Monday, February 12, 2018

Monday February 12, 2018 School, Robotics, Library, River House, Dinner and SURPRISE!

Monday was nice temperature, with clouds and some rain showers. Still a wonderful winter day. After school and Robotics Club, Ford and AA went to the library and then home to meet me at the River House. We made a new recipe of Slow Cooker White Chicken Chili which included a can of full-fat coconut milk! It was really good! (I may add a can of white beans next time). So good! 
From Facebook: Yesterday was a milestone this family knew would happen soon. Didn't know when. Just knew that AA was so close. Always close. Such a fickle game. Consistency, repeatably, course conditions, equipment, weather, skill technique; all changes each day, each course, each hole. She made it under "80" for the first time from adult tees (red) in a TOURNAMENT! A Very Hard Course - North Hampton! Sweet Daddy-Caddie bought a cake to surprise her tonight. She knows that this is a new beginning. Big 79 to AA! Happy 2nd place among 18 boys and girls (ages 9 - 14).
Delicious cake! 79!!

Happy girl!
While we were all being silly and happy, I snapped some more photos of our girl and her puppy!
Ginger is all over AA - she's so big, she occasionally squishes and stomps on AA! A few pains for all this love!!
Happy week!!

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