Monday, October 13, 2014

The Weekend! Church, House-Hunting, Golfing, Brunch - All Fun!

We continue to look occasionally for homes in the St. Augustine area; we hope to be able to decide by end of school year (isn't that when everyone moves?). We enjoyed a leisurely drive and a stop at the park to stretch our legs and a quick drink at one of the great waterfront bars in St. Augustine, The Conch House. We found a house lot just 7 house lots from the Conch House. It also dawned on us that there is a marina, so we could keep our boat there too.

We rarely go to brunch at the Club so when the offered October specials were some of our favorites, we decided to go and use our mandatory monthly food bill there. I had one of the specials, a seafood pot pie which was delicious! Hubby had another special, the prime rib and AA had the free children's choice, but ate off our plates as usual, along with a cup of Wisconsin Cheese soup! The free flowing mimosas and the river views made for a luxurious mid-day meal.
Ice cream for AA's dessert, we were too full! We stopped by the fish ponds to see how they and the turtles were doing.
A great weekend, lots of house chores done, Hubby made homemade pimento cheese with our home-grown pimento peppers, AA is still practicing riding her big bicycle, and most of AA's thank you notes written, all mixed together with some fun!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Week of October 6th - 10th: Golfing, Horses and FUMCH!

This week flew by (don't they all?)!
I worked three days, AA had early dismissal on Thursday and no school on Friday!
Our days were filled with fun and more driving - we are driving so much to the Orlando area!
This week, wonderful Hubby went to a Jacksonville business and picked up a donation for our Children's Home. It was a full/HUGE pallet of shampoo. We love being able to help deliver donations (even though we did not have anything to do with getting it, we can still truck stuff to the Home!).
So Thursday, Ford and AA, after early school dismissal, drove south to the Children's Home to drop off the donation pallet, then went to her golf lesson with Mr./Coach Jason. I heard she had a great time with Jason; he is skilled at making corrections to her swing, while including lots of encouragement. She says she likes the way he makes it fun! They played nine holes together which gave Daddy Caddie a break to watch AA play instead of being in the action. We can't wait to see how well AA progresses over the coming year!
Friday was a no school day! AA golfed with her Daddy while I caught up on house chores. Then we went to AA's horse riding lesson. I am researching two other stables that may be more suited to her; we shall see. She had a great lesson with K'Leigh at Diamond D Ranch:

 She rode "Sparky" today:

We want to meet up with family somehow this weekend, no plans yet. Hoping all of them are well after a bout with strep throat! With the cooler weather, we have been going to parks for some outdoor fun (it is way too HOT and HUMID in the summer to play in the direct sun at these parks). We are also returning to our occasional shopping visit to the RAM, where we buy fresh vegetables, fruit and what ever else "tickles our fancy"! Always fun there, then a family lunch out together. Yesterday, it reached 91 degrees, so cooler weather hasn't really happened yet!

Looking at unusual activities in our area,, I found a "Catty Shack/Big Cat" Sanctuary in North Jacksonville; also an Easton Foundation archery facility just west of Gainesville (Newberry). Lots of pumpkin patches and corn maze lots are now open too. Now to plan a time to go and have fun!

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Fall Tour- U.S. Kids Golf - 2nd at South Hampton

This was the second tournament in the Fall series. AA is just getting settled with the older group and longer distance, plus she is growing so each club distance is changing for her. Also, she used a putter that was changed that morning with new shaft and weights (the "Cure"); she didn't have anytime to practice with it so had to adjust during the tournament; we won't do that again! She placed second which is fine, but had two high-scoring holes (the other seven were great!). She hasn't had consistent lessons in a long time so we need to map out a golfing plan for her if she wants to go to the Worlds again next summer. Better game next time!
Ninth hole photos:

We welcomed a new girl; she plans to join us for the rest of the Tour.
Outside playing after the round:
AA's new Coach Jason came to the tournament to caddy for one of his students; Ms. Maria joined him so are hoping we can have her caddy someday for AA. We need to give AA a chance to see how she likes a caddie other than her Daddy!

Monday, October 06, 2014

Miscellaneous - Last Week - Catching Up!

The end of swimming! With the Club pool being unheated, and the nights cooling down, it is hard to jump in the pool. Last few years I bought AA a wet suit, but not this year. We swam last week, and then she got in one more time this past Saturday (10/04/14). We also went to two parks and started AA bike riding again, it has been a long time and she hasn't mastered riding without training wheels (bad parents!). We had a quiet 4th for our 29th wedding anniversary, a good bottle of wine, home cooked dinner and a short visit to the River House!

Ford makes the "Rachel Ray" meatballs for our favorite spaghetti dinner meal!
I made more homemade lemon extract; should be ready for Christmas gifting:
AA still loves her Wii! She now has a Harry Potter Lego game, the Wii Resort along with the others she received for her birthday:
I have been researching some recipes that are "grain-free" and gluten free; which are two different things. I decided to do an easy recipe first - I made a batch of our favorite breakfast sausage balls with regular Bisquick and then a batch with the gluten free mix (very "gritty"). I didn't mind the difference, but Ford noticed the smell and taste right away. I need to try them out on an unsuspecting friend, as I think they are very close. I need to make my own mix of gluten free flour to try a few cupcake recipes next!
Not much to blog about, we are into the school year and golfing routine again!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Our Life in a Few Days.....

We had a nice week: I was at the Children's Home Madison Youth Ranch from Sunday (the 21st) until Tuesday. Ford held down the home-front with AA's school, homework and golf practices. After I worked a couple of days, I came home to a Pumpkin Cake that was yummy (if a little too sweet for me). The topping was almost caramelized brown sugar with nuts and the pumpkin filling was close to pumpkin pie filling (which I LOVE!). On Friday, we took most of it to the River House and to eat during our visit there with Kenny and Pam (they brought pizzas for our munching pleasure!). It has been slightly cooler, with some rain, so almost beginning to feel like "fall" here (not really, it is still hot!).

Friday afternoon I went with Caddie Daddy and AA to Eagle Harbor and played the back nine.
Then Saturday, it was the drive to AA's golf lesson with Jason Voigts. She worked on her drives and putts today. She likes the way he makes a fun competition with her; lightens up the seriousness of the lesson. The Chao's arrived for K.'s lesson, so AA played with Sammy for about 30 minutes.
We love the "hand-me-down" clothes from the Chao family; here is a white festive dress that AA will wear this holiday season (plus one other frilly dress, that will be great for Christmas parties).
Driving back from Orlando, we went to Leaa and Jesse's for some visiting time. The girls played for awhile, ate the BBQ we brought from the PitMasters (near Deland), and adults got to chat. Leaa presented AA with her birthday gift, so nice, a bracelet with a Harry Potter quote about the Marauder's Map: "I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good". AA loves the whole HP series of books and movies.
And a Happy Birthday to daughter Leaa! We had the girls make her an ice cream sandwich cake, so she will have that to help celebrate her day!
I need to take pictures of the their back yard deck and tree house that Jesse is building (with a little help from Justin and friends). It will be a really fun hang-out for the kids. Next time.....

Thursday, September 25, 2014

U.S. Kids Golf - Fall 2014 - Eagle Harbor Golf Course

The first tournament of the Jacksonville local tour was held at Eagle Harbor (Fleming Island) and this was also AA's first time in the eight - nine (8-9) year old group and its longer distance. 
I was due at the Madison Youth Ranch that Sunday afternoon for meetings, FUMCH Board meetings on Monday-Tuesday, then the Ranch dedication on Tuesday (09/23/14). 
So proud that Ford remembered to take some photos! Justin and Kilee came to drive the golf cart and watch AA play. She didn't do quite as well as we hoped, but since there were only the two (Bryn and AA), she scored a second place finish with a 45.

Bryn and her Dad, Chad (above).
Receiving their medals from Director Forte:

After the game, all went to Taps; Kilee and AA played golf video games and air hockey. I was sorry to miss this tournament, glad that JK and Kilee came!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

September 2014 Birthday Party - Part 3 The End!

After all the food eating and reptile entertainment, we sang happy birthday (after much effort to keep a few candles lit!). A few pictures from the end of the party. Three cuties:

AA with best school friend Samuel:
Trying to get the candles to light!
The ending fun! Eating rainbow cake, lemon cupcakes, chocolate sheet cake and Kool-Aid Berry cupcakes!
Thank you to all who came and enjoyed the fun! Thank you to all who gave AA cards and gifts - wonderful fun for her with so many new games and toys!
 After reviewing all the photos, I don't think we got everyone in one (like Nicole and Carolyn). I wish I had gathered up the five "kids" and taken a picture too. Opportunity missed! Until September 2015......