Monday, July 03, 2017

Philadelphia! Here We Come!

We visited Philadelphia over 4th of July as first time tourists. We have stopped in Philly once before to visit one China travel family, back in Fall of 2008. We ran into the usual traffic jams and we did see the Washington Monument from afar. AA said the Baltimore tunnel was her first one she remembers driving through.
We have had lots of laughs during the drive, since Ford and I can't hear very well, we misunderstood several words so when we talked about maybe borrowing some of AA's cash for toll money, AA thought we said to borrow to buy clothes! Well, it was funny at the time since AA does not like shopping.
We are staying at The Logan, near Logan Square (circle). Thursday, we arrived about 6:00 p.m. and had a few adjustments to our room as we were to have one facing the fireworks. Nope. Straightened that out. Went to room and no roll-away bed for AA. fixed that. Then we settled in and could not hear over the air conditioning unit, very loud, would not be able to sleep with the noise, so moved to another room. So glad all is well and it is a very nice hotel. We walked to Rittenhouse Park, shopped at the Barnes and Noble where AA bought four books. Then dinner at The Continental Mid-Town (1801 Chestnut), was recommended and what a great place with plenty of variety and many Asian dishes. AA had shrimp tacos, Ford had beef brisket Bao Buns and I had simple hummus and pita bread (and cucumbers). All very good (except the price! A bit steep but very good; everything is more expensive than what we are used to).

In the morning, heading out to see the July 4th/Independence Day parade!

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