Friday, May 26, 2017

Finally Rain! Plus Golfing and Nana!

We finally had enough rain to soak into the ground from Monday through Wednesday evening.

Needed the rain!
AA played golf with Lauren Waidner, Lauren Miller and Sara May on Thursday.
I borrowed this photo from Kilee's Mom Kelly; Grand #1 Kilee earned AB Honor Roll all year!
With school nearing to an end, we have our teacher year-end gifts.
A DQ gift card with a saying about being a "COOL" teacher, a mint herb plant with how much the teacher "MINT" to AA and a gift card; and last, to her AMAZING 4th Grade teacher, Mrs. Rainer, an amazon gift card.
Friday, we went to OPE to see the finished projects of AA from her ES class: a story board on China, a story board on a new country, Eagle Island and a display of the Great Wall of China in combination with a miniature golf game layout. The Arts Invasion also made several art projects from bottle caps.
ES Class:
Great Wall of China and miniature golf:
New Country - Eagle Island:
Nana Joy arrived Friday afternoon, we baked dinner (chicken and potatoes) and stopped in the River House for a drink.
On Saturday, while AA was playing NFJG's round 1, Joy and I shopped. I found some tops and a skort at Goodwill and new sandals at Beall's and Ross. Yeah for me!! I always find what I am looking for when I shop with Joy.
Next up is Memorial Day weekend and round 2 of AA's two-day NFJG Tournament.

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