Friday, May 12, 2017

More in May 9th - 12th - Still HOT and DRY!

After our exciting Tuesday at "The Players" aka TPC Golf Tournament - practice round, we settled in and ran errands on Wednesday morning while AA was in school.
From Facebook: Running errands and enjoying a hubby-wife date lunch! Made a stop at our favorite wine shop, check out Bernie if you want to have intelligent discussion about wine. He stocks many "value-priced" wines and always introduces us to new dry reds. — at Bernie's Wine Stop.
For lunch we had our favorite salad at Moon River Pizza plus a slice of pizza - yum!

Ford bought a used laptop from Craig's List and it is working great so far. Fast, robust computer. Really cheap, so are happy with the purchase.
It was hot yesterday at the golf course, 90 degree hot. Even worse for the next two days, mid-90's. Awful for the month of May! 
My Mom sent a gift to Ginger, a water bottle that has a bowl attached. Ginger liked it right away; a human has to squeeze the bottle and it fills the bowl.
AA played with Lauren, their usual standing date on Wednesday.
Thursday began with another dog lesson with Monica and she wore us and the dog out! After school, Daddy Caddie and AA (Penny was not available, she went to the TPC) played a round and after was to have a PGA Jr. Team practice, but in the morning Coach Bryan called it off due to smoke and ash from the West Mims, GA fire, huge over 150,000 acres (200 square miles!). The wind changed so wasn't as bad in our area. So with no evening team practice, AA and I jumped in the pool for a swim and tug of war over a float/mat before taking baths.
After AA's early dismissal from school on Friday, we went back to Bernie's to buy a case of the Sangiovese wine (similar to a Chianti) and to take AA to Moon River Pizza for lunch.
Friday late afternoon - AA's first PGA Jr. EH team (Blue) match, against one of the Eagle Harbor (Orange) home teams. AA was paired with Isabella, so they played all nine holes and won their match 2.5 flags to 0.5. AA made a winning putt on the last hole - good under pressure - Good job!!
And congratulations to Jamie as he played alone and won all flags for the three matches!
Next post will be about the Saturday Harry Potter Festival in St. Augustine.

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