Thursday, January 04, 2018

It's the New Year! 2018

It has been an exceptionally COLD week! Low's between 26 - 33 degrees have kept us inside more than usual. No golfing until Saturday the 6th, then a NFJG tournament on the 7th. Then we will have 10 days in the 60's with low's in the 40's. Much BETTER!!

Work has been going well, the last day for SJRPP to exist is January 5th. I managed the decommissioning of the TECO gas line in the FREEZING weather! 
My Mom sent me two potholders I sewed years ago as gifts; since she used them for show, thought I might like them back. Yes!
My Mom also sent AA a thermal lunch box that is a L.L. Bean bag - very cute! Will be handy on our road trips as we always pack lunches and snacks.
Now the long story: Auntie Jean from Maine, sent AA a gift on 12/20/17, priority mail. Auntie Jean sent us a few messages saying it was on the way - through San Francisco!!! It was to arrive on 12/23/17 and we did receive it on January 2nd!! Nice photo frame for her golfing pictures. Wonder if the USPS gives refunds! Or as Auntie Jean said, she got her money's worth for the cross-country trip it took!
Friday, I was able to leave work by 4:00 p.m. so we went to the River House for some relaxing. Very quiet there. Then on Saturday, after AA golfed (a practice round with Coach Bryan, Braillan and Ryan H.), we met with Maureen and Hugh, and Kathy at 5:00 p.m. Well, what a difference! 
A wedding party was holding their reception and it was noisy, busy and packed. We enjoyed our time there with bar tender Ginger, but needed to shout most of the time! It's still a very Happy New Year!

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