Friday, November 17, 2017

Another Week in November 13 - 17th

I worked another full week, ending number three! I found some old photos used in the final commissioning report, this one is of the control room (Power Block 1987):

Monday, 13th was typical, with Robotics. Ford and AA visited the River House and did her homework on Tuesday after playing some golf. She had a math test and science test late this week, she scored 100 and 95. She does study and review her work constantly. 
Wednesday, she played a practice round at Cimarrone, in very COLD, windy weather. Thursday was Robotics again, then Friday, she played nine holes with Penny. Ford made a homemade pizza, which I baked, then we took it to the River House for a relaxing Friday dinner (we didn't go to Liv's play as it would be a late night, AA needs her regular rest the night before a big tournament). The River House has changed, as Kelly L. is no longer there, Margie and Patti are part-time along with regular Ginger. Kelly P. is keeping things running, managing what I would expect is a difficult job. Not sure about harassment, but drunk men abound! 
I took this on Friday, the weather was warmer but still chilly on the deck:
The side deck is being repaired now:
Somehow a house boat got lose or grounded, not sure, been in front of the Palace for a week.
I found some old t-shirts from Leaa's high school days, gave them so that another generation may wear them. From Leaa's Facebook/Instagram: When @alysonmorgan8060 gives you t-shirts from storage and your musical obsessed daughter wants to wear them to school. #fullcircle
Ford sent this photo of last years Mum plant, to me while I was at work, a busy bee!
Friday, 111717, Livi was in a school play about the American Revolution. We did not attend, so Ford congratulated her by phone. The Cruce family is traveling to Washington D.C. then to Cara and Travis' for Thanksgiving - and to see baby Pearl!
Saturday, AA has a NFJG Tournament at Cimarrone, the new Elite Foundation is a challenge with 18 holes from either red or green tee box. Twelve kids (boys and girls) total so hoping she has a good round, she always says she will do her best!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Ford's Birthday - Sunday!

The BIG 66th! We began our day with a breakfast casserole, fresh slices of Maine apples and some apple cider for breakfast. Ford opened his gifts which ranged from iTunes gift card, socks and a jalapeno plant (all from AA), assorted beers, Metro Diner gift card, frying pan, black polo shirt from me. I then took some casserole to Nancy and Frank (she had surgery last week) and her wedding photos Ford took. A great morning catching up on my monthly WPOA duties too!

AA loves Elmo - he's holding her homemade card for her Daddy:
We then drove to Leaa's home, celebrated some more with a BBQ luncheon. Had a good visit with BBQ provided by Leaa and her famous macaroni and cheese, plus lots of sides from Marsha and Cathy (we brought Cowboy Beans and the sheet cake). And Ford received some nice bottles as gifts too (thank you Marsha and Cathy).
Homemade "Nana Joy's" sheet cake:
I asked them to pose and they did a good job!
Then to the Conch House to hear Jesse play in the afternoon {Spartina Band}. Dylan sang with her Daddy, then right after we left, she played drums for one song, she loves the stage! All the girls had free roam, and Dylan and AA hooked up a few times:
Singer Dylan with Daddy:
After we left, since it was the closing hours on Ford's birthday, we stopped on the way home at the Ancient City Brewery for a beer. We were shocked to see the Jaguar football game still on as we were listening to the radio when the game was almost over and Jaguars had surely lost! Surprise! Overtime. And they won. We enjoyed watching those few minutes as we don't seem to get to watch Sunday football anymore. A fun way to finish the day! 
We enjoyed hearing our lovely granddaughter Dylan singing with her Daddy, Jesse. Very sweet. Ford had a wonderful birthday today, daughter Leaa made it all possible, we love you dear daughter. I think that is the most we have celebrated his birthday in four years!!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Ford's Birthday Weekend - Part 2!

Celebrating Ford began on Friday evening with Carolyn bringing AA home with a home baked "dump cake". Then Saturday morning, while AA was at Robotics Team workshop, we made Cowboy BBQ beans and a chocolate sheet cake for Sunday. Then off to Maggie's Herb Farm so that Ford could pick out his gift of pepper plants. Unfortunately, they only had datil plants (his least favorite) but he did buy two. He may make the vinegar hot sauce with the datil peppers for family. We bought a few herbs and then headed home. We stopped at the Outback Crab Shack to take a few photos, it has been torn down. We made sandwiches for dinner at the River House and met up with Penny, Hugh, Maureen (Palace) and Kathy (Capri). We enjoyed our visit, very windy evening so sat inside, the temperature was in high 60's, but the wind and humidity made it feel like a cooler night.
Ford at Maggie's Herb Farm; about 29 chickens were clucking all around us!

Many butterflies were enjoying the farm:
Daddy and Daughter time.....
We bought a "Vicks" plant - yes, they make vicks vapor rub from it!
The final planter with new pepper plants and herbs (thyme). AA bought Ford a jalapeno plant for his birthday (at Walmart with Carolyn) too, so all ended up in same pot.
The Outback Crab Shack is no longer; we used to gather for Easter Sunday family dinner's and Marsha and Carl hosted Leaa and Jesse's rehearsal dinner there. This show the path/walkway that goes to the very long dock on the Six Mile Creek:
Back home we had baths and are ready for Ford's REAL birthday day - Sunday!

Friday, November 10, 2017

Finished My 2nd Week of Work

My work week at APTIM (SJRPP plant) was only four days due to the Plant's Veteran's Holiday observed on Friday. 
Thursday evening, Carolyn came and picked up AA for the one night sleep over. Not sure what they did in addition to shopping for AA's Daddy's birthday. 
Thursday for dinner, Ford and I decided to try the local micro-brewery Pinglehead ( at the Brewer's Pizza restaurant ( We know several friends who frequent this place and we have never been (opened in 2011). Since AA was with Carolyn, we went and ate pizza and drank peer. I tried a flight of IPA's or similar. One tasted just like Budweiser (yuk!!). Otherwise we enjoyed the pizza, good crust (chose the hand-tossed). It's a rather small place with only one TV!

Carolyn sent this picture of them in the Walmart Thursday evening. They were having fun!!
I was to work part of Friday at home but didn't get past the first hour. I needed to run errands (dog food, gifts, groceries, cards, etc) for the weekend and for Ford's birthday, took Ginger on a long walk (hadn't done that all week), picked through and disposed of two weeks of mail, planned the week with Ford and did general pick up until Carolyn arrived with AA at 3:30 p.m. Time flew! I still have ironing to do, cooking for Ford's party ( Leaa's on Sunday). Always lots to do!
Carolyn woke on Friday morning to an opossum dying in her back yard. She decided to let the poor creature die and then brought it to our dumpster. I had to look up the spelling to be sure: The opossum is a marsupial of the order Didelphimorphia endemic to the Americas. The largest order of marsupials in the Western Hemisphere, it comprises 103 or more species in 19 genera.
Friday morning, AA and Carolyn baked a cherry dump cake for Ford's birthday - yummy! We all had a piece when they arrived back home. Ford was thrilled, we sang happy birthday and sampled the cake. AA baking at Carolyn's home:
Ford blowing out the candles:
The cake - Made by AA!
All happy! BIG thank you to Carolyn for having AA over night and doing so much! Ford and AA needed to run to her PGA Team practice and then nine holes with Tyler Mawhinney and Dad Joe.
Ford also received a box of Maine apples in the mail from my Mom. We love Maine, fresh apples for apple pie (I will make for Ford) and AA loves eating them on the golf course. Thank you Mom!!
For dinner, we made twice baked potatoes for the first time in "forever". They were delicious and easy. But very filling (fattening!). 
Ford's birthday isn't until Sunday, so more surprises for him to come!

Sunday, November 05, 2017

Wrapping Up the First Weekend in November!

Saturday, AA went to her OPE Robotics' Team practice competition; Jane's Mom Jill, was sweet to pick up AA. It was an all day event, but Ford picked her up a little early so she could play in the EH PGA Jr. Team scrimmage against San Jose. It has been beautiful weather, today about 80 degrees, only one cold spell so far. This past week and next week will stay in the 70's and sunny. This is also time change weekend - Fall Back Sunday. 
Eagle Harbor won with a score of 11.5 flags to 0.5 (one half) flag. AA was paired with Tyler M. for all nine holes.

San Jose Scramble scores:
We went to the River House for a late drink and to see the lower deck, part of it is finished and has tables on it; more to finish the entire restoration.
Sunday, AA had another Eagle Harbor PGA Jr. Team match, at home, Eagle Harbor. She was paired with Ryan H. EH won again with 11.5 flags to 0.5 for UNF. Ford was able to speak to Coach Lynne Kirkpatrick (she is a rules official with NFJG since the summer of 2007, she is the NFJG Duval County Middle School Golf Coordinator and the TEE IT UP Coordinator, and currently an LPGA Teaching Instructor at the GolfPlex @ University of North Florida, and the Head Golf Coach for the Bishop Kenny High School Girl’s golf team).
AA with Ryan H. and the UNF team/girls:
Saturday, I pretty much did household chores and ironing clothes for my work week. I am never caught up and was remiss at sending several birthday cards this week. With me working, I am in panic mode for Ford's birthday next weekend, don't have time on the evenings to go shopping with AA. 
I did make a new recipe for Clam Chowder on Sunday, using flour to thicken it and milk rather than heavy cream; it was pretty good, I added fresh corn for AA! I didn't go to the Sunday golf team match as I had a headache until about 3:00 p.m. And, we all missed church! I spent more time with Ginger, she really misses us when we are away, she gets very demanding for hugs and rubs; she missed me this past week while I was working!
Maine News: A few pictures from Maine family and the BIG news was that they had a wind storm that ended up worse than an ice storm, no power for five days!! Friday evening, Melissa babysat Stella, my High School friend's dog (Ray Walsh)
Saturday evening they got their power back and Andrew, Britney and Chloe came up early Sunday with breakfast and cleaned the roof and raked. They are wonderful, helping Melissa and Mom.
So cute seeing Mom read to her great-granddaughter Chloe:
Cousins came to visit: Merrill, Hilary and Joan Park.

Friday, November 03, 2017

This Week went by FAST!

The week flew by for me, not sure about for Ford and AA. I am working on the SJRPP/JEA Decommissioning Team with APTIM. Wednesday, AA golfed nine holes and scored a 38, her lowest for nine holes from red tees.
Thursday, November 2nd, after AA's Robotics Team, was very unexciting: they had baths, made bruschetta for dinner and I came home pretty late each evening. Friday, AA played nine holes with Ms. Penny and then went to the Eagle Harbor PGA Jr. Team photo session. We chatted briefly with Kerri and Joe M., while Tyler and AA waited for the Elite team's turn.

Ryan H. (with club) and AA waiting their turn.
Group photos (AA is back row next to Coach):
Coach Bryan leaned over and congratulated AA on her win last weekend at the King and Bear.
We now wait for copies of the official photos come in the mail.