Sunday, June 04, 2017

Sunday Church (finally) and Visit with Carolyn

We enjoyed a slower Sunday - no golf tournament. Most of the summer NFJG tournaments are during the week. We walked to church, then AA, Ginger and I drove to Carolyn's. Mainly to get Ginger more acquainted with Carolyn and her home since she will babysit Ginger during our vacation. AA and Carolyn played Marco Polo for an hour!

Ginger swam only once and that was with much help getting her into the pool. She was curious so stayed close to the edge after her swim.
Big nose!
Chilling on the cool deck in the shade. 
Carolyn's garden (she has a compost pile and a raised bed area that she will make into a permanent garden soon):
Ginger really gets along with Carolyn and loves her larger yard, so all should go well during her stay/boarding.
When we arrived home, Ford cooked fried fish and hush puppies for dinner - YUM! {this is all that is leftover!}

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