Sunday, May 07, 2017

NFJG Lake City Tournament Sunday Plus Pool Time!

AA and Daddy Caddie played in the NFJG Lake City Tournament. There were three Foundation Girls (Gold Tees - 2532 yards) entered. Last year she played in windy conditions; the weather was great this year.
From FacebookNail-biter tournament as AA had a couple of holes that put her behind. She kept her attitude up when the going got tough. After tying for first place, needed to win the play-off. Too much stress for me! She won, another first place (that should have never been that close, she learned a few more lessons today). Golf is as unpredictable as the human body. Congrats to sweet AA on her win! #nfjg #AlyzabethMorganGolf

Hopefully AA's Daddy Caddie will type in some details (he's a great story-teller) as AA had some challenges!
At the first play-off hole with Candace (age 12):

 Receiving her award (Jack was sick, so no medals made it to the tournament):
From Jack's Newsletter: Our Foundation Girls Division had a little fireworks at the Lake City Open as Candace Jackson and Alyzabeth Morgan went head-to-head in the battle for the Gold Medal. The lead changed every hole. First Morgan, then Jackson and at the end of eight holes of play Morgan would hold a one stroke lead, but an outstanding par at the finishing hole by Jackson would square things up at 48 each. A sudden death playoff would take place and a brilliant chip shot from behind the green by Morgan would be the shot of the day and would be the shot that would win the Gold Medal as she defeated Jackson on the first play-off hole.

I stayed home with the DOG, so made Shepard's pie for dinner, did laundry, cooked ahead lots of bacon, washed dishes, etc. When they arrived home, Daddy Ford and AA played some races in the shallow end of the pool.
All smiles! The water was much cooler, dropped from 85 to 79 degrees due to rain and three days of mornings in the 50's! Ford is so different from 10 months ago when he was dealing with the pending bypass surgery.
Ginger was treated to a Saturday morning adventure with dog trainer Monica and her husband Warren. They took Ginger in their car to their boat/marina and also to a pet store for her new blue  harness. The harness is mainly for riding in the car so she can be buckled to a seat belt. Ginger is getting used to it and she is behaving so much better! Consistency and routine is the key - just like a toddler!!

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