Friday, May 05, 2017

And Another Week Bites the Dust! This Time with Rain!

Leaa and family have been on vacation in Costa Rica; here's two photos I stole from her Instagram account. They arrived home late Tuesday, hope to chat with them soon about their adventure!

AA has a new putter- Scotty Cameron, Newport 2.6 - and she was really begging for it (it replaces her "cure" putter). Several of the High School kids use it and we had an opportunity to buy one slightly used from Coach Bryan.

Now that school is winding down (AA's interim school report card is all A's again - with a 100 in math!!), everyone seems relaxed and enjoying the longer evenings. Our weather was HOT last week but now back to more spring-like temperatures for a few days.  
Wednesday, I visited Carolyn in the morning, she cooked us breakfast and gave me some zucchini and cucumber seedlings.
Wednesday evening we made a new recipe, Carbonara Fettuccine and it was okay tasting, but feel the directions were wrong. It said to cook the bacon and onions together until the bacon is crisp. Well, bacon is not going to get crisp with tons of onions - too much "water"; by the time the bacon seemed cooked, the onions were total mush. Overall, we could eat it,but would cook the bacon separately until crisp, then add to the sauted onions.
Ginger and the adults in the household had a second training session (Thursday morning) with Mrs. Monica. We walked around the Club and Villas, learned how to check for body health issues and will work more on her "going to her bed" instead of always using the crate. Ginger is a fast learner and is well behaved except for when meeting other humans and animals; we have more work in the future weeks on her socializing. Monica took her on Saturday for a trip to their boat and to the store to buy her a harness. Ginger is so well behaved with Monica! There is hope! We are to look for a poodle/poodle-hybrid group for playmates; she cannot have sticks to chew on and we bought her the new food - Royal Canin. Everyone who comes to our home must "ignore the dog". Ginger has to learn that she is not the Queen of the family! We temporarily raised her water and feed bowls, she seems happy with the change.
It finally rained on Thursday afternoon. First rain in weeks; we needed it!! It lasted on and off for a couple of hours!
AA played with Lauren on Wednesday as usual and then played alone on Thursday before her PGA Team practice where they received their new shirts. AA scored a 38 on the front nine at Eagle Harbor which is a new low (with 14 putts)! Congrats to AA! 
Her next tournament is Lake City - NFJG on Sunday. All is good here!

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