Sunday, December 10, 2017

NFJG Plantation Bay/Prestwick at Ormond Beach - And it is COLD!!

Outside temperatures this morning were in the 30's!! AA's tee time was 9:22 a.m. then moved 30 minutes due to the golf course manager postponing the start. 
I did not go, so the word came back from Ford and AA was that they did not freeze even though it was very cold in the shade; it did warm a little while in the sun. Better than yesterday's team tournament, where it was cloudy, windy, damp and no sun!
Alyzabeth did pretty good, placed second, just one stroke behind the winner (a boy, 6th grade).
She had several double bogeys that made the difference on the front nine, then a penalty stroke on the last hole to get relief. So very close to the big win! The course was hilly and very long walking between holes. Ford said it was the longest course he has walked. Also, both boys families (and the boys) chatted the entire time; again, getting to know different families, it is unusual to have the player and Caddie chat constantly!
Kevin Glynn announcing the awards.

Scores, she placed between the Elliott brothers:
The top three!
From Jack's Newsletter - Story by: Mike Charrie
While players are still likely thinking about all the twists and turns, and tricky situations at our last event at Hidden Hills, we continue the torture tour at the equally, if not even slightly tougher Prestwick Course at Plantation Bay in Ormond Beach. Rolling fairways, water everywhere, and many blind shots (sometimes even twice a hole), and speedy greens made this course a challenge and any all competitors. For sure the players had their work cut out for them once again this week. The course is not long, only 6500 from the tips, but the course rating was 71.7 and a slope of 144! Go to show you a course does not have to be long to be tough. Added to the tough course condition was the temperature which drop over the last few days didn't lend any favoritism to playing either. However, the players and spectators were much more prepared this time versus last week. Everyone came bundled up with their beanies and gloves, and some spectators even had blankets! 
Foundation Elite: The Elliott brothers had a strong showing in this division with Lucas Elliott (83) taking first place, and Mateo Elliott (87) finishing in third, while Alyzabeth Morgan (84) snuck in between the duo for a second place finish. Lucas Elliott now has two wins and a second place to his name and Mateo Elliott has a second and two third place finishes, in only three events for each! Morgan narrowly missed capturing her fourth win of the young season in this event, and has five top five finishes
Usually, golfing is over by now, depending on the tournaments available, but with her PGA Team in the city finals, more golfing later this week on Saturday!

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