Monday, February 27, 2017

NFJG Tournament - Cimarrone St. Johns County - Winner!

AA played very well except for a scoring issue on Hole 2, Par 3. She and Caddie Daddy had a rules issue and didn't call anyone for help, so took several penalty strokes and a 7 score. Her drive landed in a HOLE, a great drive if there hadn't been that hole(s) on the fairway edge. This caused Caddie Daddy to muddle his way with the rules by taking an unplayable penalty, then AA dropped the ball into another hole a club length away and took a swing at it as they didn't know what else to do. Ford asked Jack after the round and found out AA would have made par or maybe bogey if he had called for a rules official. Good thing it didn't affect the outcome, but next time ask for help!

A win is a win!
From Tour Director Jack's Newsletter:
Twelve Foundation players would hit the tee this week with nine players in the Boys Division and three players in the Girls Division.  Mathew French would display his dominance once again as his superior two over par 38 would bring home his fourth win of the season.  Cole Taylor would struggle early, but once he figured out the greens he would make a charge at the leader birding two of his last three holes. It was a charge worth talking about, but it would end up two strokes short. Taylor would proudly display his runner-up Silver Medal. Emmet Kuhlenkamp (41) would bring home the Bronze Medal.
On the girls side of the Foundation Alyzabeth Morgan would capture the Gold with a 47.  This would be Morgan’s seventh win. Her fine play would be enough to outshine Leah Shatley by four strokes. Shatley would receive the Silver Medal.  Libby Williams playing in her first NFJG TOUR event would gain some great TOUR experience, so welcome aboard and we look forward to watching you grow.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Jacksonville Zoo with Connor W.

We had a glorious Saturday at the zoo with Connor, a schoolmate from OPE (they played together last October at the local church festival). When we first arrived, I needed to check in at the member desk to pick up our new annual membership. From Facebook: Fun day at the #JacksonvilleZoo! Crowded and lively! Kudos to the Zoo employees who managed the wait lines and moved us through so fast. The #LEGO displays were awesome! Had a blast with Connor, nice boy - Edilyn Torralba Williams - he's polite and enjoyable to be around. We could have stayed longer, so much to see and these two kids enjoyed every exhibit!
First photo near the LEGO polar bears:

The animal exhibits all looked very well, many statutes and artist sculptures along with the LEGOs; we did not see them all. We spent most of the day and hurried a bit. An entire day is needed to see everything and to appreciate the gardens.
Polar Bear LEGO sculpture:
Many birds, ducks, flamingos, etc:
We rode the train three times between the main station and the Trout River Pavilion (near Asia):
In Asia, Connor and AA; lots of bamboo plus the Koi pond.
A LEGO Dodo bird:
Ponderstone sculpture made of glass globes:
Swan LEGO:
Tiger feeding:
Alyzabeth took this photo with her phone camera:
So much to see - I think Connor took a thousand pictures!
Cute poster to pose in front of:
A playground with a huge elephant:
On the train:
Petting the sting rays:
The carousel ride:
On the train, this photo is the animal that AA rode on the carousel:
We ate tacos for lunch and for our final snack, we each had an ice cream cone. Connor and AA chose some wild colorful ice cream! Turned their teeth blue!
It was a great time and we really appreciated the zoo staff who handled the huge crowds today. Since I bought an annual pass, we will definitely go again soon!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

This and That - The Usual Routine Week of February 21st

The weeks fly by with mostly routine activities. With robotics on Monday's and no horse lessons for awhile, it actually makes for an easier week - and this past Monday was President's Day and AA was in the two-day NFJG tournament
This week, I attended the WPOA Board meeting while Ford and AA went to Jesse's for AA's weekly music lesson; then it rained on Wednesday so AA did not play with Lauren and then on Thursday, Ms. Penny had to break her appointment with AA due to some work that took longer than expected. It happens in the winter here, that a few days will go by with weather unsuitable to golf. AA went to her golf lesson on Friday with Coach Kathy and then played a quick nine at Cimarrone, where her tournament is this Sunday.
I broke out my sewing basket (actually a wooden cubby-storage table from Aunt Elsie); I repaired AA's riding gloves and two tops; it's been awhile since I did some manual sewing: 

We continue to cook dinners each day, trying many new recipes. I baked a new ziti casserole and then made this bean soup; was very good, similar to Ford's white beans and ham; so will save it.
We had a HUGE flock of robins visit us; they hung around the neighborhood for a few days and then were gone. At one point there were six taking a bath in our bird bath. The Weigand's captured them on video, so fun to watch.
I did a TBT with this pillow that E-E made me. It has a zipper in the back, can remove the foam pillow.
AA decided that she would not be using all the LEGO sets that she spent much time building. Once built it is hard to store them and play with them. So we donated them to the Florida United Methodist Children's Home/Madison Youth Ranch campus. Hope they enjoy them!
Instruction manuals and a tub full of parts.
On Saturday, February 25th, I took AA and friend Connor to the zoo while Ford and son Justin cleaned out one of our storage units. One more to go!

Monday, February 20, 2017

NFJG Tournament at Hidden Hills and Oak Bridge - President's Day

This holiday weekend is a two day tournament. Our girl stays busy!! The first day was at Hidden Hills. Lynne Kirkpatrick was sweet to speak to AA before and ask about AA's best score there, we think it was high 40's. Lynne said that this will be the day she conquers Hidden Hills. After round one, AA left the scoring table and Lynne ran up to AA and said you conquered the Hills!! AA had her best round at Hidden Hills with a birdie and a few pars! She tied her best score at all courses from the ladies tees.

Playing with all Foundation Kids - boys and girls, from the ladies red tees.
Round 2 was held at Oak Bridge Club. The Oak Bridge Club has been a part of the Ponte Vedra Beach community since 1973 when the golf course originally opened. Designed by World Golf Hall of Fame member Arnold Palmer and renowned architect Ed Seay, this fun and challenging 18 hole 6413 yard course remains whole.
AA won with another great score! A well deserved first place. She works with Coach Kathy who has recently corrected a few minor issues with her swing. Not much, but has given AA an even better short game. Congrats to our sweet golfer!
Photos from NFJG site:
Winners in the Boys 10 - 12 year group:
From NFJG Director Jack:
 The traditional “President’s Invitational” was recently played at Hidden Hills Golf Club, formally called “Hidden Hills Country Club” and was shared this year with “The Oak Bridge Club” formally called the Country Club of Ponte Vedra.
 In the Foundation Tour, the boys and girls would tee it up together and vie for the first place trophy. Alyzabeth Morgan came out of the blocks with a vengeance lapping the field by nine strokes with her fine opening round of 42. Morgan would birdie the par-5 4th hole and par three others. Anderson Palm would be the next closest competitor with 51 followed by Ryan Houck with 55. 
During round two, Morgan would continue to show her tour experience as she kept a steady pace and control of her very comfortable lead. Aiden Clark, well back would still give Morgan a run for her money for the low round of the day, but Morgan would prevail with the low 46 to come out with an 88 winner. Anderson Palm 16 strokes back would be the Runner up and Aiden Clark would be the third place winner.

I wanted to save these notes about Hidden Hills, a very difficult course, an Arnold Palmer design:
No. 1 – 380 yards, Par-4 – “It's really hard to tell what state you are in from the first tee,” says Libby. Stately pine trees -- many planted back in the 1960s -- run down the right side of the course. Try to favor the left side as the best approach to a green that slopes right to left.
No. 2 – 415 yards, Par-4 – You're going to think about Donald Ross on this dogleg left with its tabletop fairway with drop-offs left and right. You'll be hitting between trees on both sides to an elevated green. While this is a hole where you can run your ball up to the green, you cannot miss left because it is almost impossible to get up and down. Most greens at Hidden Hills have plenty of undulation, and this is one of them.
No. 3 – 435 yards, Par-4 – Watch out for the water down the left side;that could make this a tough driving hole. Hook left and you are wet; if you go too far right, you'll be out of bounds. Accuracy down the middle is a premium on this hole. There is only a single grass bunker near the green on the right, and you are encouraged to stay left.
No. 4 – 541 yards, Par-5 – On this 90-degree dogleg left, most players hit an iron off the deck without a tee. “No matter what you hit, it's always the same distance – 250-280 yards – coming into the hole,” says Libby. There are two lakes on this hole, one to the left and one on the right that comes into play on the second shot. Long hitters can sometimes make it in two. If you lay up, it's like having to hit a par-4 green in two shots. Watch out for the greenside bunker front left.
No. 5 – 184 yards, Par-3 – When you reach this very elevated green here,you'll be at one of the highest points in Duval County. The green also slopes severely (a 15-foot break) so that the pin is never placed on the left side. Club selection here is very important and you should stay below the hole to give you the best chance with an uphill putt.
No. 6 – 499 yards, Par-5 – This is another sharp dogleg right, but that means it's possible for a long hitter to reach the green in two. But watch out for fairway bunkers that line the left side; the bunker farthest down the line has a pine tree in the middle that foils those who try to cut the corner. Pine trees and water guard the right side. A narrow landing area makes it tough to run this ball up on the green. Most players will lay up in two and hit a short iron for their third shot.
No. 7 – 181 yards, Par-3 – This is the most exciting par-3 on the course with water all the way. If you miss short, right or left, you are in the water.
No. 8 – 349 yards, Par-4 – On this, the most picturesque hole at Hidden Hills, you'll be hitting off the tee through a narrow slot through pines and oaks. There is a lot of Carolina feeling to this hole. Your second shot to a green with a bulkhead in front, is not for the faint of heart, especially if the pin is near that bulkhead. Keep an eye out here for wandering gators, although the staff works hard to keep them away. No. 9 – 388 yards, Par-4 – Fairway bunkers come into play as you head for the clubhouse turn, although most long hitters can carry them. Although tight, this is a driving hole for golfers of all levels. You'll be hitting to an elevated green guarded by a bunker on the left. If you come up short, a chip shot is out of the question and you'll have to hit a lofted wedge onto the green. As you've probably figured out by now,the lob wedge and the flop shot are weapons you want in your arsenal when playing Hidden Hills.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Saturday - Fun with Noah (President's Day Weekend)

After the early dismissal from school on Friday, AA had a golf lesson with Coach Kathy; they worked on her chipping, one thing, keeping the club in plane, now sweeping out of plane. Then she had her Chinese language lesson with Miss Nancy L. And we treated ourselves to the River House as it was another BEAUTIFUL day! {a bit chilly, but sunny and perfect winter day}.
Saturday has become a standing date with AA's friend Noah W. {Noah is 11 months younger than AA. He made the school deadline date for kindergarten, and AA had missed it the year before. He's the youngest in her grade; she is one of the oldest.} They play Minecraft remotely and enjoy bantering about who did what wrong, or who deleted something or where to build next, etc. All beyond us! Since I planned to take AA to see the ASCE movie Dream Big at the IMAX at noon, I asked Noah if he would come. I assumed the movie would be fairly boring so a friend would at least ease the pain! Turned out to be enjoyable and about a third of the audience were preteens and teens. AA was surprised (as we all were) about the Great Wall of China having sticky rice in the mortar; allowed for slight expansion/movement being build on the mountain knife edge. AA said the entire day was fun, loved having someone to run around in the Hall of Fame together.
I really enjoyed the movie, it was 3D so had some wild dizzy moments. Great stories describing amazing engineering feats, buildings, space stations, bridges, transportation, preventing earthquake building damages through new soil analysis and building designs; also how youth (and college age) are involved in engineering team challenges to create and innovate; highlighting several mentors who make learning fun. When I was in college, we only had one team competition - the concrete canoe race! Kids now have technology and mentors who coach them through difficult problem solving. Good movie for everyone - and only 45 minutes long.

Heading into the IMAX theater:
In front of movie poster:
I loved the music "One Day" by Matisyahu. Great bouncy reggae music and the words reminded me of the message in John Lennon's Imagine.
After the movie, no one was hungry so we headed into the Golf Hall of Fame museum. They completed a fun scavenger hunt (Q&A), some putting and then lunch at the cafe. They both ordered a Caesar salad - two peas in a pod! Beginning of Hall of Fame:
Fun leaderboard - put your name up on the board:
You can electronically put your name on a trophy and have it sent to you by email:
The winners' podium similar to Olympics Rio (a new exhibit with Olympic theme):
They enjoyed a Sweet Frog Frozen Yogurt on Fleming Island right before meeting back up with Noah's parents. AA ate every drop!
Fun day for me - hope it was fun for both kids!