Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Happy July 4th - Independence Day!

After a half-way good sleeping night, we headed out for some breakfast and then off to the opening 4th of July ceremony and parade. Almost every Philadelphia corner has a statue or art sculpture. Too many to photograph and keep track of!
Breakfast was very "french" with breads and coffee. One selfie just to pinch ourselves, that we have really made it to Philly for the 4th!

Hard Rock Cafe:
Government of the People:
Where Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence:
Ben Franklin:
Many signs and messages of wisdom:
After reaching where we thought the parade would be passing by, we decided to get in line to see the Liberty Bell.
Many crowds, but all moved along so everyone could have a turn to see it up close - crowds:
We could/should have spend more time looking at the exhibits in the Liberty building, but decided to head outside and stake a claim to some shady ground. We found a small shady area (high 80's temperature) under a tree planted near the curb on Chestnut Street. We sat and waited until the parade began with several playing bag pipes. Then the presentation of many flags, including military. There were so many groups marching and floats, I didn't take many photos. Everything from Shriners, Firemen, school bands, theatrical groups, singers, drum corps, museums, politicians, many ethnic groups including a HUGE contingent of Chinese from Chinatown. A few groups we did not recognize their affiliation or could not guess their ethnic background; one maybe Hispanic. They put on a great show. Crowd at the opening ceremony:
AA and Ford waiting for the parade (up Chestnut then down Market):
I had many photos but were clogged with two ladies hands and cameras in front of me - they came after we stood to watch the parade, and squeezed in by me until they were in front of me and bumping me every time they took pictures (both wore large straw hats, blocking my view). Long story, is that they had a little girl with them, and I had told the girl it was fine to stand in front of me, beside AA, so she could see, I said it to her and her Mom. So this Mom and another lady are the two ladies who then proceeded to push in front of me and block AA's view. By the fourth or fifth time of being pushed and trying to hold my ground (so that AA could stay in front of me), I said to the lady, that I am glad to have your daughter in front, but you are now blocking my daughter's view, would you please back up a little? She turned at me and said I should not speak to her like that out loud and that her people are educated! I had no idea what she meant, except I saw that she was mad, so I said nothing. Flabbergasted. So that was that. I usually don't speak up as everything works out, but I thought it a bit rude to push AA back. Other than that, our experiences have been wonderful, friendly people, well run events and most people in good moods!
After the parade, AA had an Italian icy, and we made our way to a wonderful lunch of dim sum in Chinatown.
Constitution Hall, re-enactments inside and outside:
Wonton Soup:
We learned to eat steamed pork soup dumplings (put on spoon, poke one hole, drain liquid then drink it from spoon), the wait staff were so good to us and explained the food. 
Back at our room, the view onto Logan Square/Circle, lots of people relaxing and in the fountain pool:
The fireworks were delayed due to 30 minutes of rain!. When they began at 10:40, so late - were big and wonderful. Great watching from AA's roll-a-way bed in our hotel room. {yes, we were asleep waiting for them!!} Wednesday, we will tour more of Philly, then get back on the road.

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