to see her get better over the months. As a parent, a child who golfs doesn't always play perfect each game (haha - the pros don't either!) so many times we know they can play better but it doesn't happen every day. But over the course of a few months, then a half year, you see the huge differences. What a joyous life we have with this little one!

This is Copper, the driver cover:
This one particular par 3 hole, she drives from the Ladies tee just to see if she can get over the hazard. Never made it until last week. I saw her second time getting it to the green in one drive.
Happy celebrating afterwards!
We enjoy our Monday afternoons together!

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Annual Visit to the Clay County Fair 2014

We really like the Clay County Fair, very well run, lots to do and we enjoy the old Florida section. We have taken AA to it every year (here's a few of the past posts: 2011, 2012 and 2013). We have probably said many times that this fair is clean, wholesome, true farmers and 4H style programs, free local music, lots of animal judging, rodeos, etc.

The cow stalls seemed more decorated this year.
First time seeing several litters of pigs at the fair:
We always walk through the chickens, birds, goats, rabbits, etc..... pens. AA's favorite hen (very fluffy!).
Pretty turkey:
Her annual pony ride, she's not too thrilled anymore now that she has been on a couple of trail rides:
The Old Florida section keeps growing and several organizations handed out free samples of "olde timey" foods: collard greens, ginger tomato bread (cake) and chicken and rice.
Lots to look at, blacksmith, cooking chicken over an open fire, quilters, the old schoolhouse, church, fire trucks, old jail, cane sugar pressing etc. Many old Florida "cracker" homes/buildings were donated and moved here for preservation.
The old commissary store:
We watched the log cutting and mostly boyfriends challenged their girlfriends to saw with them.
Waiting in line for the Ferris wheel ride:
AA was given this Snoopy at the old schoolhouse:
Wonderful Day!