Wednesday, June 07, 2017

School - Last Day of Fourth Grade!

It has been a rainy week, so we planned a few errands and going out to dinner to Whataburger - she has accumulated three gift certificates, so will be our last day of school celebration!
For her good grades, we bought her a new WiiU Mario Rio Olympic 2016 game. We don't give her money for grades, so we occasionally surprise her as we think of them {smile}. It was raining and still dawn when leaving for school:

Adding some frame features:
Connor's Mom Edilyn sent these photos to us - thank you! {She was at her daughter Courtney's 6th Grade Promotion}.
Connor, AA, Owen Kinder and Jane W. in front row; Tyler in back.
4th Grade Teacher, Ms. Cara Leigh Rainer:
After a break at home - too wet to do anything outside - we did a quick Facebook message to a few OPE families to get together for dinner. We went to PetSmart for some dog items, then to Hallmark store for some graduation cards. We received two responses to join us for dinner, so drove to Whatabuger. OPE gave out coupons for a free Junior burger each quarter. From Facebook: Enjoyed our impromptu "Whataburger" dinner - compliments of our kids; rewarded from OPE. Great adult company - we had our own table! — eating burgers and fries with Milagros Piñero Pascual and Edilyn Torralba Williams (and Garrett). We enjoyed adult conversation, hearing about Courney's 6th grade promotion ceremony, her 6th grade dance and all the activities we will need to be doing in two years! We missed Jody, he was home resting after spending a long last night editing pictures from our 4th (and 5th) Grade Award Ceremony - he takes wonderful pictures of all the kids and shares freely. Love getting clear, sweet photos from him!
Back home we gave some love to our puppy, watched a Harry Potter movie and then to bed! A great school year is over! Congrats to AA!

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