Monday, June 26, 2017

NFJG Monday - Jacksonville Golf Club

Monday, Alyzabeth played in the NFJG at Jacksonville GCC. I stayed home for a doggy training lesson and lunch with Tammy Hatfield.
AA did well earning 1st place and the equivalent of 3rd place in the Foundation Boys group. They enjoyed having Coach Kathy close by as she caddied for McKelvey D. 
AA and her Daddy Caddie taken by Kathy - two peas in a pod!

Score Board:
Foundation Boys - Chase, Matthew, Richard:
On line scoring:
Photo from NFJG website:
From Jack's Newsletter:
"Our Foundation Divisions had nine players in the Boys and two in the Girls. The battles continued here as friendly rivals Richard Hayden Ruth and Mathew French continued; this week Ruth would end up on top and in victory lane. Ruth parred three out his last four holes to take the lead shooting a score of 41. French shot 42 and taking home a Bronze Medal and his second award of the season was birthday boy, Chase Ricks. Grant Mckinney and Cole Taylor would be the only players to post a birdie on the day. They each birdied the par-3 17th hole.
Alyzabeth Morgan would take home the Foundation Girls Gold Medal for shooting a fine score of 43."

Monday continued......We did several errands (like pick up Ford's prescription, get his glasses adjusted at the Eye Doctors, do some paper work at the Doggy Vet and our Real Estate Agent (for the condo), go to the library and buy a few groceries!). Then some wine at the River House - during a terrible thunder storm, and chatting with Arnie and Janet, Kathy, Hugh and Maureen - plus our exceptional bartender - Ginger. This week is going by FAST! Tomorrow, AA has a PGA Eagle Harbor Junior match (which was rained out/rescheduled), then Wednesday (skipped a NFJG Tournament) we clean house and pack for our trip!

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