Monday, May 01, 2017

May 1st - Ginger's First Training Day and Pool Time with Jane

We began our Monday with Ginger's first training lesson at 9:00 a.m. It was great working with Monica, such a patient and knowledgeable dog person (disclaimer - she is not a professional dog trainer, she and husband home sit which includes pets; they had their own dogs and seem to have a passion for seeing dogs behave well). We learned how and why to use a non-retractable leash, how to have Ginger behave and follow through until she gets it right. New schedule for us as Ginger needs walking first thing in the morning. All will work out as she is better behaved, we will enjoy being with her more. Monica did take her for a walk alone and said that Ginger is afraid of everything. We will work on making her feel secure and loved when out on walks so that she will have more confidence and fun during our walks. We will be buying a new collar (wider), new food feeding elevated station and a harness to wear in the car so that we are all safe. Two Hours and lots of Progress!
After AA's Robotics Club meeting, we had Jane and brother Dax over in the WPOA pool. Ford cooked hotdogs (first time in crock pot - so easy!) and with slaw and chips, whoopie pies and juice boxes - had a picnic in the cabana.

Played Marco Polo for the first game, didn't realize a kid had to close their eyes - I've never played the game.
We had a mishap while they were all using the pool noodles and other floating devices, AA hit Dax in the head with a noodle and he slid forward and hit his head on the side of the pool. It was bad enough that he has a lump on his forehead. Even though no one meant to hurt anyone, especially with a pool noodle, but it does happen. Jane said she was hit by a badminton racket, but didn't see how it fell on her. They had put every pool toy into the pool playing a game, maybe not next time. And then on top of that, I stepped on a bee and had two stings on the bottom of my foot - ouch!
We took them home in time for Dax to get ready for his soccer team practice. Can't wait to do this again - hopefully without any injuries!

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