Friday, April 28, 2017

Wednesday thru Saturday 04/29/17

After our busy Tuesday at Leaa's, Wednesday was AA's usual meet-up with Miss Lauren to play nine holes. Thursday was a golf date with Ms. Penny but Eagle Harbor had a large group in for a tournament, so no tee times (we really should check the EH calendar weekly!). AA still attended her EH PGA Junior Team practice while we chatted with Kerri Mawhinny. All is well with her and family, her daughter Morgan is settled with hubby and new baby near Tampa.
Thursday and Friday were FSA math test dates at AA's school and the book fair. Since AA read over 4 million words (!!!) she was awarded four free books (two of her four "one million word" coupons shown below). She chose a Minecraft book, a dog book and two National Geographic books - one is about robots!

We also received her 4th Grade Class photo and her Spring 2017 Student pictures. All good with her beautiful smile!
On Friday, EH had another tournament, so no golfing again! We had a swim in the pool, then AA watched her new movie Moana that she got in her Easter basket.
Saturday, AA is looking forward to her sleep over at Aunt Carolyn's - her first with puppy Ginger. And we get an evening alone - no girl and no dog!

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