Sunday, June 18, 2017

And the Summer Continues........

Thursday was quiet with AA and I doing a few errands and AA doing her summer school work.
AA and Ford golfed nine holes at San Jose with Ms. Penny, which was cut short by more thunderstorms. It seems like we have had a record number of storms this month! I prepared dinner of ham steak, mashed potatoes and fresh broccoli which my family loved.
When they arrived home, we planned to swim but we had thunderstorm over us. After it moved on, we jumped in for about 30 minutes. It has been very WET here for the past month. We are still watching the 5th season of Downton Abbey when it is raining outside, so watched two more episodes. We will have it done soon and returned to the library!
Our quick dip in the pool:

Friday morning was taken up by a dog training session with Monica while AA and Ford went practicing for DCP. AA was already to be a substitute for the Eagle Harbor Orange Team at Timuquana but it was cancelled as AA was getting ready. More Thunderstorms and Rain!!
We have renewed our passports and they arrived in the mail. Now to apply for AA's renewal:
Saturday, AA had her Eagle Harbor Blue Team regular event at San Jose. After five holes, there was a rain delay, then they played one more hole and another rain delay; ended up being cancelled (not sure why, since they finished six holes). AA's team was doing well, winning one flag and the holes after the first three. So will wait to see when that will be rescheduled. Ford did take a few photos including the blank scoring poster!
Sunday was Father's Day! We had decided to have a quiet day at home and Ford smoked beef ribs. I made potato salad and cole slaw and Carolyn brought two pies. We enjoyed our visit and was going to jump in the pool, didn't happen, the storms moved in again! Leaa called on Friday trying to organize a restaurant rendezvous but didn't work out (we actually avoid restaurants on holidays - too crowded for us!). Justin called and all is good in our family-world!
I used my Mom's potato salad recipe and mother-in-law Joy's cole slaw dressing recipe:
Ford's Father's Day gifts: AA bought him a clock radio with phone charger (USB port), I bought him a Florida Gin and a wood nightstand phone holder.
And I made homemade biscuits for breakfast: my new recipe calls for shredding a stick of frozen butter on a box grater; seems to work!!
Carolyn leaving; love having my cuz around!
This coming week has more GOLFING - NFJG, PGA Jr. and the Drive, Chip and Putt on Saturday!

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