Sunday, May 12, 2019

Mother's Day! 2019

Happy Mother's Day! My Mom sent me chocolate strawberries from Edible Fruit, so yummy! We all have bad COLDS, mainly affecting our lungs, coughing, and throat. AA has major congestion. We are functioning, walking sick, so after AA's golf tournament at Hyde Park (Saturday), I made a homemade chicken Asian dish with carrots, asparagus and snow peas (included apricot jam and Dijon mustard). Not too bad, but not too good.
Sunday, we had a lazy morning, homemade pancakes and AA gave me a 2nd blueberry bush. Now we will have two together. Leaa had asked us to meet up for church and brunch, but we are not too keen on coughing near others, trying to keep our distance. We drove to Maggie's to pick up some new herbs (no pepper plants. they only had Datil) and they were out of citronella plants. So next year, we need to go earlier in the spring. 

Making AA and her Daddy pose without looking like they are posing!
Roosters and Chickens scratch around the property:
The Owner pointed out the butterflies and how they planted fennel to attract the forming of chrysalis. "Within the chrysalis the old body parts of the caterpillar are undergoing a remarkable transformation, called 'metamorphosis,' to become the beautiful parts that make up the butterfly that will emerge."
The gift shop:
Since we are about 15 minutes from Ancient City Brewery, we stopped in, I got a free beer for Mother's Day and we played Jenga.
Neat picnic tables in their game space:
I think we built 32 rows of blocks before tumbling down!
We came home, I planted my new herbs, AA walked Ginger and Ford made a quick grocery stop to buy a Boston Butt for BBQ Pork in the crock pot for tomorrow. We made a homemade Carolina vinegar BBQ sauce too. Now to rest! Hoping this congestion goes away!

Saturday, May 11, 2019

U.S. Kids Golf - Winner - Hyde Park!

AA won the Girls 12 - 14 age group at Hyde Park. Hyde Park is a very old golf course, designed by Donald Ross, with those "turtle back" greens. AA and Ford said the greens were in bad shape, the ball never rolled straight, were so bumpy. Ford said one chip was perfect, landed on the green in the right spot, should have rolled forward, bit it hit something and bounced to the left. Not how the greens should be!
AA and Ford have been sick this past week, with a croupy cough and congestion, she couldn't breathe! AA plowed through the tournament, it was VERY HOT, hottest day so far this year. She was slow to gain any lead on the front nine holes (ahead by two). She did birdie Hole 9 which is when she settled in and got used to the playing conditions. After getting used to the fact that her putting was not going to be her usual "saving a stroke each hole" game, she gradually pulled ahead and won by eleven (11) strokes with two birdies on the back nine. Winner, Winner, Salmon dinner!
Ms. Penny was there checking in all the players and then headed to Eagle Harbor to watch her PGA Jr. Team (she coaches/volunteers). 

One more U.S. Kids Golf Tournament - the Championship at Bent Creek!

Sunday, May 05, 2019

U.S. Kids Golf Palatka First Place!

U.S. Kids Golf Girls 12 -14. From my post from Facebook: Winner, Winner Salmon Dinner! First Place in the U.S. Kids Golf Local Tournament in Palatka (Girls 12 - 14). AA was the youngest at age 12. Thunderstorms/weather shortened the event, finished 16 holes. AA prevailed, playing better each hole. The almost 15 year old is very good and they were neck and neck throughout the tournament. Tied at the END. AA won the nine hole scorecard playoff. Good vibes for this girl today! Ms. Penny (she is a MAJOR Volunteer) watched AA's round and was there to help celebrate the WIN (AA standing on her toes to be taller than Ms. Penny - they are funny together!!)
***Note: The National Office of US Kids changed the tie breaker ruling to the first nine holes played so AA earned SECOND place in the scorecard playoff (bad weather so could not go back out on the course for a hole playoff). The web site has on it if play is suspended, the last nine holes but National said that was not the official rule. Ms. Rhonda seemed miffed that the web site was not correct, but Ford and AA took it all in stride. Nothing to do about it!

Scores for 16 holes:
AA and Sabree waiting to start Hole 5 (Lila Weaver withdrew, elbow issue, so Alexandra moved to join Sofia).
The weather was predicted to be stormy by noon. And it did happen! As soon as they called the game, and we were inside, it POURED! Scoring table - waiting to find out the results of the paper scorecard playoff.
Sabree was very nice about taking second place. The Drum girl play on Bolles School team, not sure about Sebree.

Saturday, May 04, 2019

River House Derby Party! Saturday 05/04/19

Joy and I went to the River House Derby Party (with Penny Uber driving us!) while Ford and AA finished her EH PGA Junior team Match (they won). I took roses and a game (which no one wanted to play). 

Ford and AA chose to stay home as it was late (too close to 7 pm when we would have to leave anyways). Ford has a cold so he was tired too. It was fun at the Derby party and great food by Kelly (brie with apricots, lamb gyro, chicken salad dill, asian cups, pecan pies and stuffed strawberries. YUM!
We saw a few sailboats from the Mug Race.....And, may the fourth be with you!

First PGA Junior Team Match - Eagle Harbor against Eagle Harbor!

AA's Eagle Harbor Team won! Her team has more girls and a young group of new golfers. Proud that they prevailed.
Team Roster:
Aiden Clark, Aiden Ruiz
Alexa Hendrix, Alexis Dempsey
Alyzabeth Morgan, Andrew Roberts
Cambree Hodge, Chloe Blanc
Ethan Spahn, Hailey Erler
Isaiah Robinson, Kalia Polete
Nathan Ruiz, Rachel Johnson

Coach Bryan:
From Jean Clark's Facebook photos:
Aiden and Andrew:
Nana Joy arrived on Friday, it's a golfing weekend with her then she's off to Missouri.

AA's Book Report 6th Grade Book Cover and Letter to Ian

One of her book reports gave a choice as to how to report out. She chose making a new book cover.
First, here's a letter AA wrote to Ian for encouragement and I printed out the "Fourth Be With You" for Saturday, 05/04/19 to give him. He was to be released from the hospital Saturday night.

For encouragement, a student wrote this to AA, to put a smile on her face during the week of FSA testing. A hole in one!
 Book Report had to be about WWII - Book Cover:
Book Cover Flaps:
Book Cover:

Friday, May 03, 2019

School Photos - 6th Grade!

6th Grade Photos!

Individual photo!

Saturday, April 27, 2019

April 21 - 27

AA PGA Jr. Team Meeting. Played with Penny on Wednesday, scored 39, fast play or 90 minutes. Gorgeous weather.
Dinner at Talon's on Wednesday with Maureen and Hugh, Kathy and Penny.
AA wore Ian's shirt on Thursday. Got a 98 on science test!
EH Rummage sale didn't work out for us, didn't sell or giveaway anything.
Got acceptance for OPJH for Wildcats program (pre-high school). AA wants to go to OPJH.
Friday Golf lesson and Fitness session, Coach Bryan has a good thing going, AA says she is sore after each session!
Saturday was the Clay County Math competition.
I am so behind posting this is all I could do!

Saturday, April 20, 2019

April Continues

04/10/19: JK visited with us at Talons as Kilee was at her dance class.

We received the art mouse pad, AA designed the art at school, very good!
AA is now walking her dog Ginger, which is a big help, we like the area called "Lick Skillet". Ginger can still drag us to the ground if she catches us unaware as she lunges after a squirrel!
Ford received the OPE message that we had completed our volunteer school hours! Yippe!
Monday, 04/15/19, Carolyn's birthday, I bought dinner from Gilberts (BBQ) after work and we enjoyed dinner together, plus I spent the night, so close to my work. Love visiting with her!
Wednesday, Thursday: AA played golf, had lesson, practice with the PGA Jr. team. I had the WPOA Board meeting.
Friday, I was off work, Good Friday, also no school. We were expecting a severe thunderstorm in the afternoon so golfing was just a round of nine at EH. We picked up Noah earlier than the agreed time of 2:00 p.m. as the storm was fast approaching. Noah and AA played at the house, fed them an easy lunch of sandwich, sushi and Caesar salad. We left at 5:00 p.m. for the Jacksonville Iceman playoff game.
What a fun game, mainly because we WON! Noah said he has been to several college and professional matches and this was the first time a home team won! Ford pointed out that number 11 (Newbury) was the oldest player and also the one who worked the hardest. New respect with his ice hockey ability!
Trying to take selfies!
Saturday, April 20th: We went furniture shopping early at Wayne's Fine Furniture, we ordered a Queen bed frame and mattress for our guest bedroom. Very happy we got that task done. This is the bed frame, we bought the foot end too:
We met with Penny at Talon's on Saturday at 5:00 p.m., the day before Easter. Hugh and Maureen were in Tampa area with a grandson, Kathy had her son and family in for the holiday, so we met Penny at Talons. Amazing it was not too crowded, not too noisy. We chatted about many topics, including Ford's recent discovery of a first cousin once removed (Morgan Howard) and Penny's first day as the volunteer coach for the EH PGA Jr. Team.
One funny story, was that when AA first met Penny, she thought she was so tall. Of course, AA at age 12 is now taller than Penny - so funny! Dinner: Rock lobster tacos:
Talons Nachos:
Happy Easter tomorrow!

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Yes, It was my Birthday!

I tried to play my birthday down, first thinking Ford and I could get away for a night, then realizing that couldn't happen, to again, just ignoring it. Cathy and Werner invited us to Sunday dinner as Aunt Linda was in town. Terri sent me a gift card for wine at Talon's, of course I have already used that all up!!! My Mom sent me money, so that will be put away for some new summer clothes, AA gave me a blueberry plant, very good choice and Ford bought me some new perfume and a cutting board! Leaa gave me a bottle of wine and of course, Cathy and Werner were sweet to celebrate my birthday with Linda's visit.
Ford made us a hearty breakfast and I opened my birthday cards! Thank you!