Thursday, July 06, 2017

Last Day in Philadelphia!

After watching the fireworks from our room, which was wonderful being cozy in our room; they started 70 minutes late due to the rain delay. We were tired!! Then our July 5th morning began a little earlier than planned with a fire alarm at the Logan. All went well and orderly, AA and I had found the stairways the day before as we always do. Beautiful weather so just the sleep disruption was only the result.

We slept in until 8 o'clock which is unheard of, so a very late start. We have only time now to go through Independence Hall since we have to be there at least an hour early and we haven't had breakfast.
Leaving the Logan:
Walking past Chinatown again:
We had breakfast at the Food on First Diner, basic breakfast food, Ford tried the Philly steak club which was just okay. We then walked to the Independence Hall Visitor Center, picked up a map, picked up our tickets to the tour and headed out to the recommended Second Bank building which houses a free exhibit of early American portraits. It was a wonderful learning experience plus seeing the wonderful paintings.
This Portrait building was across the street from the "First Bank":
Next, we went to the Independence Hall tour. Our Orator/Host was a good speaker. I had read it was 30 minutes long, which is true, but actually you see two rooms (courthouse style) with a verbal presentation that takes about 15 minutes. It is worth it to re-hear our history and see the building. 

Another thing about Philly, is that there are many parks and green spaces; with that said, there are many homeless people living on the streets. We started putting a small bill in each beggars' cups, then said that this is a huge problem. Young people and old laying on park benches, in building doorways, sitting on sidewalks. With all the tourists, it is prime area, but Philly needs to provide some assistance or solutions.
We got to our truck, thanked the very nice Logan staff and headed north to drive through New York City. We made it to Danbury, CT.
We stayed at a nice Springhill Hotel and had dinner at Rosy's Tomorrow; good food and we relaxed for the evening.
On Thursday morning, we heard we could get into the cottage that night, so we headed straight to Maine (after a NH lobster roll at Beach Plum's - Portsmouth) and over the bridge!

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