Saturday, November 11, 2017

Ford's Birthday Weekend - Part 2!

Celebrating Ford began on Friday evening with Carolyn bringing AA home with a home baked "dump cake". Then Saturday morning, while AA was at Robotics Team workshop, we made Cowboy BBQ beans and a chocolate sheet cake for Sunday. Then off to Maggie's Herb Farm so that Ford could pick out his gift of pepper plants. Unfortunately, they only had datil plants (his least favorite) but he did buy two. He may make the vinegar hot sauce with the datil peppers for family. We bought a few herbs and then headed home. We stopped at the Outback Crab Shack to take a few photos, it has been torn down. We made sandwiches for dinner at the River House and met up with Penny, Hugh, Maureen (Palace) and Kathy (Capri). We enjoyed our visit, very windy evening so sat inside, the temperature was in high 60's, but the wind and humidity made it feel like a cooler night.
Ford at Maggie's Herb Farm; about 29 chickens were clucking all around us!

Many butterflies were enjoying the farm:
Daddy and Daughter time.....
We bought a "Vicks" plant - yes, they make vicks vapor rub from it!
The final planter with new pepper plants and herbs (thyme). AA bought Ford a jalapeno plant for his birthday (at Walmart with Carolyn) too, so all ended up in same pot.
The Outback Crab Shack is no longer; we used to gather for Easter Sunday family dinner's and Marsha and Carl hosted Leaa and Jesse's rehearsal dinner there. This show the path/walkway that goes to the very long dock on the Six Mile Creek:
Back home we had baths and are ready for Ford's REAL birthday day - Sunday!

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