Sunday, April 23, 2017

WINNER!! Two Day NFJG Titleist Invitational Tournament - St. Johns Golf Course (Elkton)

AA played on Saturday with regular Foundation girl Leah Shatley (Deerwood) and new-comer from South Florida/Palm Beach area, Madison Hydman. There were about a dozen new/first-time players from South Florida, some may be students of Staci Pla's Mom who is a PGA-Pro-Teacher. Staci is only 10 years old and was placed in with the older Girl's (13 - 18) division. She did well on both rounds placing 8th.
With Titleist as the sponsor, there were lots of door prizes and AA won a dozen Titleist Velocity balls (she can't use these balls, too bad she didn't win the Pro V1's).
AA had the last tee time, at 1:42 p.m. for round 1 (2525 yards) which went pretty well, AA and Daddy Caddie said there were a few strokes that kept her from a good score. With a 44 (+8), she is in first place going into Round 2. Round 2: Her tee time is shared with Leah Shatley (+10) and Alexa Fallis (+17). Another sunny day with a few afternoon clouds. AA went +6 today, which earned her first place. She did well, with a birdie on hole 4 (Par 4)!! She did not par the two Par 3 holes - which is a goal of hers, with the long distances, the Par 3's are what she most usually can achieve, she did drive into the water on hole 8. If she was playing with the Foundation Boys, she would have tied for 3rd place (tied for 4th place on Round 1; Round 2 would have been 2nd place). A good win for our sweet golfer!
{I was going to go watch her play near the end of her round but Ginger has diarrhea so cannot put her in the crate. We are also missing Livi's 11th birthday party at Marsha's home. Hopefully we will make it up to Livi on Tuesday when we bring dinner and cake to their home}.
Photos are from Round 2 - Sunday:

Foundation Boys with local EH friend Emmet K. taking 3rd place (Matthew F. 1st; Richard R. 2nd):
AA did well by scoring lower on the second day (that is the goal of every golfer) and she posted the next to lowest/best score on Sunday, Round 2 (Matthew scored a 41, AA was 42, both from red tees). Mr. Glenn presenting the trophy to AA! {the girls trophies were not available so she is holding a boys' trophy for show}
Alexa placed 3rd and Leah placed 2nd:

NFJG Professional Staff:
Here's her actual trophy:

From Director Jack: Our Girls Foundation Division found no stranger to the winners circle. Alyzabeth Morgan would post the two lowest scores of the event. She would also post the only birdie as she took a commanding seven stroke lead to victory lane. Leah Shatley would take the Runner-up award and Alexa Fallis would take home Third Place. Keep it going girls I see improvements every tournament.
That wraps up the Spring season at NFJG!
Just some added verbiage about these Junior tournaments - AA plays in the nine hole Foundation group and will not move up to the 13 - 18 age group until she is most likely 12:
Players from all Tours will compete in their respective age and gender division. Age divisions are typically Boys 10-12, Boys 13–15, Boys 16–18 and a Girls Division. The Girls Division is typically one division, but could change if entries are such to warrant two separate age groups. The 9-hole Foundation TOUR is also invited to play in these events on a space available bases. Players from the Foundation TOUR may opt to play in the 36-hole age group with the approval of the Executive Director.
The Junior Player’s Tour will also allow you to earn exemptions to the American Junior Golf Association (AJGA) and Florida Junior Tour (FJT). The FJT STEP program was designed to forge an easier pathway through the various levels of junior golf. This program is a strong reason to support the NFJG Junior Player’s Tour as they are local events and played on some of the best courses in the North Florida area.Exemptions may be earned by the Boys 16-18, Boys 13-15 and Girls 13-18 Division.


Catherine said...

Way to go AA! You're doing SO well!!

Alyson and Ford said...

Thank you, she is a trooper. She misses many fun friends activities, all to keep improving her golf game. Hoping we are doing the right thing!
Alyzabeth's Mommy