Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Cherry Clafoutis Recipe

I saw the recipe in the Down East Magazine and knew we needed to try it. I had heard of a clafoutis in the distant past, but don't think I ever made one. My family (Hubby and AA) love fresh cherries and we love trying new recipes in our cast iron skillet, so this was perfect.
Comments from them: Hubby said it wasn't a dessert to him (I did add the confectionery sugar and a scoop of vanilla ice cream) and AA said she liked cake better! So, not making this again! It is not very sweet and our cherries, even though fresh, seemed ripe, but not sweet (from grocery store). I enjoyed it, but of course, I love baked goods. The batter resembled popover batter, thin, and it did bake nicely with the custard type center (and it does deflate very quickly!). 

Dessert on E-E's Sepia Rose china by Johann Haviland:
With ice cream!
Down East magazine and recipe:
Onto the next cooking experiment!


Catherine said...

Looks delicious! I wonder what it would taste like with a different fruit? Peaches? Rhubarb and Strawberries?

Thanks for the honest report! :)

Alyson and Ford said...

I think a sweeter fruit would work, but it is not meant to be really sweet - so my sweet-toothed family didn't rate it very high. I loved it! Thanks for stopping by!