Monday, July 17, 2017

Monday, Drive to Albion

We drove to Albion, Maine with Brandon to visit with Terri and George (Gubba). Heather came with Anthony and Autumn, plus Jamie with Kimee and Greyson (meeting our newest grand-nephew for the first time). 

Terri's Grands with AA:
Terri and George's garden; they made us a salad of many vegetables they grew:
Autumn was tired but gave me a few smiles:
Garden sandbox - Kimee, Anthony and Autumn:
We took a short drive up to Unity, drove past the Yunity Winery, drove to the Unity Pond boat launch and beach, then stopped at the Unity Historical building to see the statues of moose and running bear:
Enjoying a glass of wine at Terri Cobb Stone, in her wedding wine glasses (35 years!!); BIL George has a homemade pizza in oven and homemade strawberry shortcake! Can't wait! Good times in #Maine. Then to Acadia Natl Park tomorrow.
Good night!

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