Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sunday 10/22/17 NFJG Tournament - Amelia National 18 Holes!!

North Florida Junior Golf season began today with AA moving into the Foundation Elite group - 18 Holes from the red tees. No more nine (9) hole tournaments. She won the inaugural tournament with an 89 score. She was on target for the lower-80's but the last three holes blew her up! {she was either tired or the wind gusts and rainstorm did her in}. So proud that she is ready to take on more challenges and work through each one, gaining in experience, maturity and composure. Golfing is a lonely sport, playing to best your own score, no team to help you out. 18 holes is a long stretch for the under 12 age group. Happy to see many Eagle Harbor boys joining in, they are playing their hearts out AND first time without a caddie too! Shout out to EH Emmet K. who works very hard at his game and played up from his age group and also scored in the 80's. Proud of our EH golfers! 
We were greeted at the registration table with the Player of the Year posters, love seeing that happy AA photo!

Driving range, practice before the tournament. It was HOT for the first nine holes. There was a breeze at times, it is Fall here! But still so very hot, tried to keep the kids shaded.
Tee box, Hole 10, first hole with Mark Heeter, Rules Official. Playing with Madelyn Campbell (younger sister also played Sadaly, Foundation Rising). All players began on hole 10, played the back nine first, then made the turn and played holes 1 through 9.
The wind began about 6 holes until the end (holes 4/5), huge gusts leading into a rain storm that pelted us, let up, then rained again with gusts (thankfully Kirsten Campbell let us ride in her cart when it got really bad!). AA tried to keep her grip and glove dry but everything got soaked including her! The last three holes, she scored a 7 on each, mainly because she missed the fairways and had trouble getting to the green. We did not think that she could possibly win this tournament. We were elated when we found out that she had the low score! It was a challenge not having a caddie when we went to the tournament thinking it was still a Foundation group which allows caddies. Jack said they would reconsider, so we shall see. It was good as AA made her own club choices, no advice from spectators. She did choose some risky shots when she was in the rough which aggravated the issue. Golfing is a complex sport, and even though AA didn't have her best score, she played many holes well. Last hole - after 18 holes, they were wet and tired!
Scores - so happy for Emmet, first time playing up in this group:
Champion Alyzabeth!
Medal bestowed by Kevin Glynn:
The 1 - 2 - 3 Places:
Score Board:
We are so thankful that Ms. Penny took AA to this course for a practice round, thankful for the time she puts in with our AA! 
Two-Day NFJG Tournament is next weekend. This will be another great experience!
From Jack's Newsletter: The newly formed Foundation Elite Division would find Alyzabeth Morgan toting her own bag to victory as the young 11 year old posted up a spectacular round of 89 to lead the field of Eagle Harbor players to victory by five shots. Morgan would post up seven pars and a birdie at the par-4 16th hole. Chase Ricks (94) and Ryan Houck (99), both from Eagle Harbor would take home the Silver and Bronze respectively.
Newcomer Grace Richards (99) would also tie for the Bronze Medal. Welcome Madelyn Campbell!

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