Monday, August 21, 2017

08-21-2017 Eclipse!

Lots of hype going on to view this solar eclipse; our area was to have about 90% darkness. Justin, Kelly and Kilee drove to Santee South Carolina to be in the area of total eclipse. Cathy and Werner are in Cape Giradeau, also where the total eclipse will pass through.
Our River House club manager planned a fun day to view the eclipse, have lunch and gave us the safety glasses. We took AA out of school early; today as all Clay County schools it was an "excused" day.
I made the pin hole in a white paper (index size) which did not work showing the moon and sun on a second piece of white paper - there wasn't enough sun due to all the clouds!
The lunch was delicious, AA had Liam Myers and Otis Reynolds (Julie and Steve) to play with, and we talked to many members including Steve (JEA) and Kim Cooper. Scott Anderson, WPOA President:

Neighbors Rod and Candy:
The clouds were intermittent, we saw the sun with partial coverage, then it did not get very dark, mostly because it was cloudy so the contrast from sunny to dark was not good. Over all, had a good time!
Kelly and daughters (Ella and Lily-Ann) made a poster and tried quizzing us on the facts, we were total failures!
Liam Myers, AA, Otis Reynolds:
It was good that we saw what we could from Florida, next time, may be worth it to travel to a "total eclipse" location - like Maine in 2024!

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