Tuesday, May 09, 2017

The Players Championship! "TPC"

We were so fortunate to have practice round tickets gifted to us by Colleen Davidson, River House friend. She gave us some tickets last year too! {Oops...AA missed school, her piano lesson and EH PGA Team practice today}
We had good fun watching so many PGA Golfers. We were within ten feet of Rickie Fowler at 17th Hole tee box. Also, saw many Eagle Harbor junior golfers all vying for autographs, met up with Molly Davis and Dunham family. AA had a cold, runny nose, so we didn't hang out with anyone for long, she was a bit under the weather but would not hear of staying home!!
First we walked to the Merchandise Store to meet with Kevin Tyler as he gave us his Sunday tickets. Didn't get a photo with him, but did with Eagle Harbor's Mr. Pete Stutz.

Golf Channel broadcast booth:
Rickie at the 16th Hole Green:
Getting ready on the 17th tee box:
More at the 17th Hole tee area:
Coach Bryan Kipnis from Eagle Harbor:
More Pros! Jordan Speith:
Korean group:
Rickie on the 18th green:
Sergio Garcia - purple pants day:
Lunch break at Taco Lu's!
Cooling off - these seats were really COLD! Very cool!
Bubba Watson:
Jordan Speith signing autographs:
 Daddy Caddie with daughter on a Cool seat:
We will go again on Sunday for Mother's Day, thanks to gift tickets from retired/co-worker, Kevin. Can't wait! Hope all our family Mom's have a wonderful Mother's Day Sunday too!

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