Wednesday, July 26, 2017

USS Yorktown and Fort Sumter, South Carolina

Our plans after leaving Charlottesville, VA, was to contact Chris Emmons and then drive FAST to get close to Charleston, SC. The Emmons' were not available for a visit (last minute, they had doctor appointments) so we drove to Rocky Mount (Residence Inn - wonderful!!). After a regular hotel breakfast, we arrived at the USS Yorktown - cost of $22x2/$17/$11 (SC State Park - did not drive through the National Park) about 2:00 p.m. It had been raining, a fairly strong thunder/lightning storm so everything was wet. but clearing. We spent most of our time on the aircraft carrier which included the Medal of Honor Museum. All very moving, almost depressing in that we walked through the history of WWII. So many dead. So young. AA and I did ride a simulator for an extra $6 each - the Screaming Eagles flight. It was a tame ride, took it easy on us civilians! All money went to renovations and expanding the collections. Walking out to the aircraft carrier: 

From Facebook: We almost missed this historic site due to a two hour thunder/lightning storm. A bit wet, but we made it through the USS Yorktown, the Medals of Honor Museum, and the Vietnam War memorial (a recreation of several camp sites like "MASH") before it closed. 
Recording the successful missions:
The self-guided walking tour included many rooms below deck, the Chapel, engine room, bunk rooms, also look out points above deck, etc. Many STEEP stairs! The Bell:
The Bakery mixer:
Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe:
Screaming Eagle Simulator:
Apollo 8, you could go inside, but was crowded while we were there:
Outside Flight deck (there was a below deck also with many planes):
The Medal of Honor Museum:
There were many more photographs, stories and medals to see:
Vietnam Memorial:
Also with the entrance fee, there was a battleship and a supposedly a submarine to tour, we ran out of time, as it closes around 6 pm. After stopping for the night (Hardeeville, SC) and a quick Subway dinner, we all said we are ready to be home, do laundry and play with Ginger!

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