Saturday, May 06, 2017

Isabel's Saturday Visit!

After running into Adoptive Mom Laureen B. last week at the Memorial Park, we planned a meet-up for AA and Isabel. Isabel is in 5th grade, loves reading and sings among other talents. We planned a brunch, then were going to let the girls swim in our pool, but the weather had other plans. It was the COLDEST morning we had since winter. We were lulled into "it's summer already" this past week, so we skipped the swim and the girls played Minecraft and WiiU with a few visits to AA's bedroom for some bedlam! Isabel has a really bright smile!

Did you notice the sections of Whoopie pies on the plate; they were gone in seconds and this was after they ate farmer's casserole, lots of fruit and a banana muffin.
Intense concentration:
I tried a new banana muffin recipe which turned out pretty good:
We had a good time catching up on our life's stories, sharing our adoption experience and hope to get back together again soon.
Saturday afternoon was to be AA's Chinese lesson, but couldn't find a time to meet up with Nancy as AA also had her EH PGA Team Baseball Golf game in the early evening.

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