Saturday, July 22, 2017

Saturday - Family Lakeside!

July 22nd, enjoyed visiting with Aunti Jean, Andrew, Britney, Matt, Ashley.
We started up the new 9.9 hp we bought four years ago, it started right up. An old fashion boat ride! (with Hubby/Daddy being goofy).

We have a similar photo from July 2013:
More cute pictures of Chloe:
MeMe, Andrew and Chloe - 3 Generations with Britney.
Adding Mom, 4 Generations:
Chloe is so adorable!
 Alyzabeth joined the group:
Mom took these; adding Ford and me! 

 We were hoping to see Hilary again, but a summer cold, asthma and mowing her lawn has kept her home. We must plan another hike and maybe ocean kayaking for our next visit!

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