Thursday, June 22, 2017

Tuesday, June 20th - Thursday the 22nd

Tuesday, AA was invited to play nine holes with High School Senior (graduated) Lauren. Love when she has the time to share! Then, AA had an Eagle Harbor PGA Jr. Team match against Timuquana (home match). Some rain again today and sprinkles (and mosquitoes) during the match. We are very damp and dreary most days now, not getting any drier. 
AA's match-mates, sisters, Angelica and Isabella Mendez:

EH won 11 flags to Timuquana's one. AA won her two flags (the six holes she played in).
We continue having dog training twice a week and now our trainer will be watching Ginger while we are on vacation. We are happy about this as Ginger will get lots of time with Monica, more training and exercise while we are gone. Hopefully a few bad habits will be gone too!
I had the monthly WPOA Board meeting at 6:00 p.m. So much stuff going on for a small neighborhood.
Wednesday: Ford had two Doctor's appointments, one for his hand/trigger finger, the other with his cardiologist to adjust his blood pressure medicine; all is good and no adjustment. We went to the library and then to the River House to listen to Shane Myers (Liam's dad). I made a new casserole  with chicken, rice and frozen vegetables; actually came out pretty good tasting.
Made a flour and butter roux, then slowly added in chicken broth and milk. Then added cooked chicken (and I roasted diced onion and garlic):
I made a little more of each ingredients as our dish in 2.5 quarts (or is that liters!).
AA finished all 4th Grade Math problems on Khan Academy - next is to begin the 5th grade section!
Thursday was our only day without set plans (until the truck needed to go for repairs!) so invited two families to come swim and have lunch; thankfully the Williams kids could come. AA, Connor and Courtney:
A fun jump into the pool (above) then the resulting tidal wave!!
Courtney reading for a few minutes:
Using dive toys:
 Playing "Monkey in the Middle" with a Frisbee:
 Playing Marco Polo:
AA went to her EH PGA Jr. Team practice where she won the team's putting competition; while I took Ginger to Carolyn's home for the next two nights. Friday (tomorrow) we drive to Tallahassee for DCP. Just got a call from Carolyn - Ginger already fell into the pool while Carolyn was adding water to it with the garden hose. Ginger stepped on the hose and rolled into the pool!! Hope they have fun together!

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