Sunday, March 11, 2018

Spring Break Sunday - Breakfast and Pool

We had a lazy morning with the time change - spring forward. Didn't make it to church :( 
We met with Kenny and Pam Davis for breakfast at the Island Diner (first time) to chat over all that has happened. We haven't visited since before Christmas. Their dog, Buddy was sick and died right before Christmas, Pam's Mom was hospitalized during Christmas, then again in January, and then died. That was right after Pam's second granddaughter was born in January, Charlotte James. She has shed many tears and her Dad's health is not good, so many trips home on the weekend (she will be bringing him here over Easter for two weeks). It was good to chat and hopefully a promise of another visit after this week.
We drove to Carolyn's to give her a used laptop Ford found/bought. We let Ford stay home and Ginger rode along with us. Ginger likes to run in Carolyn's back yard. AA took a few tries to jump in the pool - so cold at 72 degrees! Carolyn turned on the pool heater this morning but not enough time to warm it up. AA trying to convince herself to jump in:

Thinking about jumping in:
See Carolyn's expression? COLD!! The sun was warm, that's where I stayed! Carolyn and AA played in the pool for about 20 minutes, they were brave!!
From Facebook: Aunt Carolyn Redmond is in the pool with AA! A very cold water temperature 72 degrees! Too cold for me. Ginger just looks on, not a brave puppy either.
We chatted with Carolyn on her pool patio (told her the summary of the Leaa's DNA story), had a glass of champagne, then visited with her foster kittens. Another good day!

Saturday, March 10, 2018

School Spring Break! Saturday the 10th

Since we are not traveling anywhere, time to plan for some fun events. Golfing, zoo and if raining, movies are tops on the list.
The first day of Spring Break, Saturday, we decided to drive to Gainesville to watch Fleming High 2017 Graduate, Lauren Waidner play for UF. Her parents, sister Ellen and grandparents were there to cheer her on (Lauren was so kind to golf with AA almost weekly during her Senior HS year). A grueling tournament, with 36 holes on the first day and 18 on Sunday. She was playing in the individuals group, not on the team competition. 
Lauren walking on Hole 18 (shotgun start, she began on Hole 17, so had completed her first round) this hole was number one of her second round.

AA wasn't in the mood for Mommy paparazzi:
Florida was in first place after first 18 holes.
We ate lunch/early dinner at Satchel's (menu), we enjoyed the fresh Satchel's Salad that is made to feed 2 - 4 people, generous amount for the three of us, we each had seconds ($8). The pizza crust (we ordered the "Major") was heavenly. Not too chewy, very tender dough with a flavor we could not figure out. Really good medium crust, fresh, would love bread sticks made from it. The restaurant was eclectic outside and inside. An old van had seating booths inside, the tables and dinner plates all mismatched. Friendly wait-staff with table service but pay in CASH only at the counter. More uniqueness includes the six homemade sodas. I tried the sampler, looks just like a beer sampler with labels on a board and six small "juice" glasses. The lemonade (Emma Lemma) was not carbonated and tasted fine. There was a lemon-lime soda (Lennie) that had a nice citrus flavor. The cola (Lola) was good with the best being their homemade root beer (Ruby). Two other sodas, not on my good list: one made with Stevia for zero calories (Stevie Z), the other a ginger soda (Ginnie). I am sure there are many fans of these two, but I would pick the lemon-lime or root beer as my favorites. The sampler comes with a newsletter type hand-out, describes some of the restaurant's history and the origins of the homemade sodas. It's worth a stop if you are in Gainesville - 1800 NE 23rd Ave.
On our way home, Ford spoke to Leaa as she shared her new Ancestry DNA results and the story she discovered was of a surprise to all!! New first cousins (at least six)! That's a story for her family to tell someday!

Beautiful Spring! Just a Little Cooler.

The weather is cooler with breezy days, but so nice! We are having a few cooler nights (in the low 40's) which are still enjoyable with a coat on - after all, it is still winter!
I bought a Dr. Seuss t-shirt for AA, all about reading anywhere. Her friend Isabel had one, saw on Facebook, so had to get one for AA.
I will READ on a boat. I will READ with a goat. I will READ on a train. I will READ in the rain.
I will READ with a fox. I will READ in a box. I will READ with a mouse. I will READ in a house.
I will READ here or there. I will READ anywhere!!!!!

From Facebook:
AA recently had a small foot issue with her golf shoes. She wore DAWGs golf shoes since she was 7 (they look like Crocs, same material feel). DAWGs do not carry a size 4 (between Girls and Womens), so I ordered a size 5 for her a few months ago; too big even though the measurements line up closely to a Youth size 4. With her "small" foot issue, I challenged Daddy-Caddie to take her shopping (not a favorite task for either). Voila!! A new pair of Nike golf shoes in size 4 from Dick's. We still recommend DAWGs, they are excellent children golf shoes.
These are her Dawgs. They have Women's sizes, so maybe she will try them again.
Wednesday, I took a day off from work to go have my shoulder checked (Ginger dog yanked it twice over the past few months, pain not going away!!). We enjoyed taking a short road trip to Maggie's Herb farm. We bought tomato, pepper and herbs; won't be able to plant outside until the end of March. For dinner we decided on AA's favorite Mexican Tijuana Flats.
Maggie's always have pretty displays of veggies and flowers in a wide variety of eclectic pots.
Our orange tree at home, blooming and smelling wonderful!
Azaleas are blooming!
While AA and Ford were golfing, I found a recipe for Irish Soda Bread, made it spur of the moment. Went great with Ford's chili.
Ford baked a cake (used a box mix for base) for the OPE Spring Fling, earned an hour of volunteer time!
Double chocolate with homemade Buttercream Frosting (funny - no butter in this recipe!!)
Friday: Ford and AA had fun at the OPE Spring Fling. It was scheduled as the annual fall festival but Hurricane Irma made the spring the make-up date. AA ran around with her "squad" for 2.5 hours (with a runny nose). 
Our OPE Volunteer time obligation is completed - with Ford's three hours at the OPE library (book fair), the cake and half an hour clean up. While I was off work last Fall, I managed to get in several hours too.
1 box devil’s food cake mix
1 small box Jello instant chocolate pudding mix
1 cup sour cream
1 cup vegetable oil
4 eggs, beaten
1/2 cup milk
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 cups mini chocolate chips

1 cup shortening (Crisco)
4 cups powdered sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/3 cup heavy whipping cream

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Spray baking dish with nonstick cooking spray.
In a very large bowl, mix together everything except chocolate chips. Batter will be thick. Then stir in the chocolate chips.
Pour batter into cake pan of choice (I normally use two 9-inch round pans). For cooking time, I use the cooking times on the back of the cake box as a guide. Then I do the toothpick check, and if it’s not done, I check on it every 5 mins after that. It usually takes around 45 mins for two, 9-inch round pans.
In a mixing bowl, cream shortening until fluffy. Add sugar and continue creaming until well blended. Add salt, vanilla, and whipping cream. Blend on low speed until just combined. Beat at high speed until frosting is fluffy.

Sunday, March 04, 2018

NFJG Junior Azalea at Palatka Golf Course

This is a BIG day for Alyzabeth.
First time self-caddying for 18 holes at the white tees (5700 yards).
First time in a tournament in the "BIG" girls group - age 13 - 18.
This tournament has from age 13 - 17; Alyzabeth is the youngest at age 11.
So proud of how well she played on Round 1. One birdie, one bogey for #14 strokes over (It's a Par 70 course) and holding 3rd place. It is anyone's game to win tomorrow as the top 7 of 8 total girls are all within 4 - 7 strokes.
My comments (AA's) after Round 1 were: "I think the hardest thing I had to do was push the Clicgear pushcart up and down the hills. Plus my right pinkie toe aches and I did better than I thought; I thought I shot in the nineties".

Round 1, Saturday, March 3rd:


    Eagle      Birdie      Bogey      Dbl Bogey

From Facebook:
NFJG Junior Azalea: Several firsts this weekend for AA: First time playing 18 Holes from the White Tees, First time self-caddying for herself for 18 Holes from White Tees (no Daddy-Caddie allowed); First time Playing in the "older" and only Girls Group (ages 13 - 18; AA is 11 years old). Youngest girl playing. So proud of her scores, both rounds in the 80's. She wasn't happy with Round 2 so not a big day in her mind. We are so proud of her ability to push through and do her best. She placed 5th which was five (only 5) strokes from first place (36 holes). She can do this, she's moving on up! #NFJG #JuniorAzalea #PalatkaGolf #AlyzabethMorganGolf #GirlsGolf#JuniorGolf
Paired with Beatrice Dietz in Round 2:
A big congratulations goes to our Orlando Golfing Family, Shawn Coultoff (Parents Eric and Lisa, sister Kenzie). Shawn won the Boys 10 - 12 age group. Daddy Eric wrote this on Facebook: Back in the winners’ circle. Shawn took 6 weeks off from tournament play to enjoy some non-golf activities, and to work with PGA Tour winner/coach Chris Couch on some important swing changes. Also competed for the first time with his new Cobra F8 clubs. The hiatus and the hard work paid off in his first event back. Won The Junior Azalea tournament this weekend, as well as posting the lowest score for all age groups overall.

From Jack's Newsletter:
The Palatka “Junior Azalea”. The start of another great traditional golf tournament and the start of the “Donald Ross Swing” (Palatka Golf Club, Mark Bostic Golf Club, Hyde Park, San Jose and Timuquana). Now for the Azalea, three Azalea Tournaments will run in succession. First the NFJG TOUR’s “Junior Azalea”, then a week later the Palatka “Senior Azalea” and finally ending with the Palatka “Azalea”. Did you know, the “Azalea” is one of the top amateur golf tournaments around? It is and with the great condition of the Palatka Golf Course, it will become even BIGGER!
Round one would create some pretty interesting and entertaining golf. This elevated Donald Ross golf course certainly challenges every level of golfer. Keep your cool, manage your game and know that there is going to be a trade-off somewhere along the way between birdie and bogey. It’s just the way Donald Ross wanted and the way it is. He wanted you to earn it the old fashion way, through hard work, thorough thought and understanding of the way golf is played on this type of golf course. If you putted from off the green or worked on your bump and run with a 7 or 8 iron then you probably saved yourself a few strokes. If you tried flopping it all day, you no doubt lost a few. Simply put you have to modify how you would normally play your tactics to attack this style of golf course. Adjusting to conditions is just part of the game.
The Girls 13-18 would find St. Augustine’s Marissa Cardenas and South Daytona’s Erica Darcy tied for the lead at 80 each with Orange Park’s Alyzabeth Morgan playing in her first Girls 13-18 Division event would be back at 84. Finally in the Boys 10-12 Division Shawn Coultoff would have a single stroke lead over St. Augustine’s Nolan Harper 72-73. Phillip Dunham with bookend birdies on hole #1 and #18 would be four back at 76. 
Round 2: In the Girls Division, it was truly anyone’s to win. Admittedly all in the field would struggle from the start. Young Alyzabeth Morgan with her steady bogey play would catch the leaders at the turn, but the par-5 10th hole, which cost many their tournament would claim another who would hit one across the road out of bounds. When it was all said and done, South Daytona’ Erica Darcy (168) would endure to take a one stroke victory over Marissa Cardenas (169).
Finally, the Boys 10-12 Division had some pretty heavy hitters in the field. This group of players, so close in talent is certainly a joy to watch as they battle each other back and forth from event to event. This week the TOUR would see a new comer from Winter Haven take center stage. Shawn Coultoff would play some pretty steady golf in rounds one and two. One could ask, why would this youngster out shine the likes of Phillip Dunham, Jackson Klauk, Nolan Harper and Gavin Fleming, especially with their recent outstanding play at our previously played tournaments. The answer, knowledge of Donald Ross style golf. This young man plays a Donald Ross golf course similar to that of Palatka Golf Course every day. 72-72 = 144 is pretty stellar. His Dad and caddie made the comment that his son was out for revenge as he just recently played in an FJT event at Palatka which left a sour taste in his mouth. Sounds to me he squared things up. Coultoff’s score of 144 not only won the division by nine strokes, it was also good enough to take the overall championship away from James Clay Tucker by two strokes.

Saturday, March 03, 2018

It's March 1st!

Another good week and the weather has been gorgeous. We do need a little rain! AA continues with Robotics and Math Club; homework is getting serious, takes more time since she has extra multi-pages of work for math club. She golfs most every day so school work gets pushed into and past dinner hour.
AA needed a practice round at the Palatka Golf Course (she played 14 holes with Justin a few weeks ago), so we took her out of school early on Thursday. AA golfed with Ms. Penny which is always a bonus.

Another photo from work: My job is going well, enjoy the work environment and co-workers. Landfill inspections are routine now, except for today. I have been waiting for this day. Knowing it would happen. Knowing it has happened to so many before me. Calling the Bulk Materials rescue team (Bruce G. and Stacy P.). They didn’t laugh too hard. Another experience I thought I would never have at the great SJRPP! #Notonmybucketlist
Wednesday, we went to the River House as friend Shane M. was playing, he is really talented musician; his son came too, so AA and Liam got to run around together. Friday, Coach Bryan showed AA lots of difficult chipping shots, from bunkers and hazards. Ford is pleased with Bryan's coaching style, he always has a plan for AA's lesson, keeps up with her tournaments and what shots she needs to practice; he looks to the future and prepares her for the next level/challenge. Ford said he reminds him of AA's first Coach Doug, which is a huge compliment!
For dinner, Ford made homemade Bruschetta, a meatless meal we love. Then AA played some Minecraft on line with Noah. 
Alyzabeth received a gift in the mail from my niece, Heather (and Chris) Stone. She said it was a late Christmas gift, and we all know any surprise gift is welcome!! It is a puzzle you solve by folding the paper for make the design all black or all white. The first one was easy, but the instructions say they get progressively harder. Cool gift!
Also, Friday - Saturday morning, New England was slammed with a Northeaster storm, with VERY HIGH tides, tons of coastal flooding! 
Next up is the NFJG Palatka Tournament - 36 holes for AA to self-caddie!

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Eagle Harbor NFJG - 2nd Place!

Beautiful day at Eagle Harbor!

18th Hole:
The winners! 2nd place!
A photo with Director Jack in it:
AA's score was very good with the exception of Hole #2. She hit into a bunker near the green and when she struck the ball to get it out (steep angle) it popped so high, went into a water hazard. Her overall playing was great and we always say that she has the potential to beat the competition on any given day. She came close today!
From Jack's Newsletter:
On Sunday, 56 TOUR Players teed it up in Fleming Island on another golf course in GREAT condition. A player’s favorite, Eagle Harbor Golf Club is a great track to slap it around. As head golf professional Marshall Collin’s is quoted as saying “The course is Popping and Looking Good”. Meaning the grass is growing and filling in nicely. Indeed he was correct, the course was in fabulous condition and here again the scores reflected it.
The battle continues in the Foundation Elite Division with Ryan Houck narrowly outscoring Alyzabeth Morgan. Houck stroked 78 times to win and take a bite out of the Gold. Morgan three shots back would be presented her third runner up medal to go with her five Gold Medals. Lucas Elliot with two wins this year would also shoot 81, but would lose in a scorecard playoff to Morgan and take the Bronze Medal.
Hole 123456789Out101112131415161718InTotal
Round 1475353554414554434564081
Key:   Eagle   Birdie   Bogey   Dbl Bogey

Saturday, February 24, 2018

AA's Golfing Distance, New Clubs and Ginger Pup

This week was beautiful weather! Foggy and cool in the morning (60's is cool!) and about 80 everyday in the afternoon. AA's Robotics Club restarted, played with Ms. Penny, plus two golf lessons a week. Busy!
AA's drive has gradually become longer and longer. Last April (10 months ago) we were so excited that she hit her longest drive at 180 yards. Now she is topping 200 yards! Ford bought her next set of irons (Mizuno) and she should be using them this summer. So glad he found a demo set, about 25% cost of a new set. This is AA's first true quality set, full weight, adult clubs, not youth. We will not be cutting them down, but will have them fitted for her (adjust the club head to her stance). She used the 7 iron so far and noticed the difference. She's growing up!
Mizuno Hot Metal Golf Iron Set - Graphite/Project X LZ 3.5 Lite (Women's Length & Flex) 

Saturday ended up being pretty busy after our plans to get AA on the UF golf course fell through. We went to the RAM market, bought some fresh vegetables, ate lunch at Hawkers Asian restaurant and a quick stop at the fun Boone park; we then headed to AA's golf lesson. She and her Daddy arrived home at 4:00 p.m. and we took Ginger to her new backyard, the Weigand's old home (getting ready to sell). This was the first time their dog, Scout was there. After much little dog barking, they had fun chasing each other and playing. Ginger was worn out! Extra bonus was that Jane was home with friend Abby. We enjoyed our much longer than planned visit with Jill and Jeff. Lovely family!
Grapefruits seemed to be the toy of choice:
The dogs enjoyed the extra activity:
I didn't think Jill would like her photo on the world-wide internet, so cropped to just the two dogs.
Boone Park fun:
Livi had a school fundraiser; we don't normally buy from these fund raisers, but found a few useful items from Yankee Candle (two lanterns, fire starters and pine ornaments).
Work is going well, loaded gypsum trucks for the past month, now loading limerock (sold to OUC).:
The beautiful weather continues!