Saturday, July 08, 2017

Maine Vacation with Family

We arrived in Maine on Thursday afternoon, moved into our next-door cottage (Reynold's/Hillman), had dinner of Italian sandwiches with Mom, Melissa and Jeff Conley; and then AA jumped in the lake with her Aunti M.

Friday, we had breakfast of french toast and blueberries at Mom's home and paddled around until my sister Terri and BIL George arrived with more Italian sandwiches for lunch! After peeking into the home next door being renovated (Grandparent's old cottage) and touring the cottage we are staying in, we decided to follow them to pick strawberries.

Neighbor Steve Morse (and Emily and two friends) came to take an old wooden dock away, the last one my Dad made; said he can use it. 
Strawberry picking (and a few peas):

Picking peas:
And a glass of Trader Joe's Cheap wine on the porch, lakeside!

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