Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Tuesday, June 13th - More Golf and Dog Walking

We have a routine daily for keeping the dog exercised. An early morning walk of about 15 minutes, right after her morning constitution! Then a 30 minute mid-morning walk and sometimes some play time outside throwing the ball to her; before it gets too hot - but it is humid, so sweat is the result! Then Ginger gets some indoor play time by mid-afternoon and a long walk in the evening. Ford gets the pleasure of her last potty break outside right before we head for bed. Monica has been training us and Ginger and all is going well. She does remind us about how we should have socialized Ginger with other dogs a lot sooner and somehow this dog is afraid of its own shadow. Hopefully over time, we can overcome her lack of training when she was younger. We were going to start her training at about 5 months, then we scheduled her spaying, so thought to start after that. Anyways, our goof not getting her doggy manners in check sooner. 
On Tuesday, Monica took us to the Tillie Fowler Park which has a large dog park. Ginger was alone, so we were able to let her sniff and get acquainted with being in the new area. We will take her there frequently as long as no dogs are around.

Next, AA substituted for the Eagle Harbor Yellow Team and was paired with Tyler M. and Nathan (5 year old, met his Mom Joy). It was raining and thundering about an hour before the start, but cleared enough so that the match went on. It rained on and off for the first hour, then some clearing. The Timuquana Coach stated that it was the best pace of play at only 2 hours and 5 minutes, which we agree, is unheard of and all four matches finished at the same time. The opponents for AA's team was a ten year old girl, Grace Avret and one about nine (C. McGrath). AA's first hole drive: 
Timuquana - Grace's drive:
Tyler and AA:
Last hole (they started on 1st, finished on 9th as they were the first pairing, shotgun start on first 4 holes):
Eagle Harbor won with 10 flags to Timuquana's 2. AA's team won two flags and lost one (two halves). 
We came home, dried off and had a dinner of leftover homemade pizza - our favorite!

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