Thursday, August 03, 2017

Family Fun with Cruce's and the Bad News

Wednesday, 08/02/17, we were awakened by our your neighbors as most vehicles that were parked in driveway or at the pool parking lot, were broken into. And, AA started her period while we were finally getting dressed and ready to head to Leaa's for some beach and boat time. So off to the drug store first!
The thugs didn't take much from our vehicles, not much except some bills and our very expensive prescription sunglasses (Ford's Nike's and AA's Ray Bans). That was a loss! Truck and car damage:

Only riffled through the
We arrived later than planned and with the cloudy weather, we visited at their home, so no beach for Melissa! Visit at Leaa and Jesse's:
With Alivia (going into 6th Grade), AA and Dylan.
Mel's Grand-Niece Dylan:
Very impromptu, we stopped at the Gas Station restaurant, as we were driving downtown St. Augustine to show Melissa the town on our way home. Decided to let her experience a fun, neat restaurant that Leaa introduced us to.
Great food including the Fried Green Tomatoes!
Blasting home to let out puppy, had to make a quick back-to-school shoe shopping stop. Scored two pair of Nike's. AA never thought she would like butterflies!

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