Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sunday, June 25th - Cara's Baby Shower

We began our day a little slow but did walk to church 9:25 a.m. service - so glad we did, it was patriotic celebration day with patriotic/military music and all five military branches represented. Very moving.
We went to Cara Cruce Smith's baby shower (and for Travis!) at Marsha and Carl's home in Florahome. Lot of good food, pretty decorations and plenty of pool time for the kids. With Marsha's broken wrist in a cast, she managed wonderfully. Leaa made strawberry cupcakes that were delicious. Also, on Facebook, Cara's photo came up as a memory five years ago; we were all at her bridal shower! I took a few pictures inside, then went outside to the pool, where my camera lens promptly fogged up from being in the air conditioning - it was humid and hot!! Barrett and Ford:

Jordan trying to get Avery to look at the camera:
Leaa tie-dyed some onsies for Cara's baby girl to be named Pearl. 
Foggy lens with Nicole and Avery:
Ford playing lifeguard in the HEAT, watching the kids swim:
Lots of water fun with the blow-up pool floats, including a riding bull that AA mastered.
Stella and AA:
AA jumping on the bull:
Carter boxing with the bull:
Playing Marco Polo - Mila did great with the older kids:
Marsha painted two pictures for Pearl's baby room, a lamb and bus - both very cute!
Marsha has enough paintings to open her own gallery:
The expecting couple:
Justin and Kilee were there too, no photo this time of them. Good seeing the families!

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