Friday, June 02, 2017

Robot Rumble! Clay County Schools Compete!

AA is on her OPE robotics team (actually, only a "club" for fourth grader) and enjoys working with her team. The County hosted a really well run robotics rumble competition that required many volunteers from education, businesses and military - mostly technology/engineering types!
The teams arrived and set up their story boards and began practicing on the table top rumble boards. A few other OPE parents were there (Faith's Dad Jody, Daric's Dad Damon, and Morgan's Dad). We brought Jane W. along as her parents had other plans (work and a medical appointment). Jane is always good company with AA:

Faith was partnered with Jane and AA, but she needed to leave early for a piano recital. Watching the first competitions:
Pep talk by Mrs. Rauth and Mrs. Lewis:
Competition! Four teams demonstrated their robots at a time. The HS kids had a separate area with larger robots. I would estimate that there were over 50 teams.
Amazing the number of volunteers! The Clay County Education Superintendent, Addison Davis, stayed for a long time, chatted with teachers and observed the event. I didn't speak to him, but many teachers appreciate his support of this program and asked him questions about funding.
The goal was to accomplish as many tasks as possible in 2:30 minutes. It went by quickly and changing the attachments between tasks took most of the time.
The real competition is about to begin (they did it several times):
Talking to other students:
Lots of free time to practice, looking at other team's story boards and general chaos!
No one was expecting an award. All trophies are home made by any team who wishes to donate one (there is no funding in the school budget for trophies). Some were really imaginative: a candy dish with candy, flying bacon (a pink pig), etc. The team won for best communications! A gold star-balloon holder/weight!
All team members received a medal of participation:
Can't wait for next year!

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