Thursday, March 23, 2017

Spring Break Thursday Continued (with Connor)

After touring the Catty Shack (and each of them buying a new ball cap), we went to Memorial Park (near Riverside/Five Points) then to Boone Park then to Hawkers Asian Restaurant. 
At Memorial Park, we just stretched our legs and enjoyed the wide open lawn along the river.

Boone Park - Lots of fun, the playground equipment was scaled for up to 12 years old, so plenty of high climbing!
Fun swing plus lots of different rides to get dizzy on!
AA had fallen the past Tuesday (while playing tag with local family's grandson near our home) so she was a bit gingerly with a bad elbow, knee and hand.
Early dinner at Hawkers Street Fare:
Good eating!
Our fun day ended with Connor's parents picking him up at the River House where we proceeded to chat for a couple of hours (well past our 7:00 p.m. children-are-to-be-gone time!). Courtney, Connor and AA played outside even with the wind howling. We enjoyed some drinks and chatting over lots of topics. Fun family!

Spring Break - Catty Shack: Lions and Tigers!

We spent a half day with friend Connor Williams going to the Catty Shack on the Northside (Oceanway) of Jacksonville. We had read about this sanctuary and was looking forward to a visit. With a cloudy and possibly rainy day, we still planned to go with our umbrellas and rain coats. Fortunately, nothing more than a sprinkle or two all day. Standing by the road sign:

Beginning of the tour; also watched a video of the sanctuary before entering the main gate to the animals.
The first few cages were impressive and the tour guide was very informative.
Each cage had a name plate sign with information about the individual animal and how it was acquired by the sanctuary.
The coatimundis were acquired because some college students thought they would make good pets but found out that a wild animal is a WILD animal!
Tigers!! One cage had five tigers together. The tour guide told many stories about how the animals ended up in the same cage or alone.
We enjoyed the tour which can take up to an hour and a half, but overall, there is not much to see after the tour, so a two hour visit was plenty for us. A worthwhile cause and all looked very well kept. As we were leaving, the third tour was underway, packed: about 40 people per tour, so it has a great following.
{just a note that our photo editing program is corrupted, so there are raw pictures, to touching up this week!}

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spring Break! Ms. Penny at Amelia Ocean Links - Tuesday

It was exciting for AA to finally play Ms. Penny Reynen's favorite golf course. Ford drove her to the course and watched them play; he marveled at how EVERYONE knew Ms. Penny and greeted her warmly. EVERYONE! A beautiful course with many beach views. They played all 18 holes. What fun!!

Beautiful day for golfing!
Ms. Penny helps AA with much guidance of her game.
What views!
Fun playing together - we are grateful for her time and effort to our AA.
Growing young lady!
I was glad that Ford took the good camera and took so many nice photos.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Carolyn's Puppy Fayah RIP 03/18/2017

We had sad news that Carolyn's sweet Fayah died on Saturday evening (18th). While I was painting with Carolyn, she thought Fayah was struggling and possibly may have pneumonia so took her to the Vet in the afternoon. She decided it was time for Fayah to be out of pain, so March 18th is the day she died. So sad as Carolyn loved her fur baby. A few pictures we had from the past four years.

And here is the last photo I took of her on Saturday, 03/18/17: 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sunday - Top Golf with LPGA Girls Golf

AA's coach is involved with the local girls golf and mentioned that they were hosting a free event to try out the new TopGolf venue in Jacksonville. AA signed up and enjoyed playing.

A huge group attended!
AA was originally paired with some very young kids, but Coach Kathy came and gave AA her own bay to hit balls. They didn't play any of the games, so we will go back and have some more fun!
The plans were for AA to spend the night at sister Leaa's home and see Beauty and the Beast with Livi and Dylan, but not to be. Turned out they were exposed to hair lice, so at the time decided to postpone the plans. We will head off this afternoon to see it with her Daddy and Mommy - me!
It was a great movie with tons of music, singing and a few disjointed scenes, but overall a stunning show. The actual story-line, if you dive in deep, may not be what our diverse culture demands today, so take it as a fairy tale and enjoy!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

March 13th - St. Patrick's Day! - March 18th Saturday

We are now having a touch of winter and are running our heat! Thursday was the coldest, down to 35 degrees and only in the 50's during the day. Brrrr!!!
AA has had a typical week in spite of the cold. I am glad I finally broke down and bought her a new L.L. Bean winter jacket, has a hood and zip out liner, really nice. Monday was robotics club after school and her "Winner, Winner, Salmon Dinner". She went to her piano lesson at Jesse's on Tuesday and I made meatloaf and tried smashed cauliflower (fake mashed potatoes). Not very good, I didn't puree the cauliflower, maybe next time if I try it again.
Wednesday, she played nine holes with Lauren and Sarah. It was chilly but AA said it was nice in the sun. A crisp sunny day. Homemade pizza was dinner.
Thursday: It was still cool but sunny out so AA played nine holes with Ms. Penny. We also received in the mail a set of U.S. Kids Golf clubs (Tour 57") from Doug Dewitt - slightly used and at a great price. This is the next set that AA will grow into soon. I made our delicious taco soup and corn muffins (and took leftovers to Carolyn's for our lunch).

 Friday: St. Patty's Day! I thought it was early dismissal for school but found out the school calendar changed since the last time I looked at it! It is the beginning of spring break, so we still took AA out of school early as we had a practice round of 18 holes already scheduled at Oak Marsh.  I made corned beef and cabbage in the crock pot and went to Carolyn's for about four hours to help her paint her spare bedroom.
Saturday: AA played in an 18 hole tournament FJT at Amelia island - Oak Marsh. It was the first time FJT offered a tournament for younger kids ages 10 - 12. I headed back to Carolyn's for half a day, more painting!
AA played average - she said she should have done better, didn't have a really bad hole, just seemed "all over the place" today. We were hoping for a score in the high 80's for her first 18 hole tournament from the ladies red tees (the only other one was a U.S. Kids Regional that was shorter distance). Today, her not making par on the Par 3's is what made the higher score. From the Ladies Tee's she needs to make those, the shortest holes suits her skill level right now.  She self-caddied also - a big FIRST!! She did well being the youngest - tied for 10th (the other youngest her age, placed 11th). All the other girls were older (11 or 12 years old). We all had a laugh afterwards talking about how she scared off her tee time partners/pairings. One withdrew right before the tournament and the other played five holes, said she was nauseous and left! So one of the threesome in front of her stayed behind and played the rest of the round - Ann Burel. AA has played with her a while ago in the Orlando U.S. Kids Golf local series.
Ann Burel:
Good try for a first tournament of this length and self-caddying!
Back to golfing: I found this Golf statistic, posting just to save it.
Next up is fun time Sunday at Top Golf with other girl golfers!