Sunday, April 29, 2018

Livi's 12th Birthday Party hosted by Marsha and Carl Cruce

Pool party at Mimi and Carl's home, beautiful weather, lots of food and Livi is 12 years old.
The pool seemed a little chilly at first, but the kids all jumped in!

Jordan, Nicole, Werner and Cathy:
Liv with Avery on her lap, blowing out her birthday candle:
The group gathered around while Livi opens her gifts (Justin had already left for Kilee's dance competition and Marsha took this photo). AA bought her an iTunes gift card, we sent her a L.L. Bean back pack.
I caught Mila on camera as her Daddy Jordan told her to actually swim, not hang onto the pool as much; she looked at me with a grin, so I snapped a few good ones.

Marsha purchased a ping-pong table thinking it was more adult size, really was a kids size. Still worked great, as the kids played with it alot.
Family fun!

New Recipe - Broccoli Slaw - Homemade!

Made broccoli slaw for first time for Liv's birthday family dinner. Not too bad, everyone said they liked. The longest was chopping the broccoli into the very small florets. We bought the match stick carrots, so no chopping there. Overall, a winner recipe.

Made the dressing using Justin's home gathered honey:
You leave out the bacon until right before serving, mix it in, and it's ready! Yummy!

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Eagle Harbor Drive, Chip and Putt Combine Competition!

Coach Bryan organized a Drive Chip and Putt Combine and Alyzabeth won the most points! She placed tied for second with Ryan Houck (then lost the playoff so received 3rd place in Putting), 1st place in chipping and 1st PLACE OVERALL!

Pizza time!
Ryan and AA putting:
Receiving first place overall medal from Coach Bryan:
Most of the kids who participated:
AA with her three medals, two ball caps, a Masters ball marker, a Masters golf bag towel and a Master's yellow flag!
The winner's loot!
Medals - Gold Overall; Gold for Chipping and Bronze for Putting:
AA's official DCP appointment is in July, hoping for a top 3 place to move to the Regional competition.
From Facebook: AA had another great week (except for her annual Doctor's visit, three shots later and feeling poorly for 12 hours afterwards; she bounced back!). She was awarded the 5th Grade Student of the Month (this months Citizenship trait - Fairness) and she won the Eagle Harbor Golf Course Drive, Chip and Putt Combine (a practical three hour experience/practice for the real DCP contest). Coach Bryan did an excellent job organizing the combine, never can be too ready for the DCP!

Friday, April 27, 2018

OPE Citizenship of the Month

Student of the Month! Outstanding Citizenship - Being Fair.
Another award, wonderful having a child who behaves well in school. Proud of this recognition for the trait fairness! I am glad she has the ability to treat others fairly and knows "the right thing to do".

Four more weeks of school then summer break begins. Still trying to plan a few trips beside the World's in Pinehurst the end of July. 

Sunday, April 22, 2018

NFJG Titlist St. Johns Golf Course (CR 207)

AA is playing in the last Spring 2018 NFJG tournament.
Round 1 score 88 which included five (5) double bogeys. Round 2 was not lower so finished in 4th place. She was only one stroke from 3rd place (many 16 and 17 year old in this rising girls group). The weather was nice, cloudy and only low 70's. Summer humidity is not here yet, thankfully!

Score table round 1:
Round 2: Sunday 04/22/18
Once they arrived home we relaxed and ate leftover tacos from last night, plus beans and my buttermilk corn muffins:
Another golf tournament completed! Now to use her ladies clubs!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

U.S. Kids Golf Regional April 14/15

Ford and AA were gone for six days! Two travel days, two days for practice rounds, two day tournament and one day - a very cold day at Colonial Williamsburg Park! Third place overall! Good enough to get her back to the U.S. Kids Golf Worlds!

{could not rotate this photo - stumped me!}
Tyler playing a game, enjoying some down time:
Practice round:
Official photo:

Colonial Williamsburg on Monday, the 16th:
Drawing with pencil:
Tyler and AA, was a very cold day!

Colonial Williamsburg U.S. Kids Golf Scores:

Golden Horseshoe - Gold Course (Started on #1)ParBirdieEagleAceBogey+

Golden Horseshoe - Gold Course (Started on #1)

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Miscellaneous April! Birthday and School

I am behind keeping the blog current. So this is a catch up post while I write separate posts about Livi's theatrical debut in Cinderella, the Clay County Fair and the Colonial Williamsburg U.S. Kids Golf Regional.Tournament.
Since Ford and Alyzabeth were away, my birthday was with Carolyn and MIL Joy in Okeechobee. We always relax and enjoy our weekends with Joy.
This visit was a little different as we rarely eat out, however a local restaurant gives free meals on your birthday! So we took advantage of that offer for lunch on Saturday. Carolyn's birthday was Sunday and we swam in the pool again, Joy baked a quiche and we packed and headed on the road. We did hit a strong thunderstorm, but didn't last too long.
Showing Carolyn Lake Okeechobee:

Heading to the pool on Joy's golf cart:
 Pool time!
Kilee's 8th grade prom!!
Windy spring, at the River House, flags at half-mast for former First Lady Barbara Bush.
The banana tree Carolyn gave us is coming to life, we thought it died, after our cold winter.
My herbs are doing well. I did lose a few basil bushes over the winter, but this sage and basil are in bloom!
For my birthday, AA gave me a Metro Diner gift card and Hubby Ford gave me a new watch, a jewelry case and a new Starbucks coffee canister. Love them all!
AA received her class photo - 5th grade!! Shes smiling!
Always busy, at home and work, so not blogging as much. I do well some weeks and not so great these past few weeks.