Sunday, April 30, 2017

Saturday - Sunday - Last Day of April

Saturday began with some homemade waffles (we freeze a few for future breakfasts - just like Eggo's, just pop in toaster). Plain and blueberry, with grits, bacon and apple slices. Maine maple syrup too! AA's kind of breakfast!

Next, AA went to the last session of Eagle Harbor's Drive, Chip and Putt Combine. Coach Bryan held four Saturdays in a row to help his students prepare for the official DCP contest. AA will participate in June, there are several "local" dates in our area (first step in the process - must be in top three to move to the sub-regional). She made it to the regional once, hoping for a trip to the Master's someday! Coach Bryan held contests (boys and girls together) for each skill and AA won the Drive and Putt. Tyler Mawhinney won the overall contest. AA took second place. She earned two dozen ball, two Master's ball markers, a DCP back pack and two Callaway hats! Plus a medal. A fun event and good competition.
Next, AA went to her Chinese lesson with Miss Nancy. Depending on Nancy's availability, we fit in a lesson whenever we can.
Finally, off to Carolyn's! We were hoping that Ginger likes Carolyn's pool - great exercise and will cool her down as it is almost summer temperatures, but the humidity is not brutal yet. We dropped off AA after seeing Ginger make herself at home and jump in the pool for the first time. Ginger needs to learn where the stairs are so she can get out of the pool herself. Pool temperature was right at 80 degrees. Beautiful day and Ginger loved having the run of Carolyn's large backyard.
Wet dog!
When we picked up AA and Ginger on Sunday - the dog needed hosing off! She loved getting wet and muddy! They had a good night, Ginger behaved herself.
Saturday, Ford and I had an evening without AA (first since last October when Carolyn stayed at our home for two nights while we celebrated Ford's three-month recovery in St. Augustine) and I surprised him by going to a microbrewery we had not heard of in Mandarin (Baymeadows). We enjoyed tasting their beers, even though I really only liked two of the six I tasted. I think they have good food and outdoor seating; maybe be fun to try again.
Next we checked in on Charlie Perry as he was in the hospital recently (blood pressure swings caused by an infection). We chatted with Donna and Charlie and then continued on our evening sans kid!
We went to Corner Taco and enjoyed four different tacos - General Tso, Brisket, Chorizo and Fried Shrimp. I would not get the Chorizo again, just didn't seem like it matched well in a taco.
After walking into Memorial Park and running into Laureen Burke and Isabel, we headed to Biscotti's for a glass of wine. We found out that their huge selection of wines went away when they began serving hard liquor. Sad for us, not many choices for a dry red wine. We did enjoy a two-cheese plate and then headed home. A great evening, but always thinking about AA and missing her!
After picking up AA on Sunday, we rested a bit at home (AA actually napped for an hour - unheard of!!), then Daddy Caddie and AA went to EH for a practice round.
A great weekend! Thank you Carolyn!!

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