Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Sunday, 09/17/17 - Wednesday the 20th - Birthday Girl!

After the fun at AA's 11th birthday party at the River House (Saturday), on Sunday, we went to church and then dropped AA off at Jane Weigand's home for some play time along with Abby. We picked A up at 4:20 and off she went to the church OPUMC 456 Club. 
Monday came and BACK To SCHOOL. AA missed 6 days of school. We are waiting to find out how many will be made up. She golfed after school and we made home made pasta-tomato-carbonara. Tuesday was school again and some swim/pool time with Jane. We celebrated her birthday again with cupcakes and opening gifts as Wednesday evening is busy with church dinner and bible classes. Robotics parents meeting also on Wednesday so that the Eaglebot Club can begin Thursday after school, a week delayed due to Hurricane Irma.
She received many gifts including money from her Nana Joy, lots of gift cards from her friends and Grandma Cathy and Werner, Aunt Carolyn, Aunt Terri and Uncle George, Nana Ann and River House friend/Manager Kelly P. Many brought dog food in lieu of a gift. We gave her tickets to see the Harry Potter movie shown with our local Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra in October - can't wait! Also wireless ear buds, an iTunes gift card and some hot chocolate K-cups! She likes the gift cards as she can buy books throughout the year and sometimes some games and candy.
Happy Birthday to Alyzabeth #11! We LOVE you! During breakfast:

Ready to go to school:

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