Saturday, June 10, 2017

First Weekend Free from School!

Thursday was the first day off from school. The only planned activity was an Eagle Harbor Jr. Team practice of putting games. Kerri Mawhinny met us for drinks while Tyler roamed the course watching the EH Orange Team Match. Lance was the coordinator while Coach Bryan was monitoring a Junior Orange match.

 Waiting/Backed up a little:
Friday was a quiet day with Ford and AA going to the library and grocery. After lunch and some chores, they played a round at Eagle Harbor. Ford made his beans and ham, so had a hearty meal with his homemade corn bread. The dog trainer Monica and her husband Warren stopped by and took Ginger for a long walk which is GREAT! Ginger needs lots of exercise. So thankful they came into our lives!
Saturday was spent with Isabel for a swim, reading books and taco lunch before she had to head off to an afternoon wedding (her Mom was the photographer). 
The weather was cloudy, sprinkled rain on us a little, pool temperature had dropped again after all the rain - a cool 82 degrees!
Building forts, then stealing parts from each other:
Love being knocked off the float; most of the time they fell off by themselves!
Walking across the street to our home:
Lunch of tacos and a mint-chocolate-chip Klondike Bar!
Later we watched Kilee's dance recital, a local dance group she started this past school year (2016 - 2017) Wehner's right on College Drive.

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