Saturday, April 22, 2017

Weekly News April 17 - 22nd

Our week began on our usual routine, school then Robotics Club after school. I made a ham and potato soup that was fine, it had flavor but was too much "potato". If you really like potato soup, this was good, heavy and creamy; just maybe too much of a good thing for us.
Tuesday, AA went to her piano lesson, now at 3:30 p.m. and then to a practice round at the St. Johns Golf Course (SJGC - Elkton - near CR207 and I95). 
Wednesday, AA played a round with Senior High Lauren. She played her best with a 37 on the back nine!! With longer drives and her usual good short game, she is having more success! We then jumped in the pool before at hour long visit at the River House and then dinner time.
Thursday, while playing nine holes with Ms. Penny, AA had two drives over 180 yards and a score of 41. Yahoo! She went to her PGA Jr Team practice and ate the tuna salad at Talons for dinner. I actually went so have a few photos - Four girls on this team - all at the driving range:

Boys and girls, both did the balancing exercise:
Friday, we are watching the puppy Ginger as she has diarrhea (again), second day. So not going anywhere for me! AA and Daddy Caddie took in a second round at SJGC, lots of practice every week! I made a new shrimp and snow pea stir-fry with rice. It was pretty good, just need to up the spice factor. And I usually take Ginger on two walks, a short one and a longer one along the river.
She really likes her short hair cut, much cooler and we don't have to brush as much (which seemed like torture to her!).
Saturday (today) is AA's two day NFJG Titleist Tournament at the St. Johns Golf Course. Several new girls are playing so hope AA has two amazing rounds! I made a HUGE pan of lasagna this morning, haven't done that in awhile. I love that I am growing parsley, basil, rosemary and sage. Fresh herbs in my yard. We will probably have to freeze most of the lasagna after making several meals of it this weekend.
Homemade sauce with meat and tons of vegetables, I used the Ree Drummond/Pioneer Woman recipe for her vegetable lasagna and added one pound of mixed ground beef, turkey and Italian sausage (omitted the summer squash):
Home grown tomatoes to enjoy! AA picks them and eats for snacks or, as in today, with her lunch that she is eating on the way to the golf course.
The weather is nice, partly cloudy and warm - hoping for a successful tournament this weekend!

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