Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sunday June 11th - AA and Noah Fun!

For Sunday morning, I baked strawberry scones. I love scones! This recipe was pretty good, just need to cut into 10 pieces, not 8. Then we rushed to church and arrived a little late. Three remaining scones:

AA's friend Noah plays Minecraft with AA almost weekly, remotely. They "share" a minecraft world. We took Noah to the Dream Big ASCE movie a couple of month's ago. Noah's parents invited AA to go to a video place, Dave and Buster's today for an afternoon of fun and dinner at Bonefish Grill; all the celebrate and honor our children's great school year - they both got all A's for the year!
Here is a video that Noah's Dad Mark (and Colleen) took of AA doing a football practice routine:
We decided to patronize a local beer pub for an hour. We enjoyed our time together but we worry all the time when AA is out of our sight! She is only 10 years old. I know some children grow up too fast, so we want to let her have fun as a "child" as long as we can. She is so serious, as she plays golf, not a gregarious, team sport. Very quiet. It suits her. Back to where I started, we just plain miss her.
We went to Hoptinger's and tried the four-beer-sampler. We both tried only Florida beers; I really only liked one of them; Ford liked all of his and the one I didn't drink, he finished for me!
All fun and a very different Sunday for us!

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