Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Wednesday June 14th - Flag Day!

Our days start slow, allowing AA to have breakfast and enjoy her morning until 8:00 a.m. Then she gets dressed and starts her summer school work. On-line math problems, on-line typing club, spelling words, daily reading, writing in her journal daily and soon some 5th grade worksheets. She also continues adding to her novel.
Today, she did some chipping and putting practice at Fleming Island Golf course; as all the golf courses are very wet from all the rain we have had AND they all have aerated their greens (poking grids of holes, sanding and fertilizing - makes them bumpy and rough for a few day). After eating lunch, we watched Downton Abbey Season 5 episode (can't find my DVD, so borrowed form Library). Then we all got in our bathing suits to hit the pool, as we reached the pool gate to go in, thunder sent us back to the house! So another episode of Season 5 was enjoyed. An early dinner and off to Eagle Harbor Golf Course for the PGA Junior Team photos. Individuals - the photographer took pictures with and without her sunglasses (I took these; will wait for the official professional ones):

The EH Coaches: 
Waiting for individual photos:
Group photos of the three EH teams: 

The three girls on the"blue" team:
Next PGA Junior match is this Saturday, the 17th. Next NFJG Tournament is Monday, the 19th.

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