Thursday, May 11, 2017

NFJG Spring 2017 Series Tournament Winner!!

Alyzabeth has earned the title of the North Florida Junior Golf Foundation Girls Spring Champion! Announcement from Jack Ashenbach:
Alyzabeth Morgan (10) from Orange Park, Florida and the Golf Club at Eagle Harbor earned the Foundation Girls Award. Morgan earned 4400 points and played in eight events, winning seven times including the "Titleist Invitational" and the "I’ve Got a Dream Invitational".
AA placed first in all tournaments except one, where she earned second place. That 2nd place loss was to the girl who was on her home course and is a grade ahead of AA. No excuses, just want to show that this is not the U.S. Kids where you play with kids within your age group. AA played against one 13 year old, three 12 year olds, three in 5th grade and three in same grade as AA (4rd grade).
Matthew French (from Orange Park, Foundation Boys) and Andrew Davis (Boys 10 - 12) were also Spring Champions!
We sent the announcement to Eagle Harbor's Coach Bryan Kipnis and Pete Stutz and this is Pete's reply: This is awesome!!! Honored to have you all at the club!! Keep working hard and this is just the beginning of the road to a long and successful golf career!
Alyzabeth, not only are you winning in your tournaments, but you are learning at a very young age that putting in the hard work gets you were you want to be. Nothing is given to you, you have to earn it, and it is awesome you have grasped that!
You know you have our support and good luck with your upcoming events. If you ever have any questions or need anything you know who to ask! 

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