Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Last week as a 4th Grader! Awards!

This is the last week of school; I don't think much learning or teaching is happening. With the awards ceremony and luncheon on Tuesday, the 6th then only a half day on Wednesday, the last day.... AA has two more years at this school as it is a true elementary school, through 6th grade.
From Facebook: BIG Congratulations to our sweet daughter, earning all A's all. year. round. Also, #OPE began a FIVE MILLION word club for the first time this year - Our AA was one of two students (in entire school) who met that mark! Congrats to fantastic-friends-OPE students: Noah, Connor, Bess, Jane, Faith, Owen, Sammy...... EOY 4th Grade fun! #OrangeParkElementary
Other students were recognized for safety patrol, chorus, track team, EagleBot Competition (OPE 1st Place for turtle egg carrier), Math Team OPE two Gold's)...etc.

Photo from Jody Pascual (Faith's Dad) - so much better than mine!

So delighted that Alyzabeth loves to read and does her school work to 97%-100% scores. She is chugging along and we know it gets harder each grade, so she will be working on "summer-bridge" school lessons each day this summer. We won't need to prod her about reading, she loves a good book!
Honor Roll - All A's:
A trophy for A-Honor Roll!
Ms. Carole McCullough Principal:
Mrs. Rauth - ES Teacher and Leader of Robotics Teams:
Once AA went back to her class, the teacher handed out some additional awards: AA received her 4th Quarter All A Honor Roll certificate and her ES Teacher presented her with the Quill and Pen Award!! So perfect as AA loves to write also (always working on a few novels). Each award throughout the year came with a gift meal to a local restaurant. More CONGRATS!
Lunch was pizza with her classmates, sitting beside Connor. {AA's mouth is full :)}
AA has been bringing home tons of papers, journals, notebooks, etc and this is one of her quick story assignments - about her puppy Ginger:
Another school year finished! She's a rising 5th grader!

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