Sunday, March 11, 2018

Spring Break Sunday - Breakfast and Pool

We had a lazy morning with the time change - spring forward. Didn't make it to church :( 
We met with Kenny and Pam Davis for breakfast at the Island Diner (first time) to chat over all that has happened. We haven't visited since before Christmas. Their dog, Buddy was sick and died right before Christmas, Pam's Mom was hospitalized during Christmas, then again in January, and then died. That was right after Pam's second granddaughter was born in January, Charlotte James. She has shed many tears and her Dad's health is not good, so many trips home on the weekend (she will be bringing him here over Easter for two weeks). It was good to chat and hopefully a promise of another visit after this week.
We drove to Carolyn's to give her a used laptop Ford found/bought. We let Ford stay home and Ginger rode along with us. Ginger likes to run in Carolyn's back yard. AA took a few tries to jump in the pool - so cold at 72 degrees! Carolyn turned on the pool heater this morning but not enough time to warm it up. AA trying to convince herself to jump in:

Thinking about jumping in:
See Carolyn's expression? COLD!! The sun was warm, that's where I stayed! Carolyn and AA played in the pool for about 20 minutes, they were brave!!
From Facebook: Aunt Carolyn Redmond is in the pool with AA! A very cold water temperature 72 degrees! Too cold for me. Ginger just looks on, not a brave puppy either.
We chatted with Carolyn on her pool patio (told her the summary of the Leaa's DNA story), had a glass of champagne, then visited with her foster kittens. Another good day!

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