Monday, May 29, 2017

Remembering Memorial Day - Family Day at Leaa and Jesse's

The family met up for a day together, lunch and most of us spent time on the beach. First we enjoyed a huge lunch of fried chicken, potato salad, fruit, macaroni and cheese, tossed salad, BBQ beans and desserts of cookies, brownies and key lime pie. Lots of food and drinks! We all headed to the beach, while Werner, Ford, Justin and Joy stayed in the air conditioning (Justin walked over a little later to the beach). Cathy, Marsha, Carl, Christa and Stu, Leaa and Jesse, Jordan and Nicole plus all the kids enjoyed a cool breeze and the ocean water and waves. It was a record hot day, so the ocean water temperature provided a slightly cool breeze. With the low tide, there was plenty of beach room for everyone. Mila holding the road crossing safety flag tall! 
Enjoying the walk to the Treasure Beach boardwalk:
Jordan packed the wagon!
Leaa and her Mom:
We all had a nice family visit with Nana Joy, thank you to all who brought food, plus Justin's homemade pickles - he grew the cucumbers and canned the pickles! Text Messages:
What a wonderful day with everyone. Great to see Joy. She's an awesome lady. Thanks to Leaa and Jess for everything and a great place for us all to get together. Thank everyone for the treats and tasty food. Loved seeing all the kids. Have a great summer ahead. See you all soon. Love, Cathy and Werner 
From Marsha: It was good to see everyone. Good food good friends and family. We are blessed. Thanks for hosting this gathering Leaa and Jesse! Glad we got to see Joy!

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