Sunday, July 15, 2018

HOT July Continues and Pinehurst

We are so sad to miss out on visiting Maine this summer. Can't seem to find a stretch of 6 or 7 days to make the trip. We can't travel there right before the Worlds Tournament as AA gets out of her golfing routine. After Worlds' her PGA Jr. All-Stars League starts (the 8th, Wednesday after Worlds, so only three days between) and then school begins on Tuesday August 14th! Summer goes by too quickly.
The week began with me working all five days (love it when I can work 4 - 10's occasionally). When I work five days, I can get home by 5 o'clock RH happy hour time! This time I went by myself as Ford and AA drove to Pinehurst for two days of practice rounds. They don't know the yardage yet as there was a recent course change; she is now playing on the Pinehurst #3 course.

They had pizza, salad at the Brixx restaurant which actually had a Maine beer on the list (Ford didn't order - boo!!).
They arrived home Tuesday in time for dinner and Ginger was so happy!
Wednesday and Friday continues to be her PGA Team practice at 5:30 p.m. along with two lessons weekly, plus Math tutor on Thursday's. Always busy.
Wednesday, AA went on a play-date to Ian's home, along with Jane and the Collins twins (other squad members were away at various camps). They played and had lunch together.
Plus Ian's two younger brothers (AA talked much about not having siblings at home, how much she would like that!). We always want what we can't have!
Saturday, July 14th we went to the MOSH (science and history learning museum) and saw the new exhibits, saw a reptile show with a baby alligator, read all about power plants at the JEA "Power Play" area; Mission: JAX Genius (pretty cool with autobiographies of past Jacksonville residents), National Geographic Presents Earth Explorers, (an epic adventure through six themed and immersive environments to discover new species; study animal behavior; and learn about the important roles that technology, innovation, and ingenuity play in making and documenting explorers’ discoveries. National Geographic Presents Earth Explorers will showcase the work of some of the most innovative and exciting National Geographic explorers! The six areas are Base Camp, Polar Regions, Oceans, Rain Forests, Mountains & Caves and African Savannas, bringing the unparalleled adventures of National Geographic to life.) and we attended the planetarium show about exploring Mars. Lots to do, so will plan to visit a few times each year. 
The Polar bear was part of the National Geographic exhibit on exploration:
Reptile area:
We enjoyed lunch at the Corner Taco, even though the food is good, we will try another place next time.
Sunday, besides having a lazy morning, watching Harry Potter weekend movies, we had delicious lunch of Ford's homemade red beans and rice leftovers; I made "Quaker Oats Best Meatloaf", mashed potatoes and peas for dinner while AA and her Daddy were at the last EH PGA Jr. golf match. AA's team, the Destroyers won the season. Next up is her All-Stars team matches in August.

Saturday, July 07, 2018

Laureen Burke and Isabel - Saturday Afternoon Visit

With busy schedules and the Burkes going out of town for remaining of July, we squeezed in a visit Saturday. We wanted more time for swimming but rain threatened and dinner time called. We went to the River House with appetizers and pizza; visited with Maureen and Hugh also. Good times! I actually had one more glass of wine then I should have - oops! 
Pick your favorite photo! Cuties with Ginger - dog!

We talked too much about our China journey, AA and her golfing, and how blessed our lives are - we have two girls who read more books than I have ever known! Hope to meet up again!

Friday, July 06, 2018

End of June to July 4th - Independence Day!

AA played with Noah all day, on Monday, July 02, 2018: played WiiU, Lunch at Sweet Sensations, Library and playground, watched Incredibles 2. Then we did the River House routine with hot-dogs, chips (Penny), pasta salad (Maureen), BBQ Beans by Kathleen. Colleen and Mark came and picked up Noah.

Wednesday - 4th of July! Homemade broccoli slaw, Carolyn brought BBQ beans and brownies. I made strawberry shortcake. Ford cooked the hamburgers. The early morning rain gave way to a nice breeze which kept the 90+ degree day bearable. We ate our mid-afternoon meal on the screen porch then played Rummique. AA and Carolyn each won a game; good game, takes some strategic thinking.
Carolyn left to visit a friend and we headed to Hugh and Maureen's home to watch the fireworks with Kathy's son (granddaughter Lydia wasn't feeling well).
Fireworks were impressive along with Hugh playing patriotic music in the background. Plus, Maureen and Kathy fed us well! Ham sandwiches, Outlaw chicken salad and plenty of BJ's Wellsely Cabernet wine.
Back to our routine - golfing daily for AA, practicing at the U.S. Kids Golf World's distances. I am back to work on Thursday (July WPOA Board meeting at 6:00 p.m.) and Friday. Thursday was Ginger's #2 BIRTHDAY! AA bought some dog treats at the RAM market last week, so Ginger had a special birthday "cake"!
Happy Birthday Ginger!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

June 27th - Eagle Harbor Team Practice

I seldom take photos at the golf course, seems like I have taken thousands in the past. This was sweet with Daddy and Daughter:

AA had her 6-month dental check up and near the end of the appointment, they lost power! At least she got her teeth cleaned and they pulled her last baby tooth!

Monday, June 25, 2018

Perfect Days by AA

During the drive to and from the U.S. Kids Golf Florida State Tournament, AA asked her Daddy what would be a perfect day for him, just one day.
Ford said the thought about it and said he and family, one day in Paris, going to the Louvre.
Not knowing this conversation, she asked me when they arrived home, what would be a perfect day for me and I said family all boating and swimming on Little Sebago Lake.

AA was animated telling us what her perfect day would be and that she had thought of three perfect days!
First was to have all her friends together, having fun, everyone getting along and no shouting (!!).
Second was to go to Yellowstone National Park, traveling with a friend or with family like Aunt Carolyn. Third perfect day was to be in China, walking the Great Wall, beginning to rain and a local family invites us all to their home for shelter. There is a boy, who we discover is her twin brother who has a pet dog, that was part wolf; this is her biological parents home!
May her perfect days all come true!

A few facts about her perfect days:
Yellowstone National Park is a nearly 3,500-sq.-mile wilderness recreation area atop a volcanic hot spot. Mostly in Wyoming, the park spreads into parts of Montana and Idaho too. Yellowstone features dramatic canyons, alpine rivers, lush forests, hot springs and gushing geysers, including its most famous, Old Faithful. It's also home to hundreds of animal species, including bears, wolves, bison, elk and antelope. Roosevelt Area - Tower: Hike to Tower Fall: The 132-foot drop of Tower Creek, framed by eroded volcanic pinnacles has been documented by park visitors from the earliest trips of Europeans into the Yellowstone region. Its idyllic setting has inspired numerous artists, including Thomas Moran. His painting of Tower Fall played a crucial role in the establishment of Yellowstone National Park in 1872. The nearby Bannock Ford on the Yellowstone River was an important travel route for early Native Americans as well as for early European visitors and miners up to the late 19th century.

“An adoptee’s curiosity about one’s past is not a rejection of one’s present nor a sign of unhappiness or dysfunction. It’s exploring what should be the adoptee’s already — knowledge of one’s personal history and family members.” – Tara Vanderwoude, Social worker, advocate, educator

Here is a link to one story describing the steps to take before going to China.
The Great Wall of China: A Chinese government survey found that the wall measures 13,170.6956 miles, or 21,196.18 km, the Xinhua report said. Only 8.2 percent of the wall built during the Ming Dynasty remains intact, and 74.1 percent of the wall is in poor condition. A significant amount of the wall has collapsed, the Xinhua report said.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

U.S. Kids Golf Florida States

AA played in the Florida State golf competition.

Ms. Penny came and watched AA play on Sunday! AA had her best round that day!
Score table:
Greeted an old friend and Kiddie Caddie Maria!
Final Scores:

Friday, June 22, 2018

June - Summer is Here!

So hot, typical Florida summer. We melt during the day, especially at work and the family on the golf course. Lots of afternoon thunder showers that hit or miss us 50% of the time.
This past week, we went to the zoo on Monday and then the River House; Thursday AA had a play-date with the Collins twins at their house, then some play time at the Weigand's.
Friday was golf practice and all of a sudden, the U.S. Kids Golf State tournament is here! AA had two practice rounds at the LPGA course, so hoping for some low scores - that's what we always expect!
Jane and AA in the back seat, going to the zoo!

We are here! Bright sun and hot!
Strolled through the dinosaur trail first:
Asian Garden:
We had tacos for lunch and cooled off. Campground Critter show:
They like climbing on everything:
The giraffe encounter:
They each fed the giraffe:
Snacks - Churros and ice cream for AA:
Too hot, I don't think they enjoyed as much as going in the spring. Never again in the summer!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Happy Father's Day!! Leaa Hosted Brunch!

Leaa along with Christa and Nicole, hosted a huge brunch for the Dad's on Sunday. Pancakes, quiche, fruit, biscuits, sausage and gravy, bacon, etc.... All good! Nicole and Jordan, plus girls, Cathy and Werner, Christa and Stu, Justin and Kilee, plus us.
Werner, Jesse, Justin, Jordan and Grand Poppy Ford!

Photos of the youngest Grands: Dylan, Mila and Avery:
After we arrived home, I took a nap, walked the dog then we all jumped in the pool at 7:00 p.m. beautiful time to swim, the pool was empty and the sun was not brutal!